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Louisiana – Yet Another Knock Out Attack Results In Murder – THESE ARE NOT GAMES ! NOR ARE THEY MYTHICAL !

From media descriptions this Louisiana attack -in this latest Knockout Murder- are almost identical to the one which killed victim Colton Gleason in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  In the Minnesota case 18-year-old attacker, Jesse Smithers was sentenced to 10 years last Thursday. In both … Continue reading

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Wisconsin – Milwaukee Dems Pass Minimum Wage Hike With One Catch, Employers Can Avoid Paying The Wage If They Force Their Employees To Join The SEIU…

Via Weasel Zippers – WISCONSIN – Mobsters making offers that can’t be refused typically do so in the bluntest possible language, but SEIU leaders in Wisconsin are running a close second. Gov. Scott Walker’s landmark reforms — including guaranteeing workers … Continue reading

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Us Response To Ukraine – President Obama Draws Another Red Line, This Time In Ukraine – Full Video Statement

The Red Line comment is at 1:25 Photo by @Stcrow of @nytimes of Pres Obama making remarks about Ukraine during photo op with Mexican Pres Pena Nieto. pic.twitter.com/XftQFDDiDQ — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) February 19, 2014

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Detroit Mom Defends Family Opens Fire On Thugs – Three Thugs Attempt Home Invasion, Mom Uses Rifle to Shoot Back (Video)

From the media report the three thugs were previously known to police.  (ie.  Potential repeat offenders). DETROIT –  You don’t want to mess with this mom!  – A Detroit woman surprised a trio of armed teen thugs when they came … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Moonbats On Parade: “My Spirit Animal Is White Guilt” and “This Used to Be Indian Land But Everything Went to Crap.”

Story HERE Meanwhile, I shall call him  “Chief Wilson Moon Bat” …

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SHOCK: Devastating Olympic Defeat – Russia Loses To Finland 3-1 In Quarterfinals Of Mens Hockey *Update* The U.S., and Canada, also Win !!

UPDATE:  And then there were four.   Canada, The United States, Sweden and Finland have all won today and will play in the semi-finals.   (North-America will play each other and then Northern Europe) #1 Sweden will play #4 Finland and…. …. Yep, … Continue reading

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