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9 Responses to Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  1. LetJusticePrevail" says:


  2. aliashubbatch says:

    I laugh heartily in the face of the liberal “god” called “Tolerance.”


  3. equinelover says:

    Yep. When the insane commies are done with us it will be a death sentence if you don’t agree being a deranged pervert is perfectly normal and desired.


  4. LandauMurphyFan says:

    Loved this comment over at pjmedia (gonna post it on one of the other Duck Dynasty threads):

    From a commenter named Doowleb:
    Old Phil should have prefaced his statement by saying he was simply in agreement with the teachings of the Koran on the subject of homosexuality.
    With the exception that, as a Christian, he didn’t require that his neighbors stone them to death.
    We wouldn’t have heard a peep from the perpetually aggrieved crowd.


  5. doodahdaze says:

    They ain’t from around here. Got their X’s and Y’s mixed up. I am thinking. Been around for a long long time. Human Nature. Can’t be legislated. Leave em’ be. Just leave us be too. But Nooooo!


  6. ytz4mee says:

    The other side issue that is funny is that this has created a huge schism in the Coalition of Aggrieved Parties. If you surf the far-Left Prog black blogs, they are outraged that the news is reporting on the “anti-gay” comments, but no one has said word one about what they call the “racist” comments about working with blacks in the cotton fields. They are in full-throated umbrage and can’t get any traction – at all. No one has invited them to be talking heads to vent their spleen, no one is threatening to boycott anyone over the alleged “racism”. They are apoplectic.

    Some animals are more equal than others. Karma.


  7. Lou says:

    the US has become a real weird place. guy fired for Trayvon targets, Facebook posts, anti-gay comments. liberals have a twisted way of viewing freedom of speech. freedom of speech only applies when you agree with their views. people have different views and are allowed to publicly express it.


  8. IFoundMyVoice says:

    Last night the news talk shows were full of folks from Glaad, the Advocate and what’s his face–Dan Savage? Lord I never saw do much pearl clutching in my life. They couldn’t have acted more prissily offended if they were Queen Victoria faced with two copulating deer in the back garden.

    The Dowager Savage was not having any of that First Ammendment nonsense, and the Little Glaad Prince acted as if he were wearing porcupine skivvies. There is NO ROOM for such bigotry, he snapped. Now get that redneck OUT of MY country!


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