Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste – Dem. Sen. Richard Blumenthal: California shootings should revive gun debate

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23 Responses to Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste – Dem. Sen. Richard Blumenthal: California shootings should revive gun debate

  1. canadacan says:

    I think we all saw that coming.
    Try and ban knives too.
    I feel terrible for the victims and not an ounce of remorse for the perpetrator.
    Who went straight to hell.
    Blather on Senator Blumenthal.


  2. Lou says:

    what about the knife debate and the car as a weapon debate? didn’t he hit a bicyclist??
    cars are serious weapons, and aren’t even mentioned in the Constitution.


  3. benzy says:

    Congress needs to address those wooden knife blocks which so many homes have in their kitchen. It is time that they address the assault weapon nature of having such a high capacity weapon dispenser sitting, unlocked and unguarded, in one of the most frequented rooms in most homes. I believe all kitchen knives should be maintained in a locked, child-proof drawer and such high capacity knife blocks should be banned from sale or possession by any resident, /sarc


  4. dsb steve says:

    The sheriff deputies who had gone to talk to on Rodger … were they able to check that he had purchased weapons?


    • Anne says:

      I would think yes, they were able to check if he had purchased weapons in his name in the State of CA. They may have asked him if he had access to firearms and he said no. And, they profiled. Isn’t that a big no-no? He looked like a normal white kid enrolled in school, came from money, son of prominent Hollywood man, well spoken, impeccably clean, good little actor. Where and when did they question him? Where were his 2 roommates at the time? Were police aware he was living in Independent Living Institute, a facility that offers “living skills instruction to help adults with disabilities to live more independently in their communities”. This last bit of info is from UK Daily Mail. I don’t know if it is accurate. If police were aware of this living situation, they should have checked about any guns registered to him.


      • stella says:

        It sounds as if the police did a pretty poor job of investigating the situation, since they were unaware of the videos he had posted, which were the impetus for the report about him in the first place.


      • canadacan says:

        It sounds like this kid hasn’t been right in the head from the get go


        • arttart1983 says:

          canadacan ~ this kid was diagnosed w/Asperger’s Syndrome, Adam Lanza, re: Sandy Hook was too diagnosed w/Asperger’s Syndrome & too murdered many. At the time Adam Lanza murdered @ Sandy Hook, many mental health professionals claimed there “were no documented cases of those w/Aspergers Syndrome committing violent crimes.” Well, that is certainly isn’t true & though mental health professionals may have spoken out on the statistics they had, how long have they been keeping accurate statistics since Austim/Aspergers has become more prevalent in our lifetime/society? Though most Aspergers kids are gentle that I worked with, health care professionals have been proven wrong yet a second time! When I was growing up, I never heard of a single person w/Autism/Aspergers Syndrome, the rates of those diagnosed have sky rocketed & there is still no clear evidence of what causes the spectrum disorder.

          Although a young adult may have Aspergers which is “high functioning” under the umbrella of Autism, that doesn’t exclude many other mental deficiencies just as we saw w/Adam Lanza.. The Aspergers kids I worked with were above average intelligence, but still had problems interacting socially & at times the behaviors were glaring/embarrassing, had few friends outside family, or rarely were able to hold jobs due to their social behavior.. It didn’t surprise me to read that this kid lived w/others that had disabilities in the college setting to help w/living skills. Though he had a higher than average IQ, he wasn’t able to live independently without some type of supervision w/others that had some of the same deficiencies in a living situation.

          Many, many “special needs/kids w/disabilities enjoy successful relationships & friendships, even those w/lower IQ’s with others w/disabilities. jmho, this kid didn’t want to perhaps interact w/others that had Asperger’s syndrome that had some of the same challenges he faced, he wanted to date a “TEN” because he felt some form of entitlement I assume because of his privileged upbringing, though he was smart, he lacked the ability to recognize his shortcomings after a lifetime of mental health professionals working w/him . How sad he was seeing 2 different therapist & had apparently had the best in mental health professionals his entire life, he was still in denial as to his shortcomings & hadn’t learned to compensate & refused to take his meds.

          This link provides more insight into aspergers:
          “Adults with Asperger syndrome may experience a range of problems, including difficulties in negotiating friendships and relationships, and finding a suitable job. Training and experience can help to build coping skills.”


  5. dsb steve says:

    I would be willing to compromise on this with democrats. Allow states to set their gun laws. In exchange, allow states to set their own immigration policies.


