Summary Of “Knock Out” Attacks – This Is Not A Game – “Knock Out Game” ? “Polar Bear Hunting” ? “Cracka Smacks” ?

The mainstream media, and even law enforcement, have consistently tried to claim the race-based “Knock Out” assaults are mythical in nature.

Various manipulations of labeling have taken place with some calling the attacks “a game”, or more specifically, “the Knock Out Game“.

It is also known on the street as “polar bear hunting“, or “Cracka’ Smacks“.

This past weekend another victim died.   Until we honestly confront the reality of what is taking place we cannot expect to see this trend stop.   Every single one of these attacks is a black youth, a specifically intended white victim, a random punch to the face/head:


Baton Rouge, Louisiana  (victim killed)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

St. Cloud, Minnesota (victim killed)

Flint, Michigan

New York, New York (six victims from same thug)

Charlottesville, Virginia

Denver, Colorado

Rochester, New York


Brooklyn, New York 

Queens, New York

Peoria, Illinois 

Winton, North Carolina

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brooklyn, New York

Fort Myers, Florida  (89-year-old victim)

Chicago, Illinois (Victim killed)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New Jersey (13, 14 year-old attackers, Victim killed)


Chicago, Illinois (victim killed)

Michigan (victim was armed and shot attacker in buttocks)

St Paul, Minnesota

Chicago, Illinois (Victim killed)

New York, New York (Tourist victimized)

St. Louis, Missouri

 This is what it looks like to be a victim:


This is not a myth, or urban legend !

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57 Responses to Summary Of “Knock Out” Attacks – This Is Not A Game – “Knock Out Game” ? “Polar Bear Hunting” ? “Cracka Smacks” ?

  1. justfactsplz says:

    Now if we could just get all of this documentation on national media it would certainly help. Even with all of this available bait it is not likely to happen.


  2. allhail2 says:

    Minimum of 3 more years of this crap.

    Stay alert, be prepared.

    Fair warning to all partakers of aforementioned game: if you choose me, you had better be damn sure you knock me out clean with the first punch. If you choose my wife or kid, well, that will just punch your ticket straight to hell.


  3. sundance says:

    You will obviously note the frequency is increasing. We are not yet through the 2nd month in 2014 😦

    I am very concerned about where this unchecked path may eventually lead.


    • justfactsplz says:

      Me too. If they ever organize into a large group it could be devastating numbers of victims nation wide.


    • Abagail says:

      FYI, J.Nolte at Breitbart was keeping a list of all knockout crimes, including those submitted by subscribers. It would be great to have a “superlist” to submit to our local and state politicians who may have bought into the myth spin.


      • ytz4mee says:

        the former website Big Lie on parade used to keep track of all the black on white violence, but eventually gave up – said it was too depressing, and no one seemed to care. But it’s all there, archived.

        Daily Kenn is like Drudge, but for white people. A big portion of their website is publishing black on white violence submitted by local readers that the corporate media refuses to touch.


      • John Galt says:

        Ray Rice KO’d his fiancee. Chalk it up.


  4. elvischupacabra says:

    Well, if the media and the sheeple address this, we’ll just have to tolerate hearing that they are doing this because of racism, slavery, unemployment, self-loathing, white privilege, basic cable service, global warming, school testing bias, no reparations, too many incarcerations, racist drug laws, underground nuclear testing, the sun setting in the west, the polar vortex, too many Asians in inner-city schools, the letter R, not enough of “our people” in high office, American English, fatty foods, too many liquor stores in the ‘hood, too many guns on the streets….

    Did I miss any?


  5. Gregg keyes says:

    call me racist all day. I simply don’t trust any black person I don’t know and very few that I do. all too often I have seen black. ‘friends’ turn on a white person when they were back in their crowd.


  6. scaretactics says:

    Didn’t O’Reilly cover some parts of the Knockout Game? I wonder if he reads CTH.

    Wow…this was an eye-opener for sure. The attacks are bad enough….but it’s the denial and downplaying of the attacks by some that is the most disturbing aspect of all of this.


