Liam Neeson Talks About DeBlasio’s Effort To Get Rid Of Horse And Carriages In NYC

 NEW YORK – The battle over New York’s carriage horses just got hunkier.

Hollywood badass Liam Neeson went one-on-one with killjoy Mayor de Blasio, slamming Hizzoner for vowing to ban the city’s 220-plus clip-clopping, carriage-pulling equines from city streets and Central Park.

“They’ll die, you know, darlin,’ ” Liam, who at 6-foot-4 can pretty much look the 6-foot-5 mayor in the eye, told me in his gorgeous Northern Irish brogue.

The 61-year-old heartthrob interrupted his hectic A-list acting schedule to call me Thursday night, alarmed by de Blasio’s treachery.

“It’s criminal!’’ cried Liam. “This is an iconic, historic part of New York.

“The horses are incredibly well-treated. They’re regulated up the wazoo. They get five weeks’ holiday every year.’’ (How many people get that much down time?) “Tourists love them.”

He speculated that efforts to ban the carriage trade resulted from a land grab by greedy developers eager to get hold of horse stables on Manhattan’s West Side: “I think it’s about real estate. I’m not the kind of person to use my celebrity’’ to promote causes, he said. But, ‘‘the horses are happy”.  (read more)

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20 Responses to Liam Neeson Talks About DeBlasio’s Effort To Get Rid Of Horse And Carriages In NYC

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I think the plan has been exposed. Now the question is whether it will make a difference.


  2. Aslan's Girl says:

    I can’t help it, but I cried reading this. As he says, he doesn’t use his celebrity, but he’s coming to support these horses. God bless him! Wow… *sniff* You go, Liam!!
    Oh, and I love that he’s go his thinking cap on and is exposing what he thinks is the REAL reason behind this. I didn’t know it was about real estate, but it makes perfect sense. I like that Liam’s a “conspiracy theorist” 😉


  3. Crystallite says:

    We already know that a NJ real estate developer had expressed an interest in the land where the stables are located and that he’s donated money to de Blasio’s campaign. Now to find out who manufactures the antique trolleys and whether that company also donated to the campaign.


  4. texan59 says:

    If anyone really thinks this asshat mayor of NYNY really gives a rat’s rear about what regular people think about some stinkin’ ass horse, I’m afraid you are sadly mistaken. I don’t think Mr. Neeson is a conspiracy theorist. He is getting his eyes opened up like many others out there about the real motives behind almost all politicians. POWER. CONTROL. MONEY. Scroo ’em all. 👿


    • Aslan's Girl says:

      I used that expression because anyone who questions Commies in the age of Obama is labelled a “conspiracy theorist”; Liam is not taking a politician’s word for it (that it all about the horses safety/health) and has done the research to find out the real reason. Good for him! He thinks for himself.


    • thefirstab says:

      Yeah, buddy. I’m so cynical about pols I still hold reservations about some of the good guys like Cruz.


  5. czarowniczy says:

    I’ll be more sympathetic to the mayor’s social engineering when he starts banning the horses’ asses in NYC.


  6. CrankyinAZ says:

    Go get ’em Master Qui-gon … er… Mr. Neeson …. 🙂


  7. Aslan's Girl says:

    I also loved the part where Liam called his fellow celebrities who are supporting the mayor “ill-informed”… wow! He’s going against a Commie and Hollywood with this.


  8. Americans have a curious notion horse ownership makes you wealthy. The truth is otherwise: horses are money absorbers. Horse people find equine companionship rewarding and enjoyable, and we are willing to pay for the well-being of our horse-companions.

    Excluding racehorses, there are very few working horses left in this country. For those who know horses only from screens, know that it is possible to build a working relationship with a horse, to build a team, based upon the development of mutual trust. They do what we ask them to do chiefly because they are willing and generous; they are so strong and quick that forcing them to do something is impossible. Most of them want to please. Most of them want verbal praise during work or training, and respond best to those willing to take the time to make their wishes clearly known.

    One need not anthropomorphise them. Their minds are quite alien to ours, compared to the minds of cats and dogs. Understanding those minds, their limitations and their strengths, is a valuable lesson. My horses taught me patience, and in turn made me a good teacher/trainer of people.

    There is NO market for used carriage horses. There isn’t much of a market for any kind of horse these days, except for a relative handful of elite racehorses and world-class polo ponies. Any day of the week I can direct you to websites where you can see former racehorses available for free or for little money, certainly geldings go for low dollar amounts, but so do mares who happen to be slow.
    Any week, there are available dozens of thoroughbred mares for a few hundred dollars with papers, pretty mares with good conformation and good minds. Along with the legions of geldings, there are huge numbers of attractive horses who can be acquired for not much money at all, or even free. This week I came across a young mare by the sire of I’ll Have Another (Kentucky Derby winner) out of a granddaughter of Seattle Slew’s dam; she had been rescued from a slaughter lot and was being advertised for rehoming.

    With all manner of attractive animals available, aged carriage horses won’t have anywhere to go. I have not personally inspected the carriage horses of New York, but I’ve seen them in other cities, and they all looked well cared for. The NYC horses on tv look to be in good flesh, and they do not display the body language of unhappy, wretched horses. No doubt they have longstanding partnerships with their drivers, and if they are like many other horses, they probably enjoy pulling a carriage around the streets. Mine enjoyed trail rides.

    The carriage horses need to stay. The horses need the jobs, and the people in NYC need to have contact with animals who are not pets and not zoo animals.


  9. elvischupacabra says:

    “Yo, mista may-uh! I got ya hoise right he-ah!”


  10. canadacan says:

    Wee Weed U is racist, that is so spot on and that is so messed up .I’m going to save it and send it to everybody, terribly funny.You
    are going to get yourself in serious trouble.
    Anarchists UNITE


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  13. I sure hope Neeson is aware of the huge fly-grazing problem in his own country. Horse abandonment in the thousands, and “Roma” running illegal horse races on public highways, evading the garda, often with disastrous outcomes. I no longer respect him after he ate the meat from a wolf trapped and killed for a movie.


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