  6. stella says:

    There was a reason we used to have “insane asylums”

    The danger of closing ‘asylums’

    Since the 1960s, according to the Treatment Advocacy Center, more than 90% of mental patients have been discharged from state care to live in ordinary society. In 1955, there were nearly 600,000 mentally ill patients in state psychiatric hospitals. Fifty-five years on, only 43,000 state psychiatric beds remain available for use.

    Civil libertarians have meanwhile erected legal barriers against commitment. Being in need of treatment is no longer enough. Because the mentally ill must now pose a threat to themselves or others — rather than simply requiring care — we must often wait for them to act on a threat before removing them from harm.

    Without proper care and separation from society, a percentage of the severely mentally ill now pose a serious danger to the public. In recent years, many of America’s mass homicides have been committed by untreated mentally ill persons.


    • The ACLU takes the lion’s share of blame for their advocacy leading to overarching policy prescriptions that had disastrous consequences. Republicans and Democrats are also both to blame for their lack of knowledge on the issue, which led to bills like the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act.


  7. stella says:

    And this:

    The Violently Mental Ill
    are dangerous—just ask their families

    View at


    • auscitizenmom says:

      “We are animals; we have, under all the social niceties, instincts about when something is a danger to us…………….. especially for women, who might override instinct in fear of being rude.” I wish I had read this a long time ago. I have had a niggling in the back of my mind that I needed to step back from a friendly relationship for reasons I couldn’t put my finger on, and now it has all become too clear. And, I fear what comes next.


      • canadacan says:

        That is point on.
        I had to end a friendship a couple of years ago because of this.
        It’s tough because you don’t want to seem as insensitive or rude.


        • auscitizenmom says:

          Yes, and even more than that, I felt somewhat maternal and sorry for her because of her recent losses. Something kept nagging at me, though, and I didn’t listen.


  8. arttart1983 says:

    We live in a free society in which government/mental health professionals or families can’t force those “mentally ill” needing to take their meds to take their meds. Laws would have to change & society would have to be agree to pay for all the mentally ill to be held in hospitals, imo, that would never happen. Remember the horrific story of the mentally ill person that pushed the beautiful, successful college student in front of a trian? 48 hrs. or 60 minutes did the story & the fact was, the murderer had been hospitalized most of his life in short spurts, then the hospitals would have to release him because medicaid wouldn’t pay. The sad fact is, mental health professionals can’t hold these mental ill patients but for a short period of time even when they fear for the patient or others.. Then, they release them on the streets w/30 days of their meds with no supervision & no way of knowing if the mentally ill ever took their prescription. Most of those mentally ill don’t recognize they are mentally ill.

    I would be interested in knowing all of the diagnosis, I haven’t read that he had been institutionalized at any point. It appears his behaviors escalated this past year but he was an adult, his parents did the right thing by reporting the behaviors.

    The grandmother stated she was “disturbed by his repetitive folding of his clothes when he was younger” BUT that is a characteristic of Autism/ Aspergers, that didn’t mean he was mentally ill at that time, the grandmother should have educated herself. That is normal behaviors of those that have Autism/Aspergers.

    I had a good friend that thought her child was brilliant at the age of 3 because he could build unbelievable things w/legos for hours on end. She documented/videoed his behavior & ask a to specialist to interview/test him & make a diagnosis, she thought he would be the next Einstein. Sadly, he was diagnosed w/Aspergers to her surprise.

    jmho, the missed opportunities by many contributed to this sad event. Adam Lanza’s mother sought help for Adam Lanza just as these parent’s sought help for their son. I too don’t understand WHY his therapist, the one that contacted the “hot line” didn’t contact LE directly. Though “confidentiality/hippa” might have protected this murderer, I thought if ANY one knew of an impending crime before it happened, they were obligated to notify LE.


    • The “why” becomes fear of the ACLU or some other ‘civil rights’ group making your life hell for reporting someone and violating their ‘rights’. Also you have the person to deal with objecting to any help. The other “why” is that people do not have enough knowledge of what to do and when. I think the parents thought they were doing the right thing, getting him help and as it seems nothing worked but they didn’t know this? Why not? It seems like the nature of this type of mental illness is that the ill person knows enough to be able to fake it long enough to get by until they snap. They have the ability to pre-meditate and plan. This poor kid had problems all his life, how do you know when it or will get to this point? This has nothing to do with the NRA, guns or waiting times, better laws etc. The guns were a means to his end game as was the knives, the car or anything he could have used. I had said this before, in his 140 pg life story-not one mention of church, religion or God. He had no power greater than himself to be accountable to. He was his ultimate being. He was spiritually sick as well as mentally sick.


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