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Justice For Baby “Bou Bou” – Georgia Authorities Begin To Respond To Public Outrage…

The Habbersham County officials, in particular Sheriff Joey Terrell,  have been all over the map with their justifications that led to a 19-month-old toddler clinging to life as a result of a severely flawed 3am “No Knock” SWAT raid. If you … Continue reading

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Report: Meriam Ibrahim Will Be Freed….

A Sudanese woman facing down a death sentence for marrying a Christian will be freed, it has been reported. Meriam Ibrahim, who gave birth in prison this week, was sentenced to death for abandoning Islam, but is now set to … Continue reading

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A Culture Of Corruption – Behind The Gibson Guitar Raid…

(Via Human Events) Time to revisit an old abuse-of-power scandal from President Obama’s first term: the utterly bizarre raid on Gibson Guitars by a paramilitary unit of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Nothing about this caper ever smelled right: … Continue reading

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Race – Islam – And Understanding The Conversation….

There is a specific reason why we draw bold attention to the ignored events the media are paralyzed to present around controversial issues. To say that all blacks are inherently predisposed to violence, mayhem or {fill in the blank} is … Continue reading

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Guest Post From Myrtle Beach Resident – “A City Under Siege”

A resident of Myrtle Beach speaks out: I am a resident of Myrtle Beach and have spent 3 years watching the violence and disregard for the law spin out of control on a day that I should be able to … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Bowe Bergdahl Released – U.S. Traded 5 gitmo detainees for his release….

The graduates at West Point should be congratulated.   After the publically luke-warm reception garnered from a recent visit to West Point; and following a resoundingly – bi-partisan panned – failed foreign policy speech filled with empty prose and rhetoric….. Obama tries … Continue reading

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Turning of the Tide? White officer sues for racial discrimination in NY and wins

Lt. Christopher Barella, who is a white male, successfully  sued the village of Freeport in Long Island, NY for racial discrimination after he was denied the opportunity to even interview for the position of Chief of Police.  Barella was awarded … Continue reading

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SC Gov Nikki Haley: “Atlantic Beach Black Bike Fest Must END”

After meeting with several Horry County elected officials about the fatal shootings during Memorial Day weekend in Myrtle Beach, Gov. Nikki Haley bluntly said Friday that the Atlantic Beach Bikefest event must end. “This is no longer a law enforcement … Continue reading

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Freudian Slip? Airline employees charged with “Conspiracy to DEFRAUD the TSA”

BOSTON –  Five airline employees have been charged in a sting operation with using their security clearances to secretly smuggle more than $400,000 in cash through Boston’s Logan Airport. Four ground operations crew members of JetBlue Airways and one Delta … Continue reading

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Darrell Issa: ‘Operation Choke Point’ Is Illegal, Must Be Dismantled…

(Via Breitbart)  The Justice Department’s “Operation Choke Point” is so flagrantly illegal it cannot continue in any form under the law, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Charman Darrell Issa’s staff said in a new report, setting up a … Continue reading

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