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“FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION” – Spelling Bee Judges Cry “Uncle”…. The Kids Keep Spelling All The Words Correctly….

(KANSAS)  These are the child prodigies who used up all  the available words at a spelling bee, forcing organizers to stop the showdown  until they could find more. When Sophia Hoffman, 11, and Kush Sharma, 13,  buzzed through the list … Continue reading

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Morgan’s Greatest Snits..

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The Word Of God Saves Man – Bus Driver’s Bible Stops Bullets Fired By Three Teen Thugs In Dayton Ohio

A white Dayton Ohio bus driver was fixing a bus when a group of three black teens savagely attacked him in their attempt to gain gang membership. Rickey Wagoner (pictured left),  was shot multiple times in the chest, and hip. Wagoner described the … Continue reading

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Ukraine – How The Feb. 21st “Agreement” Was Destroyed On Live TV By A Brave Woman Confronting The Government Run Media – Ukraine, Changed Forever on Live TV …

Major kudos to John Fund of NRO who actually went to the heart of what took place this past weekend.    Inside this article you find the substance of when the actual Ukrainian straw was placed on the camels’ back. Following … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

From alltherightsnark.org.

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George Soros Triples Money Spent Lobbying Congress – $11 Million In 2013…

WASHINGTON DC – The latest list of big lobbying spenders contains a surprising name: George Soros.  Well, not the billionaire himself, but the Open Society Policy Center, the Washington-based advocacy affiliate of his Open Society Foundations. Soros and his generous … Continue reading

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Recalls – Bill De Blasio To Face Off With Al Roker On ‘Today Show’ …

(New York)  It’s a made-for-TV face-off with a possible chance of thunder and lightning. Mayor de Blasio and Al Roker are scheduled to go mano-a-mano on the “Today” show Monday.  Hizzonor has been invited to cut the ribbon on the … Continue reading

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