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Bob and Jani Bergdahl Hurt and Distraught Their Deserter Son Is Not Being Heralded A Hero – Both Shocked, Shocked At the Backlash…

Cry me a river….. The bigger story is why, after a week, they have yet to be in contact with their delicate wallflower. Well, that, and the word “former” behind the name of their “pastor”… {{nudge, nudge…. wink, wink,… say … Continue reading

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Gitmo-5 and The Talibans Serenade The U.S.A….

Courtesy of iOTW How does the Taliban release 5 prisoners? Gitmo parolee Mohammed Fazi demonstrates https://t.co/iwu14XTJc1 — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) June 7, 2014

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President Obama Transfers Tens of Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Further Inland… Including 50,000 Abandoned Children…

You’ve probably seen the recent reports of President Obama ordering the transport and dumping of thousands of Mexican Illegal Aliens into various states, particularly Arizona. According to DHS and ICE officials it’s because the border with Texas is overwhelmed with … Continue reading

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All Your Children Are Belong To Us – Michigan – Government Medical Law Requires Parental Nullification….

“It takes a village” comes to life, and evolves into – “The village will tell you”, under what circumstances you -the parent- will be allowed to influence their children…..  MICHIGANDISTAN – One Michigan mother was unpleasantly surprised when she took her … Continue reading

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USA Today and Rick Perry Agree – Team Obama Drummed Up “Saving Private Bergdahl” As Cover For VA Scandal

(VIA USA Today) An air of hubris — a sort of we-know-it-all quality — has permeated the Obama White House from the beginning. It worked as a public relations strategy for the better part of five years. But it seems … Continue reading

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California Chrome Goes For Triple Crown – Last Triple Crown Winner 1978 “Affirmed”

Belmont Stakes will take place today at 6:52pm California Chrome will attempt to become racing’s 12th Triple Crown winner and first since Affirmed in 1978.   He won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Sweepstakes, now viewers will see if he has the … Continue reading

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California Chrome….Why He’s One Of Us

I doubt if there was ever a more unlikely place for a thoroughbred racing horse to hail from than Coalinga, California.  Coalinga boasts a landscape of cattle, oil wells, and these days it’s pretty much the center of the California … Continue reading

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Brain Stretchin’ – Tree House Homework – Retest #4

Now that we have spent a couple of months years analyzing Middle East and North Africa events, here is the geography quiz again. Let’s see if we remember what we have previously learned. Here is a little fun site lesson in … Continue reading

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President Obama Tells Brian Williams He Cannot Trust Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein…. Among Others

Watch the Obama interview with Brian Williams recorded yesterday: Politico has a defense article to support this interview HERE. However, it is important to remember both Senate Intelligence Committee Head, Democrat Dianne Feinstein, and Republican Saxby Chambliss were informed in … Continue reading

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Figures ! – Mitch McConnell Headlining Fundraiser for Thad Cochran – More Tentacles Of The Chamber of Commerce…

If you did not previously read the research we shared about the CoC, “things that make other things make sense”, please READ IT HERE and see the connection. WASHINGTON DC – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is planning to headline … Continue reading

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