Heads Up ! Jack Cashill Discusses Book “If I Had A Son – The Railroading Of George Zimmerman” On Book TV (CSPAN2)

ifihadasonHatTip to iOTW.  Who Shares –  The latest book by Jack Cashill uses the Zimmerman case to explain how the  left gins up a story in order to serve the narrative they need to create at the  time.

His insightful discussion on his book airs early tomorrow morning at  1:15 am on BookTV (CSPAN2).  I found the first 10 minutes of his  presentation on YouTube.  It’s an eye-opening peek at how the left created  the concept of Agitprop and how it is used today.

There is a 10 Minute Preview Available HERE Jack Cashill argues that President Obama and the liberal media worked overtime to convince the public that George Zimmerman unlawfully killed Trayvon Martin on the night of February 26, 2012,, even though neither knew what really happened. He writes that Martin was a drug user and streetfighter who was legitimately confronted and shot by Zimmerman. Mr. Cashill spoke at the Platte County Resource Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

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74 Responses to Heads Up ! Jack Cashill Discusses Book “If I Had A Son – The Railroading Of George Zimmerman” On Book TV (CSPAN2)

  1. sharon4442013 says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I will try to record that.

    I just noticed today that Robert Z Jr deleted his twitter account.


    • Ad rem says:

      Sharon….I just retrieved 2 comments of yours from the spam-can. Hint….try to avoid using the words RZ JR., as they will usually trigger the comment being pulled. It’s a long story. 😉


      • sharon4442013 says:

        Thank you for telling me. I wondered what happened to my posts. I wonder what happened to R Jr, too. I went to twitter to look up his old post because I was arguing with someone who said GZs parents weren’t in danger and should have just stayed in their house and asked the police to protect them. I remembered R talking about trying to get the police to prosecute the death threats and offer them some protection, but were told they were on their own. I went to twitter to look up old tweets and he was gone.

        I was arguing with someone else who was trying to say that GZ wasted money on luxuries because one month his living expenses were $5,000. I remember MOM saying that happened because his bail was revoked. They had him out of state and had him in a safe but affordable house. When he was released on bail again, he was not allowed to live out of state, so they had to find him another house and still pay for the one out of state. They also had greater security expenses. I tried to find where O’Mara had said that and he’d taken his site down. It was a frustrating day.

        Cashill probably has a lot to say about both of those issues. I am glad he is speaking publicly about GZ and the case.


    • RockyMtnMama says:

      Sharon, I can see his Twitter account right now. The most recent Tweet was from Dec 12. Maybe it was a temporary glitch?


  2. sharon4442013 says:

    Thanks for the heads up.


  3. sharon4442013 says:

    Did anyone else notice that Robert Zimmerman Jr. deleted his twitter account. There were lots of harassing messages for him today but he was gone. I’m glad Cashill is giving speeches in George’s defense. The family needs someone publicly supporting them.


  4. rashomon says:

    I think an 8-part presentation is available at:


  5. justfactsplz says:

    Thanks. This will be worth staying up to see.


  6. Wow…based on the sneak-peek he goes pretty deep. Good stuff.


  7. rashomon says:

    Cashill always credits The Treepers for their tenacity in bringing truth to the Zimmerman fiasco. Good man, good journalist in the professional sense.


  8. Oh man, the video stops just when he starts talking about Wesley Cook, the scumbag AKA Mumia Abu Jamal.


  9. eastern2western says:

    yes, I should call al Sharpton the new emperor’s new clothes. some one basically just went on his tv show and told him that the police could charge the victim of the case as a hostile witness. thank god, that goof is not my leader.


    • eastern2western says:

      you lost lisa bloom, she who wrote a book about how to convict Zimmerman after the acquittal. It is like know the lotto number after it is posted.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Now that the charges have been dropped and George is free to go, the court should issue mutual protective orders (like what happened in the incident with Veronica Zuazo) and the pair should avoid each other like the plague.


    • Lou says:

      politicalarticles is a black racist that hates whites.


  10. rooferx says:

    SD, you are Batman.


  11. Sal says:

    Very nice things said by Cashill about CTH. Diwataman (sp) was mentioned by name.


  12. sundance says:

    The presentation by Cashill well reminds those who are interested just how vast the total scope of the Zimmerman case was in the magnitude of the parties involved.

    In hindsight it’s amazing how many ideological causes invested themselves in the Zimmerman fraud and found their identity, as well as their credibility, contingently tied to the false framework.

