The “One Drop” Principle – In Reverse…

By now most people are familiar with the African American or Black racial category and/or distinction applying to persons of mixed race.   Indeed Barack Obama calls himself “black”, as does just about everyone with mixed racial ethnicities where one parent is black and the other white.

Some have even gone so far as to say that even various degrees of distance from genetic disposition allows a person to claim identification as the minority race.   The example of Senator Elizabeth Warren who claims native American lineage comes readily to mind.

But what about when the person is engaging in unlawful or criminal activity?  Does the behavior lend itself to alternate definitions of race?    That example became evident in the George Zimmerman case where Mr. Zimmerman was media categorized as “white”.  Then, after the reality of his actual Hispanic heritage surfaced, a new box  called white-Hispanic was born.

The emphasis was in keeping “white” as an identifier because it helped solidify the manipulation of race into the narrative.  Without it, the media hook was diminished considerably;  certainly it became less appealing.

Do you remember the 14-year-old thug, Philip Chism, who beat his 24-year-old white teacher, Colleen Ritzer, to death at Danvers High School?

A reader/blogger at noted an unusual outcome of his Massachusetts police report.

The cops categorized his race as “white” on the police report.

philip chism

As the noted article outlines:

[…]  Is this part of the effort of both Eric Holder’s Justice Department (which, in 2008, stopped reporting demographics along side homicide statistics, although they still collect the information – they just don’t publish it) and the soft-headed leaders in the Danvers, Mass police Department to hide that fact that this was another black on white crime, and that black on white crime is a much bigger problem than the famous “black on black crime” that does happen and that Conservative Inc. likes to talk about because talking about the real problem would be, ur, a problem for them?  (continue reading)

It does seem odd that when the police, government agency, or media, are accounting for criminal behavior by an African American suspect they seem to have a familiar tendency to avoid categorizing the perpetrator as “black”, even to the extent they will mistakenly categorize as “white”, or as in the Zimmerman case “white-Hispanic”.

One would almost think there was some intent to keep statistics from reflecting numerous realities.

Or something.

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16 Responses to The “One Drop” Principle – In Reverse…

  1. Lou says:

    many African Americans have a deep seeded hatred for white people. the Young Turks and the MSM give a message that this type of hatred is okay and acceptable because their great great great grandfathers were slaves. white people need to start claiming racism (which truly exists) and shut these people up.


    • David Obst says:

      great great great grandfathers were slaves.
      might have been Slaves.


      • dymphna says:

        That’s how 999% of blacks got here…originally. Some date back to our earliest years when the British brought them in – first to the Caribbean for sugar cane plantations and then here because the English needed cotton and tobacco. They’d run out of debtors’ prison inmates and indentured servitude. No one would sign on for those brutal conditions.

        That said, lots and lots of people suffered under British rule. Ask my Irish family. Or read about the Famine of the 1840s when they deliberately let the Irish peasants starve. They’d already taken their land away and given it to the Scots, whom they also ruled & imported to Ireland. Check with the Chinese about the opium addiction the Brits deliberately induced. Or ask just about any country the English “colonized” – and the English were considered “humane” compared to the rest. Before India, America was the first to break free. But by the time we did, slavery was an established economy in the south, where the English had the strongest hold.

        In the rural county where we live, the black community consists of follks who are descendants of those slaves who didn’t move on after the Civil War. Often they had taken on the last names of their former masters. Those stories are handed down, pretty accurately, but are seldom publicly discussed.

        In the churchyard that abuts our property, the first graves of the freedman are simply large stones with some marks. People weren’t literate in the beginnng, nor did they have the tools to carve stone. THere are remnants of roads in our ‘back’ acreage that lead to sites where small cabins once stood, with the trash heaps nearby, and the hand-dug wells now silted up, plus a few grave markers. I believe it is still the law in Virginia that you can bury Granny is the backyard if you want. It’s more regulated than it used to be, though.

        The public story is that what happened was very wrong, and to the extent we can, let’s preserve the history of both blacks and whites here. So that’s what we do (or *they* do – we’re newcomers,not even a generation old). Yes, it’s a delicate subject, kept rubbed raw by the media feeds and such, but we don’t have gangs or crime to speak of. The drugs are segregated mostly: pot for the black underclass, crystal meth for the white underclass.

