Murder Victim #9 – Another Knock Out Attack Leads To Another Death – Suspect Just Walks Away After Brutal Beating

This particular attack allows you to see the total helplessness of the victim as the attack takes place.   A black male targets an unsuspecting victim, totally at random, then throws him into a wall, punches and kicks him to death.   Not a robbery, not a mugging, not “harassment” as police have used before to explain,  the only motive is hate.

NEW YORK – A 68-year-old man who was beaten on a street in Alphabet City on Friday night died of his injuries the following day, police said.

Ruan Wen Hui, 68, was pounded by an unknown suspect in what cops say may have been an attempted robbery on E. 6th St. near Avenue D.  The incident was captured on video by a nearby camera:

The attacker approached the victim about 8:45 p.m. and started yelling at him. The suspect then threw Hui against a wall, and punched and kicked him in the head when he fell to the ground, cops said.

Hui, who lived in the area, was taken to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition. He died Saturday, police said.

The killer fled the attack on foot. Police described him only as a black man and released a blurry surveillance camera image.  (link)

Ruan Wen Hui and Murder Suspect

The mainstream media, and even law enforcement, have consistently tried to claim the race-based “Knock Out” assaults are mythical in nature.

Various manipulations of labeling have taken place with some calling the attacks “a game”, or more specifically, “the Knock Out Game“.

It is also known on the street as “polar bear hunting“, or “Cracka’ Smacks“.

Until we honestly confront the reality of what is taking place we cannot expect to see this trend stop. Every single one of these attacks is identical.   A black youth, a specifically intended random white or asian victim, a random blow to the face/head:


Philadelphia (Brick to face)

New York city, New York (male victim)

New York City, New York (female victim)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (victim killed)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

St. Cloud, Minnesota (victim killed)

Flint, Michigan

New York, New York (six victims from same thug)

Charlottesville, Virginia

Denver, Colorado

Rochester, New York

New York, New York (victim Killed)


Brooklyn, New York

Queens, New York

Peoria, Illinois

Winton, North Carolina

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brooklyn, New York

Fort Myers, Florida (89-year-old victim)

Chicago, Illinois (Victim killed)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New Jersey (13, 14 year-old attackers, Victim killed)


Chicago, Illinois (victim killed)

Michigan (victim was armed and shot attacker in buttocks)

St Paul, Minnesota

Chicago, Illinois (Victim killed)

New York, New York (Tourist victimized)

St. Louis, Missouri

This is what it looks like to be a victim:

This is not a myth, or urban legend !

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38 Responses to Murder Victim #9 – Another Knock Out Attack Leads To Another Death – Suspect Just Walks Away After Brutal Beating

  1. Another obama “son” ! Animals…..!!!!!!!!


  2. jello333 says:

    I saw this yesterday and started to post it, but at that time the video was only (as far as I could tell) hosted on a site that’s pretty disgusting. (graphic car accident videos and the like) So I didn’t want to link to that site. I guess what I should have done is emailed the link to you guys (Sundance and mods) and let you try to figure out how to post it without the link. But anyway, I’m glad it showed up on Youtube and you posted it here. Well, “glad” isn’t the right word… but you know what I mean… 😦


  3. Yakmaster says:

    “in what cops say may have been an attempted robbery…” Yeah, like there is anything in that surveillance tape that remotely looks like the victim was being “robbed”!! Clearly, he was being beaten to death by a violent murderer who literally swaggers away from the scene. Apparently, even victims’ families and friends are too timid to say publicly these are hate crimes. WTH???


    • John Galt says:

      The thug might have asked for the victim’s wallet before the victim turned away from the thug. Draw and fire would have been a better response than turning away.


      • Yakmaster says:

        Demand a wallet, then before the victim can comply immediately throw him into a wall, beat him unconscious, then stroll off without even bending down to snatch the wallet or watch or anything at all? Not robber behavior.


  4. doodahdazee says:

    Good thing all the social justice programs are working so well. Otherwise they would be running wild and attacking people for no reason.


  5. Lou says:

    was looking forward to Nat Jack’s tweet about a dark scary night. it usually is a dark scary night, but not for the black guy who wears a dark colored hoodie to camouflage in with the dark rainy night or this guy. I’ve seen 6 year old black kids doing the little stomp when the other kid was on the ground.


  6. auscitizenmom says:

    “threw Hui against a wall, and punched and kicked him in the head when he fell to the ground, cops said” I disagree. He stomped on his head several times, it was not a kick. And, as he walked away, he did a “yeah, I got him” punch to the air. Animal!


    • Sibyl S. says:

      “Hung by the neck until dead.” Life sentence at the taxpayer’s expense is too good for this perp.

      His parents should serve time too and for the rest of their lives be sentenced to wear a T shirt that has a message on the front and back that tells what their son did to another human being.

      They should have to clean public toilets and streets forever after they get out of prison.

      They should have to apologize and give 10% of their earnings (or benefit checks, food stamps, etc.) to the parents and family


  7. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Wish the cops would stop spewing BS. Robbery wasn’t the motive here and they know it. Probably a bunch of liberals that buy the theory that only people with power can be racists.


  8. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    New York City, just like Philadelphia, a Branch Office of Hell, open 24/7 for your convenience.
    Staffed by young men and women empowered by Obama and Holder, LLC. 👿


  9. Dean says:

    Animals rule the streets in Fun City!!


