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BREAKING – MH370 Partial Wreckage Found Off Coast of Western Australia *update* Video of Prime-Minister Announcement – *update 2* Video Press Conference – *Update* Pictures Added.

CNN is Reporting that Australian “authorities” are confirming that partial aircraft wreckage has been located. All Global Media now confirm initial CNN report  – Australian Media The Australian Prime-Minister, Tony Abbott, has given the media direct first-hand confirmation that they are … Continue reading

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Tea Party “Write In” Candidate Wins Election In Pennsylvania

A write-in candidate winning an election is exceptionally difficult. PENNSYLVANIA – York is a modest little city in Southern Pennsylvania not too far from Baltimore and right in the heart of Dutch country. It’s not the sort of place where … Continue reading

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UNREAL: Human Slaughter Houses In Syria….

Remember as you read this, the guys chopping off the heads and running human slaughter houses are the folks Senator John McCain says we should be supporting… (Via Right Scoop) When the stories are finally told about what really happened in … Continue reading

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2-J’s Takes Racial Shakedown Agenda To Silicon Valley – First Stop: Extortion of Hewlett-Packard…

CALIFORNIA – Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson plans to lead a delegation to the Hewlett-Packard annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday to bring attention to Silicon Valley’s poor record of including blacks and Latinos. Jackson’s strategy borrows from the traditional civil … Continue reading

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OMG……We Haz New Smilies!

Check below the fold for even more NEW emoticons! SMILE:  The new emoticons have arrived! See the complete listing below the fold.  (Surprise…there’s even a “burrito”!)

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Whittle Talks Economics Of Crimea

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White House Takes U.S. Military Support For Ukraine “Off Table” – One Hour Later The Russia Assault On Ukraine Bases Begins…

Nothing empowers aggressive action like telling the bully you’ll do nothing to stop him. WASHINGTON – The White House said Wednesday that President Obama is not actively considering military force as an option in the crisis in Ukraine. White House … Continue reading

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ObamaCare The Actuarial Reality – Insurance Premiums Will Necessarily Skyrocket – Officials say “double and triple” end of this year..

Within the insurance industry:  Q1 (Jan-March) cost/expense/enrollment information is collected.  Q2 (April-June) calculations are made to costs (projections) for the following year.  In Q3 (July-Sept) those projections become “premium rates” and are presented to State Insurance regulators for review and notification.   In Q4 … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

From cartoonist A.F. Branco at LegalInsurrection.com.

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MH-370 “The Politics” – “The Intel” – The Reasonable “Outcome”….

The Boeing airliner now known as MH-370 carries with it more than just 239 passengers and crew, it carries an unparalleled political consequence. In essence the analysis points to this: The United States knows by now [Boeing – Aircraft Health Monitoring … Continue reading

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