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*Update #6* Mississippi Primary Race – Thad Cochran v. Chris McDaniel – Results Thread *Update* It’s a Nailbiter…..

At 12:30am with 98% of Precincts reporting – McDaniel has a little more breathing room.

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Exactly 25 Years Ago Tonight… Tiananmen Square – Twenty-five years after the bloodshed in Beijing, new details keep emerging

ON THE night of June 3rd–4th 1989 the Chinese army unleashed its tanks in the centre of Beijing to crush a protest that had begun seven weeks earlier against the Communist Party’s autocratic rule. Ever since, Chinese officials grow nervous … Continue reading

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Sgt. Buetow To Jake Tapper….After Berghdal’s Capture, “All The Attacks Were Far More Directed.”

Army Sgt. Evan Buetow, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s former team leader, tells Jake Tapper that following Bergdahl’s capture by the Taliban, attacks on US forces were “far more directed”.   Proof that Bergdahl was actively seeking out the Taliban were earlier radio … Continue reading

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So President Obama Clearly Violated the Law – Now What ?

Progressives love to drag you down in the muck and begin a slugfest of obfuscation.   They are working diligently to attach the (Defense Authorization Act) ie “Congressional Notification Law”, to the right of the President to take action. Don’t fall for … Continue reading

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“Bubble Boy” Jubliant Sec. of Defense Hagel – While In Afghanistan Announces Bergdahl Release – Military Audience Response (((crickets)))…..

(Via CBS) Questions persisted, too, about the circumstances of Bergdahl’s 2009 capture. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel declined to comment on earlier reports that the sergeant had walked away from his unit, disillusioned with the war. Such matters “will be dealt … Continue reading

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Movie: “Trading Private Bergdahl” – Rated NC-Anyone (No Congressional Approval)

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Seattle Is For Socialists – Seattle Moonbats Approve $15/hr Minimum Wage….

Apparently the left-wing Seattle Moonbats did not pause in their march for social justice to ask or evaluate SeaTac, a suburb of Seattle, where their $15 wage began earlier this year.    Here’s a brief snippet of some conversation with a SeaTac employee: SURPRISE !  15 … Continue reading

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LOL – It Takes A Sixteen Year Old…..

…. to teach the MSM what it means to ask direct questions. Watch 16-year-old wolverine ask Pelosi why she supports NSA mass surveillance of American citizen’s communication:

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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UPDATE: Quick Thoughts On Bergdahl Release – And Prisoner Exchange…. *Update* White House Expected Euphoria In USA and Rallies Around Flag…

*Update Below Fold* – Many are noting the inherent issues of the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap, and there are indeed many issues:  The non-consultation with congress; The ideology behind Robert Bergdahl;  The desertion from duty of then PFC Bowe Bergdahl;  … Continue reading

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