  10. rashomon says:

    When, just when, are the black people of substance (not the BGI regulars) going to stand up in revolt against this violence. Where are BIll Cosby; Linda Rice Johnson of Johnson Publishing; John Rogers and Melanie Hobson (Mrs. George Lucas) of Ariel Investments; writers Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou; Oprah Winfrey; Harry Belefonte; Marian Wright Edelman; Tristan Walker of Andreessen Horowitz; Ime Archibong of Facebook; Ken Coleman of MIPS Tech; David Drummond of Google; sports giants Kareen Abdul-Jabbar, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan; Colin Powell and Andrew Young, to name but few who have contributed with dignity to our country. Are black youth too feral for them? We need some adults here? En masse. On every TV program, radio, Twittering and Tweeting and Facebooking. We need some a$$-kicking boots on the ground.


    • Sentient says:

      I think they mollify their conscience by pretending to themselves that there is an equal number of white youths who attack strangers in a similar fashion. They would never investigate the facts, though, since they know they wouldn’t like what they found.


    • jello333 says:

      Oh, there’s NO hope for Oprah…. I just don’t see her as a decent person overall. But Harry Belafonte… yeah, there was a time I might have looked for him to get involved in a good way. But not anymore. I’m not sure what it is, maybe he’s getting senile (I’m not saying that lightly), but watching how he responded to the Trayvon garbage made me lose a lot of respect for the man.


  11. Moishe Pipik says:

    I’m amazed that the people of NYC couldn’t wait to end ‘stop and frisk’ so the crime rate could soar again.


  12. Phooey says:

    Part of me will never be very comfortable with cameras being everywhere, but at least they seem to be catching a few of these vicious black-on-everyone-else assaults that would otherwise never be brought to light. There was a brutal efficiency there, I counted 5 blows within 5 seconds. I would say he’s done that sort of thing before. My guess is that he probably didn’t intend to kill the man (that would have warranted a lot more beating), but when you go after senior citizens, bones and brain tissues are more brittle than those of the sparring partners you honed your chops on back in the ‘hood.

    This video was enough for them to find and arrest the murderer yesterday. Now awaiting the obligatory statement from a single mother 15 years his senior, about him being a good boy, aspiring rapper, was turning his life around, blah blah blah


    • Yakmaster says:

      This story reports the perp is being charged with attempted robbery, aggravated assault, and murder. I’m sure his public defender and the DA are happy to perpetuate the robbery-turned-murder myth since a hate crime would be bad publicity for the BGI powerbrokers/racebaiters. Besides, it’s probably easier to plea bargain than a hate crime (federal) and best to save the money for investigating those cases where the slain person is identified as Black. Wouldn’t want to send the WRONG kind of message. (sarc)


    • John Galt says:

      “We cannot believe this kind of person lived in this area, because my parents live here almost 20 years, and nothing like this ever happened to them.”

      Detectives say Pugh has a lengthy rap sheet for a 20 year old.”

      Reconnect the school to prison pipeline.


    • Sibyl S. says:

      Wanna bet the perp doesn’t have a father at home or has one or more parents A. in prison, B. on drugs/alcohol C. has lived with various relatives in more than 5 residences in his lifetime D. is a product of public housing, food stamps, benefits. E. Can’t read cursive. F. Has numerous various half-step-anyone’s guess siblings. G. Has experienced multiple types of abuse from Mama, Daddy, Mama’s boyfriends, Uncles, Aunts, etc.


    • jello333 says:

      Charged with 2nd (not 1st) degree murder. Good. You might wonder why I say that. Well, just this:

      It would be kinda hard to prove premeditated intent to kill, so most likely at some point there was gonna be plea bargaining, and the scumbag would accept something like 2nd-degree. But if that’s the max he’s charged with right from the start, chances are he will NOT be offered anything less, and so will be unlikely to plead guilty. In other words, it’ll go to trial. Which is EXACTLY what we need… get more of these cases under the bright lights for the whole world to see!


  13. Sibyl S. says:

    There needs to be a reactionary push-back by law enforcement and citizens that puts The Fear of God in Obama’s Sons.

    Whether by teaching, preaching or plain old discipline (Sheriff Joe style).

    Plus a whole lot more armed, ready and watchful citizens.


    • John Galt says:

      I suspect that Zero / Holder will view this more as an opportunity for a national conversation about Asian privilege.


    • Josh says:

      “There needs to be a reactionary push-back by law enforcement …” Yes and this “push-back” by law enforcement needs to BEGIN toward Obama, Holder and all those that agree with the Obama/Holder philosophy of hatred.


  14. benzy says:

    When our courts and legal system provide NO consequences to youths who perpetrate these kinds of crimes, the result is more and more of these types of crimes. If the courts and legal system ever decide that enough is enough and start putting some punishment (consequences) behind the criminal acts the young thug wannabes will start to get the message, Until that happens they are getting the message… the message that it’s “okay” to punch, kick, attack innocent people, because society says there is no consequence to that action. We need a whole LOT of prosecutors and judges to grow a set!!


  15. Josh says:

    I cannot watch videos like this. They keep me awake at night 😦


  16. Fudge says:

    When does NAPA season begin?


  17. David Witheld says:

    This is precisely why you will never find me in New York, or in any other place that does not have reciprocity with Missouri for my CCW.

    I live my life at condition yellow. I never EVER leave home without my Colt Defender in .45 acp on my hip, 7 in the magazine, one in the chamber, hammer down (I’m not a cocked and locked kind of a guy) 185 grain jacketed hollow points (Hornaday Zombie rounds – just in case ) at about 1,000 feet per second.

    I hope I never have to use it but if some monster wants to play the knockout game with me I fully intend to watch him die, screaming his life out as his blood pours from multiple holes I have torn in his body and then call 911.

    You see, I do not mistake something that happens to walk on two legs and use language after a fashion as a human being. That is a monster and you hunt it down and kill it.

    molon labe


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