Cliff Notes Summary On Hagel Testimony To Congressional Committee

Blow by Blow Recap

The following video’s are rated based on friction level 1-(low) to 5-(high) Unfortunately no-one threw their shoe at him.

FRICTION LEVEL 4 – Randy Forbes V. Chuck Hagel [If the Gitmo5 return to taliban will we put American lives at risk to recapture? Yes]

FRICTION LEVEL 5 – Jeff Miller V. Chuck Hagel [Why is Bergdahl Still in Germany?]

FRICTION LEVEL 3 – Vicky Hartzler V. Chuck Hagel [What changed and why is this exchange OK now, when it was not in 2011 and 20012?]

FRICTION LEVEL 2 – Barber V. Chuck Hagel [On the point the DOJ claimed the GITMO-5 did not directly engage in terror to U.S. Homeland.. ergo they could not be federally prosecuted]

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14 Responses to Cliff Notes Summary On Hagel Testimony To Congressional Committee

  1. kathyca says:

    Not sure where to put this, but here’s the current public face of the State Department….Marie (my mom’s for “clean energy”) Harf. I would ask are you effing kidding me, but I know that they are not.


  2. BertDilbert says:

    Bergdahl can return when there is a big news story to overshadow his placing of feet on US soil. Until then he will remain captive in Germany.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Bergdahl will return when a “fact pattern” has been manufactured that will portray him first as a victim, then later as a hero. And they can’t risk having him speak in public beforehand.

      First they have to determine what he will say,then they have to concoct a line of BS that will match his story, but interpret it in the manner in which they want the American public to believe. This guy is being seriously “programmed” to spew the story they want told, and you can bet your booties they will have him declared mentally incompetent once they realize he is a loose cannon that can say something to contradict the desired optic.


  3. lorac says:

    Rep Jackie Spier there are always consequences to your actions. Bergdahl walked off his post leaving other soldier to hang out to dry. So when he gets back to the USA he gets to face the music for what he did. To me it sounds the mental illness card is going to be played..which he very well may be mentally ill. I read that Kim Harrison, the owner of the ballet school Bergdahl attended, said Bergdahl mailed military papers naming her to claim his body if he was killed. I found that odd…why not his parents???? Seems his relationship with his parents weren’t so rosey and maybe that is why he hasn’t called them.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      No doubt the State Department will assert control over Bergdahl until they can manage to have him declared mentally incompetent to discredit any self-incriminating statements he could make in the future.


  4. thefirstab says:

    DUDE, that was like, 5 years ago.
    Srsly????? Yea, Google it. Apparently she never bothered.


  5. Old Hillbilly says:

    If they are going to transfer him from Germany to the military hospital in San Antonio I think they should put him in a room with Nidal Hasan and give Hassan a gun with one bullet!


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