  7. Chip Bennett says:

    A couple things:

    Please make a habit of identifying the attackers as unarmed children, every time you discuss them.

    Also: the St. Louis reference date should be 2011. Man, that article brought back some bad memories. I remember the charges getting dismissed against the seven unarmed-child thugs. I remember the elderly Vietnamese gentleman being killed – and I seem to remember his attack not being the first one. In fact, in late 2011, one thug admitted to having participated in over 300 knockout attacks.

    This Riverfront Times expose written in 2011 references knockout attacks that took place in 2010 and 2009, and even a “few years” earlier.- not to mention, a reference to a predecessor to Knockout: “One-Hitter Quitter”, in the 80s.

    Random disparity-of-force assaults have been going on for a very long time; but Knockout is a dangerous escalation; and there is no longer any denying that it is a growing trend.


  8. Michelle Hart says:

    This is a game… Though on the surface it doesn’t’ look like it…You see checkers, I see chess..

    This is just a long game, it’s meant to destabilize the population, and create the climate needed for a severe police “presence” everywhere

    Do you really think the Post Office needs weapons and ammunition? Look at the ratio’s of who is in “public service jobs” and then consider the endless blame whitey mantra. This is how it went down all over Africa. Every government agency is 94% black 4% hispanic and 2% white or close to it. The local law enforcement agencies are almost fully built up now, they write endless tickets to meet quota’s which sole intent is to extort more money from people. Keep them down, poor, and tied up in legal issues. Get the plate numbers, data collection, etc. The pieces are moving around the board and it’s easy to see if you know what to look for.

    You left out the large groups doing “smash and grab” though, that’s all part of the process to convince everyone that MORE should be done, MORE police, MORE justification for heavier weapons. It’s basic Psyop’s 101 from the good old day’s…

    The “random” attacks are not random at all, it’s just conditioning and creating the justification for what is coming.


    • Abagail says:

      Fanning flames with useful black idiots creates the violent chaos which, as you point out, justifies the militancy of all police forces. It also will be justification for repealing the 2nd amendment. Their long game can only go as far as the 2nd amendment.


    • texan59 says:

      Well said Miss Hart.


    • Moishe Pipik says:

      I don’t think there’s any vast conspiracy here.

      You take a population that’s is one standard-deviation less intelligent and one standard-deviation more violent, combined with “white guilt” that looks the other way, and this is the natural consequence.

      No need for any big plan to make this work.


      • Abagail says:

        Some fires are easily started, if one recognizes and seizes the opportunity. The arsonist always has a motive. In the case of these feral blacks, the questions would be, who is using them (the kindling,) and what is their goal, i.e., what purpose does the fire serve.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Exactly. The use of a minority by those who control the puppet strings, to control and suppress the majority, is an age-old tactic.

      The fruits of such control and command apparatus are seen in South Africa. Since being turned over to black control, the country has become unable to function. They can’t even field their military air force because of the demand that the majority of anything be run/managed/controlled by blacks.


  9. dws says:

    It’s like the Native American’s act of Counting Coup, except that was an act of bravery where the warrior shamed his enemy by overcoming weapons to slap the other’s face, but in these cases it is false bravery, actually, it’s a complete act of cowardice that should shame the attacker due to his sucker punching an unaware enemy. And if this doesn’t illustrate the disconnect of today, the attackers see themselves as brave and powerful for punching someone in the face, but it is no more brave and powerful than punching a baby or a puppy in the face, and any civilized, developed human sees that. So why don’t they? We are witnessing a population of humans self-destruct.


