Shirley Temple Black Passed Away – And Democrats Rejoice….

shirley temple

Look at the reaction HERE

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37 Responses to Shirley Temple Black Passed Away – And Democrats Rejoice….

  1. This is what happens when politics becomes your be-all and end-all.

    You lose your soul.


  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Good grief!


  3. Junie G says:

    Forgive them, God, they know not what they do….

    If anyone needs an antidote to this, I suggest reading these few enchanting paragraphs from Shirley Temple’s autobiography, “Child Star,” which tell of her mother’s pregnancy:
    “One summer day in 1927, in her 34th year, [Gertrude, my mother] announced her intention to produce a baby girl….Pregnancy was only a starter for Gertrude, who believed devoutly in self-determination. The female sex and artistic interests of her own child must be established long before birth. Her scheme involved preempting the name Shirley for no particular reason, with Jane added to honor her paternal grandmother.

    To endow her unborn child with a sense of self-discipline, she switched from beloved chocolates to raw carrots. Marshaling her array of feminine instincts, although unable to carry a tune herself, she kept the radio blaring out classic orchestral programs, read good literature aloud, toured local museums, purposely pausing to admire architectural beauty along the way, bathing herself in color, form, and aesthetics.

    Occasionally she attended a local movie, exposing her unborn child to sounds and sensations of romantic films such as Janet Gaynor’s Seventh Heaven and Street Angel as she dabbed away her sympathetic tears. She walked down to the ocean, remarking on the natural beauty in flowers, and listened to the rhythmic thump of sea turf, the rustle of palm fronds in the Pacific wind, and the happy babble as she passed public playgrounds.

    It was her mystical, Teutonic conviction that noble thoughts, beautiful sights, and pleasant sounds could somehow imprint themselves directly on her child, a prenatal blitzkrieg. On the twenty-third of April 1928, her basic plan reached a major milepost. I was indeed a baby girl…”


  4. stella says:

    May Shirley Temple rest in peace. She brought joy to many during her life.

    Those comments are terrible and disrespectful. Now may I point out some of the comments on our own pages. Start with our bumper sticker of the day today.

    I truly wish that we could comment on the topics of the day without making profane and nasty comments about individuals – about their looks, or their intelligence etc. Are the comments on our own threads any better than those tweets about Shirley Temple? This has been on my mind all day, and I would welcome your thoughts about it. Every time we criticize Michelle Obama with some comment about her looks, I cringe. Why not talk about her political views, which are open and available for criticism. I don’t get it.


  5. PatriotUSA says:

    That these people have such hatred based on one’s politics is just so tragic. None of these sickos will ever come close to being the accomplished actress, person that Shirley Temple Black was. They are too busy hating anyone and everything that is not liberal, socialist or communist.
    People who hate like they do probably wish everyone who disagrees with them should have been aborted.

    Praying for such people is the best thing we can do, sigh…..


  6. jay moss says:

    Remember when conservatives cheered the idea of letting the uninsured die? #hypocrites


    • stella says:

      It isn’t nice to wish ill on the sick. I recall, in the case in question, that the man could have afforded to buy insurance, but chose not to do so.

      Let me ask you a question. Let’s assume you own a new car, and you choose not to buy collision insurance. If your car is wrecked, should others who bought insurance be responsible for your poor decision?

      ADD: Here is the complete exchange:

      This was the question from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer:

      “A healthy 30-year-old young man has a good job, makes a good living, but decides, you know what? I’m not going to spend $200 or $300 a month for health insurance because I’m healthy, I don’t need it. But something terrible happens, all of a sudden he needs it.

      “Who’s going to pay if he goes into a coma, for example? Who pays for that?”

      The question was directed to Paul, who is a physician. The exchange continued like this:

      PAUL: Well, in a society that you accept welfarism and socialism, he expects the government to take care of him.

      BLITZER: Well, what do you want?

      PAUL: But what he should do is whatever he wants to do, and assume responsibility for himself. My advice to him would have a major medical policy, but not be forced —

      BLITZER: But he doesn’t have that. He doesn’t have it, and he needs intensive care for six months. Who pays?

      PAUL: That’s what freedom is all about, taking your own risks. This whole idea that you have to prepare and take care of everybody —


      BLITZER: But Congressman, are you saying that society should just let him die?

      The truth is that the young man will be taken care of, and he will end up paying a small portion of the cost required for his care. Our society is NOT without concern for the sick, even “Republicans”. My question to you is – as it was in my original remarks, above – why should I be EXPECTED to pay for those who are simply selfish and short-sighted? Why does that make me uncaring?