    It’s no wonder why the media has to maintain the false presentations even today. The truth around the case is as much an indictment of their guilt as much as it is also a reflection of Zimmerman’s innocence.

    The blame for the false storyline is as much upon the media as it is the Scheme team themselves.


  13. Mark Welsh says:

    I see that there were no blacks in the audience. In KS City? Was the local black press unaware of this? Was there any attempt to notify the local black community of this? I wrote the Trayvon Martin Foundation, 1) asking if they were aware of Cashill’s book, 2) telling them that they were profiting off of Martin’s death, as is Cashill, and 3) requesting they shut down their organization or I would seek legal action.


    • talkaftercarefulthought says:

      I have to say (as a KC resident) that I don’t know when this was actually filmed and it was not publicized in any fashion. If it was filmed and aired on the same day then perhaps promotion was bumped for two days of snowageddon weather coverage which turned out to be a dusting for 20 minutes. If it was earlier in the week or month I can’t believe if it was promoted that Jack wouldn’t have called the morning drive radio station that he frequents..


    • stella says:

      It was recorded October 29 at the Platte County Resource Center in Kansas City.


    • Lou says:

      Sybrina has made millions from the JFT foundation, as well as the RTL HOA. I wish the RTL would countersue and bring up Trayvon’s past. maybe they can finally expose that monster.


  14. stella says:

    It isn’t listed yet, but I presume the BookTV segment will be on the C-Span website sometime soon. Here are the current listings:


    UPDATE: There is a link to watch the program here:


    Apparently, this was recorded in October.


    • rumpole2 says:

      Thanks Stella and Sundance…. I am of course watching, and posting the links. 🙂


    • I am dissenting from the praise heaped here on Cashill. He missed the very good evidence in the NEN call that racial profiling wasn’t involved in that Zimmerman went from the uncertain, “He looks black” to “And he’s a black male” only after “Yeah, now he is coming towards me”. I also don’t buy his continual assertion that Zimmerman is absolutely innocent. Since we don’t know what happened when they met up at the T, all that a conscientious commentator can say with certainty is that Zimmerman is not guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, of manslaughter or worse in Martin’s death. I have mentioned several times previously here and in other blogs why Zimmerman’s getting out of the car was a stupid, uncalled for act. Apparently Cashill defends that act.

      Cashill also revealed that he thinks that the crash of TWA Flight 800 was a terrorist act. That alone makes me think he is a conspiracy nut, not worthy of further consideration. Did I also hear him claim that he knows more about the Zimmerman case than anybody? I don’t plan to buy the book. Listening to him for over an hour made me feel he has nothing to teach me. I hope after a few years an insider with real knowledge the public doesn’t know, like Matt Gutman, will fess up the truth.


      • stella says:

        ” I have mentioned several times previously here and in other blogs why Zimmerman’s getting out of the car was a stupid, uncalled for act.”

        You think he had no right to get out of his own car in his own neighborhood. Is that right? Cashill didn’t “defend” the act. He said what he thought was George’s reason for getting out of the truck in the context of explaining how NBC altered the narrative. In other words, that NBC said, or at least implied, that George got out of the truck after the NEN operator said, “We don’t need you to do that.”

        Cashill is selling a book. Of course, he has done a lot of research, and thinks he knows more than anyone else, with the exception of “The Conservative Treehouse”. You can agree or not agree, but since you haven’t read the book, what do you really know?

        If you are waiting for Gutman or someone like him to “fess up the truth”, you have a long wait. For one thing, the truth would be a legal liability in his case.

        The story Cashill told about TWA flight 800 was used to explain how the media twists what is said – in this case, by removing part of the transcript of his interview. Yes, he researched and wrote a book about TWA flight 800. The reason why CNN interviewed him is that, apparently, there is new information from “insiders” that support his contention that the plane was shot down. I know no more than that. I guess you are an expert on that too?

        Maybe you should write to Jack Cashill and let him know where he went wrong. He has a website and contact info.



        • I have enough on my reading list already. I won’t add anything by Cashill unless I am presented with evidence that there is real value to me there. I will summarize my thoughts about Z getting out of the car. Stop with your “He didn’t the the right?” stuff. I never said he didn’t have the right. I say he didn’t have a good reason.

