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Frilliant Song Lyrics – “Wendy Davis Lies”

(Via Sunshine State Sarah)   She’s Got #WendyDavisLies Set to the tune of “Bette Davis Eyes,” by Kim Carnes Her hair is Barbie gold Her filibuster flies Her heart is always cold She’s got #WendyDavisLies She’ll turn her sneakers on you … Continue reading

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Update On The Mr. Filippidis, Maryland Concealed Carry Driver Incident…

Following our public records request (actually, on the same day) the Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MDTA) posted the following statement on their FaceBook Page: In response to a recent complaint about the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Police and a Jan. … Continue reading

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Everytown USA – MLK Streets Overwhelmingly Ghettos…

(Any Town USA)  A walk down the 6-mile city street named for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. yields plenty of images that would surely unsettle the civil rights leader: shuttered storefronts, open-air drug markets and a glut of pawn … Continue reading

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Obama / Clinton and The al-Qaeda Disconnect…. “CORE” al-Qaeda (video)

Most people know al-Qaeda (as a terror entity) has evolved over the past 10+ years.   Recently the Obama administration has doggedly tried to parse and obfuscate around a principle that CORE al-Qaeda has been destroyed. This claim is essential to framing … Continue reading

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Abortion Barbie – Wendy Davis, Research Outlines Her As Opportunistic Grifter Who Divorced 2nd Husband Day After He Finished Paying Off Her Student Loans – She Gave Up Custody Of Two Children and Left…..

She gave custody of her first child to the father of her second child when she walked out….   In an extensive interview last week, Davis acknowledged some chronological errors and incomplete details in what she and her aides have said … Continue reading

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Sinking Snips….

In a bad omen for Democrats hopes in the mid-term elections, Barack Obama’s favorability rating has slide so far that he’s now nine points under the rating for our favorite crack-smoking Canadian mayor. In the most recent polling, Rob Ford gets … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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