Kasparov: “the West is trying to stop an arsonist by buying more fire extinquishers”…

Der Spiegel cover:

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16 Responses to Kasparov: “the West is trying to stop an arsonist by buying more fire extinquishers”…

  1. Eric says:

    Well, they got the image correct. Obama does love looking up to communists.


  2. czarowniczy says:

    Hey Kasparov, they shoulda’ thought about that at Moscow and Stalingrad!


  3. http://nyyrc.com/blog/2014/03/iron-tent-curtain-falls/
    Developments in the Gulf and Ukraine suggest that the alliances an upcoming conflict have hardened. On one side are the Qatari-backed Muslim Brotherhood, and their offshoot militia al Qaeda. Their historical ties to the Nazi Party of Germany are undeniable, and are only made most obvious in a cursory examination of the life and actions of the evil Haj Amin al Husseini, who was just about as inept and a backer of the losing side to be enough of a political disaster as can possibly be imagined. On the other side are the neo-fascist Eurasianists, led by Aleksandr Dugin, allied with other far-right Russian nationalist parties such as splinter factions of the National Bolshevists and the umbrella organization of Russian Skinheads, the Russian March. By the way, Russian March happen to have their annual get-together on the first of March… which as a coincidence just happened to be the day that the Russian troops went into the Crimea.


    • John Galt says:

      “It will be recalled here that Michelle Obama reportedly spent $50,000 on lingerie at none other than Qatari-controlled Agent Provocateur”

      I started to get nauseous, but then felt better when I realized it was probably just a bedazzler burka.


  4. Partyzant says:

    It is interesting that Der Spiegel chose to put “Teh Won” in front of Putin’s fly. They seem to be implying something there.


  5. Roddy says:

    The US people have no stake in the Crimea. They are wise to stay out. Besides, without idealizing the Bear, the Russians have real and legitimate rights in Crimea.

    We would be foolish to risk armed confrontation with Russia for the sake of Crimea and a regime that came about by toppling a democratically elected (corrupt – yes, but who is not in Ukraine?) president. A regime that is a total tool of the Ukrainian robber barons.

    The US and her NATO partners already stretched out quite far by allowing the Baltic nations and Poland into NATO. For that means that, yes, Virginia, the peoples of USA, Canada and Europe have an obligation to suffer millions of dead citizens and soldiers to liberate or defend Vilnius, Warsaw or Riga.

    That seems already quite a stretch. So follow the advice of your founders and do not get entangled in more foreign conflicts and alliances than you already are.

    USA-fan in Europe


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