    • ytz4mee says:

      As an immigrant, military spouse and Libertarian who believes in individual freedom and liberty, I have endured years of abuse from those on the far left of the political spectrum of this country. They are not interested in debate, they just want to be right, or seize control to impose their will on others. They will use any dishonest, deceptive or even criminal means to achieve their goals.

      I have also worked in politics pretty much all my life. I have genuine friendships with people in all the parties, and have worked with them on a variety of political and social issues. The average Democrat is nothing like the nasty, hardened spiteful Progressive partisan.

      I can also state that I have never blocked an associate or colleague I disagreed with from my email or “un-friended” them on Facebook. However, the opposite is not true.

      Over the years, I have collected literally, several notebooks of nasty comments and threats by those who support the “Progressive” wing of the Democratic party.

      Even prior to the election of the younger Bush, the vile language and nasty mocking was really distasteful. The only time it wasn’t was when they agreed with my criticism of some policy of the Bush administration.

      Now that Obama has ascended into modern liberal apotheosis, any criticism of administrative policies are “unpatriotic” among even more hateful things.

      Whenever acquaintances on FB would start to make comments about Sarah Palin, or a Republican or Conservative objection to an Obama diktat, I would post a sneering comment mocking Obama (or Michellle), using the EXACT SAME LANGUAGE THEY USED TO DISPARAGE GEORGE AND LAURA BUSH.

      They didn’t get that I was parroting back to them their OWN vile comments I had collected over 12 + years. Instead, I got even louder screeds about how “racist” and “bitter” I am.

      I am in the process of writing a note to post on my FB wall, that I will no longer do this.

      (a) your side is so entrenched and embittered you don’t even realize that you are being mocked for your own actions, and hoisted on your own petard. Isolate – Ridicule – Marginalize. Freeze the Target, Personalize it! It’s funny when it’s Sarah Palin, or Shirley Temple, but completely unacceptable if it’s Michelle Obama or Sandra Fluke. Yet – “Republicans” are the hypocrites. Check!

      (b) it’s not worth it anymore to try and engage with you. I don’t accept the legitimacy of this Administration, and you can’t “make” me, no matter how loud you yell or how many nasty things you tweet, or if you call me a racist, or hater, or hypocrite.

      (c) I, like many others, have moved on. We’re working on building a new country for our children and our grandchildren, without you. You’re nothing but dead weight and bring nothing of value to the table. Our numbers are growing, are message is finding fertile ground.

      Thanks for offering up the teaching point.

      And …. “your” side will be in the minority in Congress and may lose control of the White House as well. So – since we followed your template in how we treated Obama and Michelle, this time – you will be given an opportunity to lead by example. Show us how one should behave and respond if you don’t like the occupant in the WH, or their policies. Show us how respectful disagreement about policy, and not ad hominem attacks or nasty snark, is created. Lead the way. We are waiting.

      Until then, you will have to live in the sewage you created in your bilious history of “political activism” and “dissent”. There was no room for “civic discourse” then, so it is unreasonable of you to expect it in return now. You’ll have to wait until it is your turn to be the opposition and critics of the Administration and Congress to show us how you’re “supposed” to behave.


      Add: one more thing – kiss ma grits.


  7. justfactsplz says:

    I love watching Shirley Temple movies She was a beautiful and talented litlte girl. I am glad she left acting at a young age and decided to get involved in politics. She does not deserve the nasty comments.


  8. Junie G says:

    She had a beautiful life, that started in the womb of her mother (see my post above). Immortal in movie legend, we send her to God.


  9. canadacan says:

    Shirley Temple Black was a child genius with a photographic memory.
    She was before my time but I have a ton of respect for her.
    One of the best things about her was that she was a Republican.
    the Conservatives aren’t going anywhere in a hurry.
    The unwashed masses with their unwashed derrieres are punished by the fact that they are complete objectified.


  10. WeeWeed says:

    So, anyone other than me notice how extensive the liberal prog black vocabulary is?


  11. wildninja says:

    This is sickening. There are respectful ways to show disagreement. You don’t have to agree with someone or their beliefs to treat them like a human being and show a little respect.

    It’s also ironic how the right is often accused of hate and bigotry when vile trash like this pours out of the left. It’s perfectly fine… if they do it.

    At times like this I remind myself that a just God is keeping score and each of us will answer to Him the second our soul separates from our body.


  12. raskog says:

    Oh, man. Those liberals need to get a life. They don’t even know Shirley Temple. This was nothing but another shark feeding frenzy. Liberal mobsters. Throw some paper on the ground and they’d tear it to pieces if you yell the word “GOP!” at them. Not much different from Pavlov dogs.


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