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How Bad Is America’s Image Abroad ? – This Bad: The U.S. Secretary of State Has To Defend State Dept. Spokespeople From International Ridicule….

One of the more comical aspects to watching Hillary Clinton say her most significant accomplishment was she “rebuilt the image of the U.S. around the world“, is the abject ridiculous nature of the proclamation.   Intelligent folk will remember the 2010 … Continue reading

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“Tell The Police The Revolution Has Begun” – Couple Proclaims As They Shoot Two Police Officers In Las Vegas Pizzeria and Begin Shooting Spree….

Odds the couple are Latino, MED-HIGH.   Odds the media will follow-up on intents, little to NONE….   Does not fit the current media narrative. Citing witnesses, McMahill stated the suspects shouted, “Tell the police the revolution has begun,” as they exited the eatery. … Continue reading

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Private Villas, 5 Star Service, Champagne Wishes and Caviar Schemes… Qatar Rolls Out Red Carpet For GITMO-5

Actually, this lap of luxury approach might just work. If they get them used to exclusive indulgences the Taliban 5 might just get so used to it they’ll never be able to think about living in the rough rock tribal … Continue reading

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Military Intelligence Reports About Bowe Bergdahl and The Search For Him… (military reports via pdf file included)

The White House and State Department can claim they “don’t know” the details, but the military did; and thanks to Big Mama Tea, and WikiLeaks, you can read the military intelligence reports for yourself and see exactly what was going on in … Continue reading

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Afghan Bob Now Under Scrutiny – People Taking A Closer Look At A Radicalized Father Sympathetic To The Taliban

HAILEY, Idaho — In 2011, during his long five-year vigil, waiting helplessly at home while his son was held by Taliban extremists half a world away, Bob Bergdahl made a personal video for the Pakistani government that he hoped would … Continue reading

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The Qatari Deal To Hold The Taliban – The Qataris Have Been Used Before By President Obama – With Horrific Consequences, As U.S. Stinger Missiles Sold To Taliban

It is important to understand the danger of how Qatar has been playing the U.S., to understand how the Gitmo-5 will align and the inherent danger the media will not follow. How Our Stinger Missiles Wound Up In Afghanistan Being Used Against Our … Continue reading

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FBI Investigating Death Threats Against “Bob and Jani” Bergdahl..

Even their names are manipulated to coordinate with the PR messaging.   Robert and Janice becomes “Bob and Jani”.   See how that works. If Bob and Jani get a wrong order in a restaurant; if their French fries are cold; if the … Continue reading

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White House Officials Begin Quest To Rehabilitate Bergdahl Image… PR Campaign of Anonymous Sources, and Leaks To Media

This next phase is entirely predictable. The White House will dispatch “unnamed senior military officials”, and “anonymous White House sources” to start the PR campaign to rehabilitate the image of Bowe, Bob and Jani Bergdahl. President Obama needs Bowe turned … Continue reading

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Mailboxes and Old Barns Guest Post: Some Assembly Required, by Maxine Lee

Maxine Lee is grandmother of our good friend carterzest. We will continue to share the narrative of her family’s history as presented in the book she published in 2005 entitled Some Assembly Required.  The gathering of her stories in the book was a result of her dream “to … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread – June 8th

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those … Continue reading

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