  10. There was a site tracking black flash mob violence called, naturally enough “”

    The site went down the summer before Obama’s 2012 re-election, but you can still find it via the Archive dot org “Way back machine” here:


  11. Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily site also tracks violent flash mob (predominently black) violence as well. The reason why is due tio the fact they have Colin Flaherty as a columnist there. See this list of African-American flashmob violence at this link —


  12. czarowniczy says:

    One of my favorite things to harp on lately: the New Orleans press discounting local Usual Suspects using baseball bats to attack bikers as participating in the knockout game. Both bikers were hit in the head – one suffered a broken jaw, the other a fractured skull. The attacks received scant coverage on the TV after the first 10 PM blurb – still thinking it’s due to pressure not to upset Mardi Gras tourists. Ah yes, ‘They are both isolated incidents’ we’re told, nothing to worry about. Neither case was robbery; both vics had their possessions intact. The spandex-panted bike crowd’s rather silent- they are usually up in arms over any incursion into their urban bike schema and their outrage here is interesting.
    In Louisiana the state law’s clear – threatening someone with a baseball bat is aggravated assault and actually hitting someone is aggravated battery. The ‘aggravation’ comes in from the actor using a ‘dangerous weapon’ which the state law defines as: ” the criminally negligent discharging of any firearm, or the throwing, placing, or other use of any article, liquid, or substance, where it is foreseeable that it may result in death or great bodily harm to a human being.” Coincidentally the state law allows the use of deadly force in defense of yourself or others when in fear of ‘death or great bodily harm’. I doubt that much of the urban bike crowd will start packing heat – hard to conceal in those Spandex body suits – but were the bikers or bystanders to step up and use appropriate force to stop the attack I doubt the DA would even accept the case. The media, on the other hand…


  13. ed357 says:

    Please……….there’s no “game” to it……


    Control the narrative………stop the crime.


  14. Betty says:

    I have an off topic question; Tuesday last I went into the Barns and Noble Store at the Maplewood Mall, i didn’t buy anything.
    When I buy books on line I buy from Amazon. The last two days one of the recurring popups in the side bar are from Barns and Noble. First one made my head spin a little. I keep telling my self – this is a coincidence, but is it? How could Barns and Noble have known I was in their store if I didn’t buy anything? Right after writing this I think to my self delete this, stop being so idiotic. But , are there card readers that read our cards automatically as we walk into the store?


    Hi Betty – we have an Open Thread every day where nothing is off-topic. Good conversation-starters like the one you post here are perfect for that thread. -Admin


    • Moishe Pipik says:

      It’s a coincidence! Amazon started their little “spin” everywhere.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Do you have a Smartphone? A recent article (yesterday) cited how retailers in malls can use your cell phone to track your travels through malls by recording your “MAC” address. It could be that’s what happened to you.


      • Abagail says:

        “—When your smartphone is turned on, it sends out signals with that MAC address (for media access control) as it searches for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.”

        Wouldn’t shutting off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth eliminate the possibility of tracking? I always keep both turned off unless I’m going to use them. Besides, doing so conserves battery life.


        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          Those steps would probably be effective against passive systems such as discussed in the article, but I’m not “the guy” to go to for those types of answers since I’m not a “techie” and can’t help you there.


          • Abagail says:

            Thanks, I’ll double some further research.

            In the meantime, another “feature” of which I’ve always been suspicious is “Locate your phone” that requires location services to be turned on, thereby making your phones GPS positioning available to the carrier and who knows who else. If my phone disappears for any reason, the carrier can disable the EIN. I’m more concerned about what little privacy I have left than my cell phone.


    • rashomon says:

      Do you have one of their cards in your wallet that allows for discounts? They have scanners by the front door to prevent theft, so they might be able to track their own cards as well.


      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        And they may have tracked her store visit though her smart phones’s MAC address. Info in the phone (via Google) may have linked her various devices, email addresses, and IP address through info on her phone.


        • ytz4mee says:

          Yep. I only have one e-mail address for work linked to my smartphone. I refuse to link my “personal” e-mails or FB page. What they have done with data they have gone into my contact book to steal is outrageous.

          At home, using a search engine like duckduckgo helps.


    • Abagail says:

      I keep all cards with magnetic strips in a RFID case. Actually, bar code cards too, just so they’re all in one place.


  15. hawkeye13 says:

    They want to make the news, get some fame, have bragging rights. Go after the problem aggressively, but give them no media coverage, no fame. Maybe cover the arrests and convictions, but downplay the attack.

    Same with the gun violence. Many of these guys are just after the fame, “they will know who I am after I do this”. Take it away from them.


