Treehouse Poll – Which Is More Important: Defeating Mitch McConnell OR Exposing The Benghazi Coverup?

Just a general poll to gauge your opinion.

If you had to pick between two goals which “ONE” would you see as more important to you:   Seeing Mitch McConnell defeated in the Kentucky primary race (May 2014), or Exposing the truth behind the Benghazi terrorist attack and subsequent White House cover-up?

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26 Responses to Treehouse Poll – Which Is More Important: Defeating Mitch McConnell OR Exposing The Benghazi Coverup?

  1. ctdar says:

    Benghazi. Period.
    Hammer the nails into the coffin of the most corrupt administration ever and start up the impeachment process.
    Nixon & Clinton impeachments don’t hold a candle to what Obama did in Benghazi.


    • Coast says:

      Lets say the entire Benghazi incident was shown on TV…everything, including exactly what Obama, Clinton, Biden…the whole gang…exactly what the did, and did not do. And that everyone in the nation had to watch..and that they (we) knew it was all accurate and true. What do you think would happen? Would Obama be removed? Impeached? Even prosecuted? Without Congress, we are dead in the water.


      • ctdar says:

        SD asked for our personal opinion and I gave it. Benghazi start (trading weapons to US enemies) middle (terrorist attacks leading up to that fateful date & abandonment of our post & Ambassador) and end (coverup from several areas in obama administration) was the epitome of “high crimes & misdemeanors” that if it was all exposed to the world congress I believe would have to act.


    • justfactsplz says:

      My thoughts exactly. Bring out the whole truth about Benghazi and start impeachment proceedings. That’s where my vote stands.


  2. labrat says:

    I voted for Benghazi for 2 reasons. 1. It upsets me to no end that so few people seem to care about it. 2. I would hope it would keep Hillary out of the White House.


  3. Not a slam-dunk. I chose Benghazi, but would be exultantly overjoyed to see McConnell OUT.


  4. Coast says:

    I “wanted” to vote Benghazi, but I think changing out Congress is more necessary at this moment. Getting the right people in, will allow us to fairly and properly expose the evil and corruption, and thus proceed down the road of justice. You can not impeach without Congressional control.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      Okay, I voted to get rid of Mitch, only because I don’t think Benghazi will ever be outed completely until we change Congress and it begins with him. I really, really care about Benghazi, though.


  5. Aslan's Girl says:

    Mitch McConnell’s ouster is #1 for me right now. The GOP cannot win any battles, be they Benghazi or IRS, etc, until we CLEAN HOUSE.
    My analogy is this: the GOP is a broken car that we need to enter a car race with — but we can’t win the car race until we get said car FIXED. Broken cars can’t even get to the start line. We’ll never beat the Dems with the current “leadership”.


  6. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Exposing a Benghazi coverup does nothing if the media won’t report on it. And remember Hillary and the vast right wing conspiracy? Hillary will just blame Benghazi on FOX just like Obama did. As for defeating McConnell, be careful what you wish for.


  7. Aslan's Girl says:

    Also, defeating McConnell seems “do-able”, whereas Benghazi will just continue to be a can the “leadership” kicks down the road never really doing anything about (Issa’s on my imposter list). After success in the midterms, maybe we’ll have an actual opposition party who will actually get results on Benghazi.


  8. LetJusticePrevail" says:


    If he’s still in place then anything revealed about Benghazi will be moot, since he will prevent any action from being taken against the gang of liars in Washington.


    • kkdgrace says:

      EXACTLY! As important as Benghazi is, there will continue to be stonewalling, attempts to cover-up, prevaricate, etc. etc. Look at all they’ve gotten away with thus far, without having the “accountability” factor in place.


    • drdoct says:

      *DING*DING*DING* We Have a Winner!


  9. Abagail says:

    Zero and Pants should be tried for treason, but exposing the full truth won’t lead to that conclusion unless there is a changing of the guard, and the Kentucky election is is an important one to win, logistically and symbolically.

    Therefore, I think ousting McConnell is the strategic decision and the one for which I voted. It doesn’t mean I feel Benghazi is any less important, but pursuing it as a priority over an important election isn’t the best strategy.


  10. CurlyDave says:

    Exposing Benghazi takes no campaign funding, no grass-roots effort, essentially no support from the people. It is an elected representatives act.

    We need to get the right elected representatives in place first. In command of both houses, and with real leaders on our side, the sins of Obama can be laid bare for all to see. If we do this prematurely, they will be “old news” by the time we have control.


  11. WeeWeed says:

    Well. I didn’t vote in the poll. To me, they’re equally important. I could cheerfully strangle McConnell myself for being a self-important ass for covering his OWN ass with the regime. And on the other side, I could cheerfully strangle Cankles for being a self-important ass for getting “folks” murdered. I’ve just talked myself into voting for Benghazi…..


  12. LittleLaughter says:

    I voted to oust Mitch, for the same reasons the posters above cited. If Obama murdered someone on the front lawn of the White House tomorrow, our current leadership would do nothing. I am sickened every day over Benghazi. People should be tried and imprisoned. There’s no chance of any accountability until we clean house- and senate!
    To me, getting rid of Mitch & his cohorts and exposing Benghazi go hand in hand.


  13. jetstream says:

    My theory – Bust the Networks:
    There is no guarantee that exposing the full story of Benghazi will result in any action by our longtime political overlords, no matter the public outcry. Look at Mitch McConnell’s special interest push for amnesty, despite strong opposition by beleaguered American citizens.
    Many in the political class are subjects of loose networks directed by top dogs who keep everyone in line and facilitate the exchange of favors. By concentrating on exposing top dog McConnell and working towards his removal from office, his very powerful network loses its key figure. This also affects other networks and shakes up the power structure. Only then will a public outcry, on any of a number of issues, scandals and outrages including Benghazi, have a chance of motivating the self-serving politicians to action on our behalf as they jockey for position. By starting with the disruption of McConnell’s influential network, ideally by his removal, it may help clear the way for action on behalf of the American people’s interests and outcry for justice.


  14. BigMamaTEA says:

    Ditch Mitch. We’ll resolve Benghazi before 2016.


  15. Col(R)Ken says:

    Concur, to effect change defeat Mitch. It’s open season on RINOs!


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