ObamaCare Forces You To Change Your IRS Filing Status – Married Enrollees *MUST* File Joint IRS Return…

obama_delivers budget_TreeHouse Exclusive – According to a letter received from a reader in California the CA ObamaCare exchange requirements require you to change your federal tax return filing status if you are married.

If you are married, and wish to qualify for health insurance, you are not allowed to file separate federal income tax returns.

I received this letter on Friday denying me eligibility for Obamacare simply because my wife and I filed our taxes as married filing separately. According to the letter to enroll in Obamacare via the California exchange it is mandatory to file jointly.

It is my belief that this is further proof that Obamacare is a massive wealth redistribution racket forcing all married couples to file under the more expensive joint option to raise more revenue that will be diverted to the general fund. [The conservative Treehouse has my permission to publish this letter]

refusal to enroll - redacted

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26 Responses to ObamaCare Forces You To Change Your IRS Filing Status – Married Enrollees *MUST* File Joint IRS Return…

  1. BabyBoomer says:

    F N Baaaaaaahsturds


  2. doodahdaze says:

    Plus a married couple hits the subsidy wall at a lower income level. By 10k.


  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Just more restrictions on our freedom. REVOLT.


  4. myopiafree says:

    Obama, looked in the camera and begged the Republicans for a better plan. Here is that plan.


    The problem – I do not believe he is honest about his request.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      You don’t believe him? I’m shocked, shocked, I tell ya! Just because he has lied about everything else, you think he would lie about that?? (snark off)


  5. IFoundMyVoice says:

    I wonder what other aspects of our lives are going to be affected by the ACA. Somehow I get the feeling it is going to be vaccines and gasoline. No fuel without proof of flu inoculation. Those with electric cars will also have to pee in a cup. Why? Because it’s the ACA, dummy. The American Communist Act. (And YOU though we were going to storm the beaches. Old fashioned AND quaint).

    What? You’re afraid of needles? Then you’re too chicken to drive on the freeways. NEXT!


  6. rashomon says:

    The Empowering Patients First Act, H.R. 2300, proposed by Rep. Tom Price last June presents some logical reforms based on free market competition. I would add tort reform, which will anger the trial lawyers and lobbyists who have penetrated the bowels of D.C., but this step is critical to protecting providers. More deaths are caused by germs that have become immune thanks to patients demanding antibiotics than any other missteps by medical staff.

    Only when the patient/purchaser of medical services is involved in choices of care and payment for care will we bring down costs.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Oh please, tort reform is a holy grail. So many of the tort lawyers are Democrats, especially in Congress, and employ mischiefs of them to do their dirty work. Physicians are largely taken to be Republicans and the DemocRATS have been trying to ‘groom’ them for years, without a lot of success. Tort reform won’t pass Congress until either the tort lawyers become Republicans en masse or the physicians drink the Kool-Aid. There is a 3rd option though – bring the entire medical industry to its knees by incrementally nationalizing it through Obamacare and the future tweaks to it.


      • rashomon says:

        Oh please, yourself. My family consists of five lawyers and not one is a Democrat. In fact, we’ve had generations of friends and family practicing tort law and not one was a Democrat. I’ll never support nationalizing healthcare. Never.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      BTW, while Dr.Price’s bill is certainly worthy of discussion, there were also 3 other proposals, one of which was by one of my Senators, Dr. Coburn, that were formulated BEFORE O’care was voted on, that The Crypt Keeper (Harry Reid) would not let see the time of day.
      ps. most of the “other ideas” are from legislators who are Doctors with private practice experience. Go figure!


  7. czarowniczy says:

    …and if you like your freedom of choice, you can keep it.


  8. Saltwater says:

    November 2014 cannot get here quickly enough !! Jus sayin….. ( Drones ? )


  9. razzallen27 says:

    Of course it is. And…..this is just the tip of the iceberg. This bill along with the IRS still holds many……many, uh, unhappy surprises.


  10. benzy says:

    Will this be the “new” mantra from the Obama administration… “If you like your spouse, you can keep your spouse… period”??????


  11. kinthenorthwest says:

    Don’t worry guys there are so many surprised with Obamacare that it is like getting to open a new present everyday….however the presents are usually one’s worse nightmare…
    Cover Oregon is going or gone broke according to the news…Thus when your premium comes up for renewal they estimate a 50% or more increase to one medical insurance the next to round….Do we say Thank You Obama yet….

    Any heard how you tell the Real Obamacare site from the scams….
    The scam Obamacare site doesn’t crash on you..


  12. scaretactics says:

    Lemme guess….married couples of the same sex will get big obamacare subsidies, as will singles shacking up, especially if they have illegitimate children.

    Meanwhile, normal married couples will be paying out the nose for mediocre healthcare with no subsidies whatsoever.

    No wonder some people take the easy way out…


  13. You mean ole conservatives. If you’re not going to allow gay marriage across the board then, by golly, you’re going to pay for being able to marry. It’s discrimination, pure and simple. /s


  14. jim says:

    Yes “to qualify for the subsidies under Obamacare” or ” under the separate MediCal program aka Medicaid” both programs which require full disclosure of family income. Short answer is to divorce and still live together as many do (especially seniors). The point is this is a continuance of the war on the traditional “family”, with much more to come in the next three years.


  15. bob e says:

    there’s a good point…three years from now…


  16. Urbie says:

    You need a better tax preparer — almost all couples save money by filing jointly. MFS is rarely better — if there is a huge difference in incomes, or if one spouse is missing and can’t be found, etc. I’m a tax preparer, and I almost never have clients file MFS — it’s almost universally bad.


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