  16. raskog says:

    The knock out punch is intended to severely harm with brain damage or kill the victim. This was Trayvon’s endgame with GZ too. Ask Liam Neeson and he’ll tell you how his wife actress died from a ski injury which involved her head. All people need do is mention how GZ was targeted with a knock out punch from Trayvon. That should squell any further arguments since democrats are quick to avoid the increasing frequency of black knock out punches on white victims. Fortunately, George had a hard head and is in his robust years. He probably also knew enough from martial arts training to protect himself from the first punch. The sixteen year old girl and the older victims don’t have a chance against a young male black punching them in the head.


    • rashomon says:

      I was going to say that, by using all these different terms, law enforcement, politicians and the media can hide statistics in multiple categories vs. naming the activity as what it is –“assault.” In other words, we are allowing these groups to confuse the issue by allowing them to control the message, a tactic well used by the elitists/Socialists/Fabians in our society. These “knock-out games” are no more than thugs using street fighting to do harm. Some are just more adept than others. The term “hate crime” just serves to confuse the issue, too. They all are hate crimes.


    • ytz4mee says:

      It’s also a response to deeply built up hatred and resentment, stoked and coddled over years about being told white people have everything, you have nothing, and that reason white people have “more” than you is because of “privilege”, not because of hard work, initiative, delayed gratification, etc. It is also in a part a psychic release to their internal emotional pressure valve stoked by the indoctrination in the schools and the media. It’s deliberate and well thought out mind control and manipulation.


  17. Drg says:

    Would be nice if someone like Sean Hannity had the intestinal fortitude to bring up this black on white hate on his show. Must be his Fox handlers have said he cant go there. He is pretty open in his thoughts regards racists like Jesse and Sharpton.


  18. IFoundMyVoice says:

    In a nation (and world) that seems to be growing more morally outrageous, more violent and more accepting (and coddling) of the morally bankrupt and especially the violent, perhaps the answer begins right in front of us.

    Since time began, human beings of strength and decency had to hide or whisper about the soldiers snatching citizens off of the street or the Jewish neighbors loaded onto a truck, or the spies who shut down the village news shop or demanded the surrender of books and works of scholarship.

    The North Korean regime considers the Internet the ultimate threat to the absolute power, deprivation and fear under which its citizens live. More potent than the censored radio or TV broadcasts, because of course, the Internet is in the hands of ordinary people. Ordinary people communicating with other ordinary people (so far) uncensored, just heavily spied upon.

    The big media outlets and their umbrella companies have taken a peculiar pose on crime. If it is black on non-black it either did not occur or is reported racially scrubbed. We all know this, of course. In the course of TWO YEARS two men who were non-black shot and killed two black teenagers and this nation responded like hungry dogs thrown raw steak. It was consider an epidemic, a vision of an America still entrenched in slave days.

    Of course it stuck, as many ploys do.Where do we put the blame for our horrific sense of anger and foreboding due to crime, the economy, the progressives pushing adult themes into our TV programs and schools, rising taxes, millions of able bodied adults living off of our paychecks, unchecked power grabs in Washington and domestic spying by our own government to rival the Soviet Union?

    Why, we unleash that on George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn. Too rather nondescript residents of Florida who had encounters with black teens that ended in death. Two stories that only went nation and world wide because they notched decently into the Agenda we are supposed to support.

    Why weren’t these two stories just local to Sanford and Jacksonville Florida? Because much money, time and power went into making them huge stories. Psychologists know how people react to stimuli, know we react in ways that make NO sense at all.

    Did you know if a person is trying to balance a cup of coffee on his car seat but starts to ram into a wall he will try to keep the coffee from spilling instead of avoiding the wall? Did you know that many people have died in plane crashes not because they were injured but because once the plane stopped and began burning they sat stupefied, not sure what to do? Like run for their lives?

    The human brain has been studied so much, every display in a store, TV commercial, news story and charity has been fixed to drag you in like a perch on a line. There are no accidents when it comes to mass media, mass selling, mass hysteria.

