The Democrat’s Version of Karl Rove – David Plouffe Talks About Recovering Obama’s Credibility

Two key points.   #1.   ABC weekly panel discussions are the official Propaganda proving ground of the administration.   Sponsored, created and hosted by Democrat Spinmaster and former communications director, George Stephanopolous, you will find the impetus of the State Media talking points refined.    ABC is to weekly Democrat propaganda what CNN is to daily news Propaganda.    CNN does the daily gig, ABC does the recaps.

#2.    The absolute fawn star of the Obama campaign(s) is David Plouffe.   He’s the guy who molds the optics.   ValJar is the “ear”, McDonough is the “fixer” the muscle to keep everyone in line, and Plouffe is the guy who packages the scheme to make it saleable to the sheeple.    If you want to know what Obama is going to do and say just listen to Plouffe talk about the future.    This is a great video in that regard – Think: ‘State of The Union Speech’.

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8 Responses to The Democrat’s Version of Karl Rove – David Plouffe Talks About Recovering Obama’s Credibility

  1. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    David Plouffe says that the American public is sitting at home and saying that what is most important to them is “my job, and my income.” Sounds like he is setting the stage for Obama to “pivot” from the uncomfortable issues like Obamacare, Syria, Egypt, and (especially) Iran, and spew more lies about how well he is doing on unemployment. HAH! That’s a joke. The administration has ALREADY been “busted” for fabricating unemployment figures just prior to the 2012 election. WHY would anyone believe him NOW?

    And I have news for David Plouffe: If Obama’s credibility is being questioned now, it won’t get any better in January. Too bad we can’t demand a “vote of confidence” for Obama, and just pitch him back to the streets of Chicago where he belongs.


  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Oh, we can count on Obama. We can count on him to lie to us about everything.


  3. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Obama has no credibility to get back. The people that voted for him either don’t care that he lies or were willing to get duped.


  4. doodahdaze says:

    Prove that 2+2=7.


  5. KPM58 says:

    Plouffe needs to realize the reason most people work is to provide for the well being and health of themselves and their family. ACA is not the 800 lb. Gorilla in the room, it is the room.


    • doodahdaze says:

      John Doe has just gotten past Turkey Day. He is broke trying to get a Christmas Tree and presents. His old computer is on it’s last legs. The note os underwater and he has just be cut to 29 hours a week. He has to somehow get some presents for the kids and pay the new high electric bill and water bill. OK lets sign up for OBAMACARE!!! Whoo Whoo!


  6. LittleLaughter says:

    Give him a whiteboard and you couldn’t tell the difference between the two.


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