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Good Grief – Alec Baldwin: Good-bye, Public Life – A Greater Depth Of Pitiful Self Importance I Have Never Read…

It would take an entire fleet of whaaaambulances to load up this self-indulgent diatribe. CLICK HERE (and bring a snickers) There simply is no way to summarize the content, save to say Alec Baldwin is declaring to the world he … Continue reading

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A Sparrow In The Rain…..

Perhaps it’s just me, but lately I’ve found myself increasingly more able to relate to the John Coffey (Michael Clark Duncan) sentiment expressed in this movie excerpt from the film “The Green Mile”.

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Too good to check … Piers Morgan admits defeat, claims he will quit CNN show…..

The Times of London reports that news celebrity Piers Morgan is throwing in the towel and has announced plans to quit his CNN show, stating that his vigorous anti-gun stance alienated “a vast swath of his audience… we have taken … Continue reading

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Kiev 2009 vs 2014

The Wall Street Journal has a cool comparative feature on a photo of Freedom Square in Kiev, Ukraine.   The photograph compares 2009 to 2014 One of the neat features is the photo is interactive.   CLICK HERE to check it out.

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Ongoing Analytics – Behind The Trayvon Martin Story…..

Just when you think the Trayvon Martin story has apex’d away from insufferable you read something blood boiling LIKE THIS MIT media research study, replete with Ryan Julison interview smarm, and the blood pressure cuff needs another replacement. Martin’s family was able to … Continue reading

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Austin Police Chief Apologizes For His Comments About Arresting J-Walking Jogger: Hey, I’m Just Thankful We Didn’t Rape Her…

In Austin Texas a woman was jogging.  Police claim she J-walked while jogging so they forcibly stopped her, handcuffed her and demanded id. She did not have id in her skimpy jogging outfit, so they arrested her for “failure to identify”. … Continue reading

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Hey, At Least Russia Has A Sense of Humor

Very clever, Sochi 😉 #CBCOlympics #ClosingCeremony #sochi2014 pic.twitter.com/IhwIvpUkcR — CBC Olympics (@CBCOlympics) February 23, 2014 Article about Closing Olympic Ceremony Humor – HERE

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