    So back to the keyboard. The media and the government are telling you what is real. But you know. And in 1939 Germany you and your neighbors may have been told the Klein family is on holiday and offered their shop and home to other Germans for the duration. How could you, knowing better, get that information to your countrymen, your relatives in the West, the Resistance? How could you do your own part?

    In case I sound like a nut loaf, NO I don’t think we’re living under a Third Reich and NO I am not trying to use the horror of the Holocaust to take issue with what 2014 America is facing.

    What I am saying is that we have the perfect tool in front of us. The Internet made us all writers (Lord help us) and it also made us all reporters. Speak. Tell. Bring to,light those stories that the media will not.

    You will be called reactionary, racist and lots of other stuff. But you know, the media does a fine job of making sport of you who live in the suburbs, live traditional marriage, discipline your kids, attend Saturday or Sunday worship, read your Bible, own firearms, eat at Denny’s (or Chik-Fil-A), use chemicals on your lawns, eat meat, vote Republican, really feel that Obama is the worst president in your lifetime, listen to Right Wing Radio (Oh the humanity!), homeschool, monitor your kids’ electronic activities, vote the GOP or Independent ticket, refuse to keep up with the Kardashians or read People magazine.

    If I send a forward to everyone I know every time I read of an assault on a non-black by blacks progressives cannot call me worse than they already do.

    And I think we needed to start forwarding, blogging and reporting to those we know like yesterday. This isn’t a grumble about food stamps, Section 8 Housing, the Diversity Agenda, or the in your face culture. This is about our lives.

    Not just (as horrific as that is) the lives of our young men, It is the lives of old folks, women, the handicapped, kids, babies. Antonio Santiago wasn’t knocked out in his stroller he was shot through his little head as he napped.

    What a national outcry that would have been, Once Upon a Time. Remember the 1987 national fixation on whether Baby Jessica would be freed from that well? Then a month later, of course, the nation had moved on to Lying Tawana Brawley and her nonsense.

    But why wasn’t Baby Antonio worth the attention of Baby Caylee? Dead child killed by a maniac. Why no tears, Nancy Grace? Why no rageful sputtering, Don Lemon?

    Would, if it Baby Antonio’s muder gotten national attention, we have seen mothers march with their kids with signs that say: WILL I BE SHOT TOO? Would all children’s advocacy groups yelled and cried for Baby Antonio? Would the talk show hosts on MSNBC have wept and rent their garments “as parents”?

    We’ll never know. Maybe it is because as an infant, there could be no blame on Antonio Santiago. He couldn’t even be blamed for being afraid, because he was sleeping. His mother was blamed, though. Accused of lying. Chided for not giving up her (empty) wallet. Suspected for so threatening the boys that had no choice but to shoot.

    Sorry for the long post. I throw myself at Sundance’s mercy. I just wanted to say, PLEASE don’t give up, folks, and ask what is the use to spread the news about one knockout attack when we are facing a tsunami of them?

    Like the story about tossing the starfish back into the ocean,” It mattered to that one.”

    It mattered to every Jew hidden from Nazi clutches because their neighbors warned them.

    It matters to every North Korea smuggled south in the nick of time because a friend warned him.

    It matters to the young college student choosing to take a cab he can hardly afford rather than his bike home through the streets of Boston or Baltimore because his uncle saw something in his email and warned him.

    If I can alert one person who warns your husband, or your daughter, or your Grandfather, then I know I have done what God would ask of me. Not spreading hate or bigotry, just warning one soul toward safety.

    Your loved one or mine will not know who metaphorically tossed them back into the ocean’s safety. But it will matter. As life always does.


  19. Pops says:

    I firmly believe that Trayvon Martin was going for the knockout when he jumped George and hit him in the nose. Only differencewas that George had a .45.


  20. raskog says:

    Barack Obama is not much special from the typical Machavalian sadist and online troll. He sets the leading example for his sons. He is an “agent of chaos” and enjoys merciless amusement at the expense of Americans and the middle class white people. He neither loves nor cares for his black brethren either. They are merely tools for his sadistic entertainment.


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