Kansas City Highway Shooter Identified As Muslim “Mohammad Whitaker”…

Many people had wondered why the Kansas City Shooter did not get as much attention as the DC Snipers John Allen Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo.   Yeah, hmmm.. why was that. 

GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Police arrested a suspect Thursday in a string of random vehicle shootings on Kansas City-area highways over the past few weeks that have wounded three motorists and frightened many more.

Police Chief Darryl Forte said at a news conference that the suspect is male and lives in Grandview, a suburb south of the city that is home to the Grandview Triangle, where several highways intersect and where at least six of the reported shootings happened.


“We’re here now to basically let people know someone has been apprehended,” an upbeat Forte told reporters at an impromptu news conference about 50 yards from a house where the suspect was taken into custody earlier in the day. “I wanted to make sure the residents and those who travel through Kansas City know they’re safe. They’ve been safe the whole time.”

Investigators could be seen searching the single-story four-plex Thursday night, and a tow truck hauled away a green Dodge Neon that was parked behind house, which is about two blocks from U.S. 49 and south of the Grandview Triangle.

Forte said the Jackson County prosecutor’s office would determine if there is enough evidence to warrant pressing formal charges.

Detectives and analysts started noticing a pattern two weeks ago after reports of random shootings started coming in. Earlier this week, investigators were looking into about 20 reports of shootings, but that number has fluctuated as some reports were cleared and others came in.

Late last week, police said they had connected a dozen shootings to the same person. Forte has said little to this point about how the shootings were linked or what kind of vehicle the suspect drove.

Mohammed Pedro Whitaker has been identified as the alleged Kansas City highway shooter and has been charged with 18 felonies from 9 separate incidents around the city metro region.

Officials gave an update in a press conference on Friday afternoon.  (read more)

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25 Responses to Kansas City Highway Shooter Identified As Muslim “Mohammad Whitaker”…

  1. nyetneetot says:

    “I wanted to make sure the residents and those who travel through Kansas City know they’re safe. They’ve been safe the whole time.”

    %O With the exception of the time period where a random bullet fired by the idiot in handcuffs might have crossed your path of course.


  2. ctdar says:

    Maybe it was mentioned and i missed it, were all the victims white?


  3. Aslan's Girl says:

    Thank God he’s caught! Not any thanks to the inept pd, however.


  4. Moishe Pipik says:

    Wow! Another redneck republican white NRA member arrested for shooting guns at people. 🙂


  5. James F says:

    So they identified him a week ago but waited to arrest him and release his name on the slowest day of the news cycle- Good Friday. They also observed him as he tried to buy a handgun but the seller backed out after Mohamhead refused to show ID. I bet DOJ had direct involvement and were hoping for an illegal hand gun purchase. Maybe they persuaded the local officials to wait until the slow news weekend for the arrest.

    I am not surprised this story is being completely ignored by msnbc and progressive blogs like dailykos but even drudge has failed to mention it. CNN and FOX have closed their comment sections.


    • James F says:

      It turns out Eric Holder was in KC on the 17th to attend services for the victims of the Jewish center shootings and to speak out against hate crimes. There is no doubt in my mind he delayed the arrest of the black Muslim terrorist until after his appearance.


  6. Al says:

    Police keep saying no motive has been established. If it turns out all the victims are white (and the fact that the race of the victims is NOT being released seems a good indicator), then doesn’t that suggest a motive? Other articles reveal he was targeting specific drivers, stalking them very aggressively, in fact. So “random” hardly seems accurate.


  7. crossthread42 says:

    So, reading this here PERSON,( I’m CONFUSED, “Honestly” ) ,,, We have Suspect with a MUSLIM FIRST name ( Mohammed); (with a HISPANIC First/Middle? Name) ** Pedro** ; (With a White sounding LAST Name? ) ** Whitaker**…
    Whom is, or MAYBE; IS A Half African-American/Hispanic/White Mixed Person? That Is a Republican, NRA Card carrying Member, Militia Affiliated Domestic Terrorist?
    Or Is He just a MUSLIM ILLEGAL voting Democrat….????
    Inquiring Minds Wish to know…

    Additionally; COLOR ME CONFUSED?!


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      You’re confused? Think how confused he must be. He doesn’t know whether to celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, Ramadan or Dia de los Santos Innocentes.


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