          1. Unprecedented for him. In previous calls he emphasized how much he wanted to avoid being noticed by the suspect. He refused to look further when prompted for a license plate number in one of them.
          2. He already told the dispatcher which way Martin was running, “towards the back entrance”, while he still was in the car.
          3. He knew from his own experience in walking his dog there that he was unlikely to see anything of value in the dogwalk on a moonless rainy night especially without a working flashlight.
          4. He could have safely viewed the back entrance and the other end of the dogwalk by taking a few seconds to move his truck further down TTL.
          5. The whole group of excuses he gave about looking for a street sign/house number was such a load of BS. With Martin a moving target he would save time by telling to cops to meet him at the back entrance or mailboxes. On only one previously call did he even bother to arrange for meeting the cops and that was because somebody needed to open the back gate since it was broken at the time.
          6. Of course recent information suggests that the fight with Shellie the previous night might have had something to do with getting out of the car. She had nixed him going outside to investigate on a previous call and he might have done it in Martin’s case because he wanted to show her who was boss.

          A good journalistic effort in the case would tackle it from the standpoint that it was a confrontation brought on by the stupidities of two highly flawed individuals. I think the interesting part is why we know about it at all. However, I doubt that Cashill can add to what I know about that from reading the CTH.


          • stella says:

            Since you haven’t read the book, you don’t know what “journalistic effort” was made, do you? Look, I don’t care if you read it or not; the only reason I addressed your comments at all is that you mischaracterized what you supposedly viewed on the one-hour video.

            As for your thoughts and suppositions on why George got out of the truck, they are just that. Your opinion. Cashill may have another opinion, based upon what was said that night in the NEN call, and trial testimony. I’ll repeat what I said in my previous comment: Cashill didn’t “defend” the act. He said what he thought was George’s reason for getting out of the truck in the context of explaining how NBC altered the narrative. In other words, that NBC said, or at least implied, that George got out of the truck after the NEN operator said, “We don’t need you to do that.”

            Like I said, let him know what you think.


      • stella says:

        There’s lots of articles about TWA 800 at his website. Here’s one:


        P.S.: He mentions nothing about a “terrorist attack”. He does say that some think it might have been an accidental strike by the Navy.


  15. Lulu says:

    I read within the last several days that Sybrina et al are planning to write a book. That should be something.


  16. IFoundMyVoice says:

    They are probably inundated with offers from authors. Their best bet will be the sci-fi and fantasy writers. After all, we all know that Zimmerman was a Big Game Hunter, Trayvon turned water into lean and the masses bespoke his truth. What is needed to get the dollars flowing is a pop up book for kids and those who don’t know cursive, and a series of books that begin with Trayvon’s conception on Saturn’s outer ring and the magic powers he demonstrated through his young life until he was martyred by said Hunter who did not understand that Trayvon’s use of concrete was only a holy yet New Age laying on of hands.

    Honestly, has in the history of the world, a 17 year old’s death brought so much money to so many? And, of course, the fact that those who waddle to the bank with their trashcans of donations, or fill their café press orders of Trayvon tee shirts and hoodies, or sell their Trayvon rap CD’s out of their trunks, never had a moment to spare for the feckless Trayvon, nor the Trayvons texting their nascent criminality right now, or the future Trayvons whose parents already look at their toddlers and simply cannot muster a damn.

    Write that book. Feed the “outrage” and the bitterness and the hate and the excuse making. Why shouldn’t being absolute, disgustingly failed parents not have a pay off?


  17. Springstreet says:

    Thanks for the links to Cashill’s very interesting talk.
    Glad to see Cashill talking about Trayvon’s real mother (Alisha) and about gay bashing as the original motivation of Trayvon’s attack (I wish he stops calling it a fracas!). And it was good that he mentioned the missing 25 minutes when Trayvon was getting high (driven some where his phone no longer connected to a local cell tower). But, I do wish he questioned how Trayvon’s absent father knew Trayvon came in the back gate, had exactly 22 dollars in his (missing) wallet, and how his son’s cell phone had a password protected erase program downloaded … AFTER his death.
    Alas, I guess these realities (along with who was the real DeeDee) will continue to be be the victims of our dominant (and successful) Liberal media “agitation and propaganda”.


  18. jeff B. says:


    Watched over an hour of this and it was fascinating and only reinforced everything I already knew of what is wrong with our media and how this case was handled…


  19. Greenmirror says:

    When I am asked about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman story I just shake my head. It is soooo much more than anything I have ever researched. Kids, Parents, Drugs, Cops, Schools, Lawyers, Politicians, Money…the self defense shooting is only a TINY part of it. Thank you everyone in the CTH.


  20. dean says:

    I still would like MORE mention of the correlation between the contraband in thuggy’s book bag at school and the stolen items from the house close by to his school.


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