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Familiar Legal Democrats Surface In Alan Grayson’s Domestic Dispute Case….. “Birds of A Feather” – The Courthouse Crowd

John Morgan – Attorney, principle partner in Morgan and Morgan;  the law firm who hired former governor Charlie Crist and the legal firm of Pigford II payout coordinator Greg Francis.  Close friend of Mark O’Mara and Mark Najame.   Morgan is the Democrat … Continue reading

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Awkward !! A Moral Conundrum – ITALY: 70-year-old Hires Escort, Future Daughter In Law Arrives…

A 70-year-old Italian man was shocked when his hired date turned out to be his future  daughter-in-law.  (via New York Daily News) The 70-year-old, from Treviso, couldn’t believe his eyes when his future  daughter-in-law knocked on his door.  The South American … Continue reading

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The Real Racists – Texas Democrat Says Greg Abbott Needs Permission To Campaign In Hispanic Areas, Calls His Latina Wife A “Prop”…

Example #856,477 of the True Face of Bigots; the face of Democrats.  Imagine if a white politico stated a black candidate needed prior approval to campaign in a white community ?  It would be on CNN/MSNBC 24/7 for weeks.  TEXAS … Continue reading

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Pompous Circumstance – Mitch McConnell Visits CPAC ?

All you need to know about CPAC politics is to see Mitch McConnell in attendance. NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell gave retiring  Sen. Tom Coburn a musket to thank him for his service, while training his  … Continue reading

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Misery Loves Company – Wendy Davis Says She’d Welcome Being Seen With Dear Leader….

Knowing you don’t stand a chance of winning an election does allow a certain liberty not possible with viable candidates…. TEXAS – Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis said Thursday that she would not shy away from being seen with President … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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USS Truxtun – Guided Missile Destroyer – Headed To Black Sea Amid Ukraine/Crimea Crisis…

DDG-103 is a Nuclear Capable Guided Missile Destroyer. WASHINGTON DC – The Navy announced Thursday it was sending a guided-missile  destroyer to the Black Sea amid the crisis in Ukraine. The  move comes a day after the Pentagon decided to … Continue reading

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Watch This…. Treepers Know why *UPDATE* – Possible Changes of Plans

I’ve been wondering why our latest FOIA request is hitting an unusually obtuse Miami-Dade School void…. Now, things begin to make a little more sense: President and first lady go to Miami area for education event tomorrow, and had planned to … Continue reading

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ALAMO – Web Cam

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Dawn, March 6, 1836, Siege of the Alamo – Day 13

   By Elvis Chupacabra The old timers said that a dry, chill wind was blowing out of the northwest, right from the heart of the Commancheria, that dawn of March 6, 1836. It ripped the palls of black smoke billowing … Continue reading

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