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Three Stabbed – Two 7-Year-Olds, One Killed In New York City – Police Seeking “Heavy Set Black Male In 30’s”

Al Sharpton ? Ben Jealous ? Jesse Jackson ? “A Million Elementary Schoolers March”?… Outrage from State Representatives seeking Justice for grade schoolers ?….   Anderson Cooper 24/7 ?   Sonny Hostin ?…  Don’t hold your breath. A 7-YEAR-OLD boy was dead … Continue reading

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Professional “Doublespeak” – Susan Rice and Chuck Hagel: “We Did Not Negotiate With Terrorists”, We Negotiated With The Taliban…

It should be contemplated the White House position, when trying to get the GITMO detainees moved to -and tried in- New York federal court, was that we were not at war, these were not enemy combatants – they were terrorists … Continue reading

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French Islamic Radical With Ties To Syria Arrested For Deadly Shooting At Jewish Museum…

FRANCE – A Frenchman [Mehdi Nemmouche – pictured left] with suspected ties to Islamic extremists in Syria has been arrested over last week’s shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels that left four people dead, according to sources linked to … Continue reading

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Lying Was Just Part Of The Ordinary Process At The VA – 64% Of VA Facilities Lied On Reporting “Wait Times”…. A ‘systemic lack of integrity’…

The process for the deception was actually outlined on the bottom of page #4 of the interim OIG report. The VA facilities, and in many cases the VA regional offices, were keeping two sets of treatment records. One set was … Continue reading

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Mailboxes and Old Barns Guest Post: Some Assembly Required, by Maxine Lee

Maxine Lee is grandmother of our good friend carterzest. We will continue to share the narrative of her family’s history as presented in the book she published in 2005 entitled Some Assembly Required.  The gathering of her stories in the book was a result of her dream “to … Continue reading

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President Obama Violated Law In Prisoner Release Without Consulting Congress…

AFP: Taliban leader Mullah Omar says prisoner swap which freed U.S. soldier Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was a "big victory" — Sky News Newsdesk (@SkyNewsBreak) June 1, 2014 WASHINGTON (AP) — Two Republican lawmakers on Saturday accused President Barack Obama of … Continue reading

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Scientists Admit They Made Up The Story Of Polar Bear Decline…. Because People Kept Asking….

(Via The Daily Caller) This may come as a shocker to some, but scientists are not always right — especially when under intense public pressure for answers. Researchers with the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group (PBSG) recently admitted to experienced … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz Speech At the Republican Leadership Conference

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Another Cincy Race Attack – “Why are you white people in our neighborhood”?

OHIO – A Cincinnati man says that a group of black teenagers yelled at him and a group of white people “Why are you white people in our neighborhood?” before attacking him, in what police are investigating as a hate … Continue reading

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Tankman – The Full Perspective

You’ve probably seen this picture before: But have you ever seen the full picture ?

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