        Our public institutions and businesses are fully integrated. The sheriff is black, most deputies are white. Schools, the same ratio.

        Some of the wealthiest here are black landowners who slowly built up their holdings. Their children and grandchildren are learning that land isn’t necessarily the road out though. They value education instead.

        Our churches? Not much mixing at all, though there is visiting back and forth…

        The subject of race in this country has always been fraught. With the Marxists in charge, it’s a wound that has been re-opened and salt inserted.

        I never ever accept the epithet of “racist” except for the purpose of turning it into a boomerang. When people call me that, I ask them why they’re still stuck in the ’90s? Time to move on, etc. I’ve noticed people RILLY hate being considered ‘dated’ or out of touch.

        No other country has ever done as good a job of handling race/culture differences as America has. I mean down at the grass roots level, leaving the BGI and their money-making schemes out of it.


  2. Be Ge says:

    Between 20 and 30 million white people — Polish Americans, Russian Americans, Ukrainian Americans and all the others with some ancestry (e.g., Leo DiCaprio) going back to the Russian Empire need to claim their slaves’-grand-grand-grand-children status. After all, the slavery ended there in a 10-year process that started in 1861, pretty much at the same time as Lincoln ended slavery in the US. Russian serfdom was slavery and this was acknowledged by a UN declaration after WWII to which the US a a signing party. It was slavery even w/o all of this paperwork — with forced agricultural labor, whipping at the stables and families sold apart, albeit Warsaw to Vladivostok was a lot more of space to sell a family apart vs whatever there ever was in the US. Russia has worse and harsher climate as well…


    • czarowniczy says:

      Those Poles who were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (part of my family) also get that slave stamp. Matter of fact the word ‘slave’ comes from the proper name ‘Slav’ as in Slavic regions where the Holy Roman Empire used to go to get its day laborers, there not being many Home Depot parking lots they could drive the chariots through. The two words became entwined and when the potential labor pool was expanded to other areas it basically became a matter of those in need of blue collar workers to go and get ‘em a slav(e).
      Problem is that as much as we Slav(e)s might whine and complain about far more centuries of cultural and physical Diaspora due to enslavement the Holy Roman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, none of ‘em are gonna cough up a dime in guilt geld. Outside of its fun-to-talk-about-during-TV-down-time aspect there ain’t much we’re gonna get out of the deal.


      • Be Ge says:

        Slavonic (better read ‘Slovonic as in SLOVakia, SLOVenia and so on) kin were merely people who could exchange ‘slova’ (words) between each other, as opposed to ‘nemtsy’ (germans), which meant dumb/ones-who-do-not-speak (since germanic languages where a difficult to understand, apparently). “Slavic” seemingly cognate to ‘slave’ ultimately through Greek σκλaβος (servant) — was must likely a misunderstanding of the autonym by the Greek / Roman folks.
        At any rate — the slavery in Russian empire was the worst one in all of Christian Europe. Complete slavery, whereby people legally lost the ability to chose their masters (they still had to support themselves, but roughly half of their time they were due in service to some feudal master), was there by 1485 (before the Americas were even discovered by Columbus, and long before it started having any Africans picking up cotton) and lasted all the way up to the second half of the 19th century. It was exactly the 400 years of slavery some folks here in the US like to brag about. I would not say Guten Kaiser Franz-land was a lot better, but clearly the Russian serfdom was the worst one there was in Europe (Russian Asian lands were mostly free of slavery). I am not really sure how to count it against Western Asian slave regime of the Sultans of the Porte.
        While no reparations of a sort are going to be out there from Turkey or Austria or Russia for any of the peoples involved — it is a good counter-argument to the proponents of theories that blame everything on slavery. The group size is very comparable to the size of the African American population. Crime rates, education levels and overall success of the groups do not stand anywhere near each other.


        • czarowniczy says:

          Yep, we Slavs have an interesting history that many anthropologists are eking out a living trying to decipher. (Interesting how my MS Word autocorrect types ‘Slave’ whenever I try to put in ‘Slavs’). My father’s family’s from Galicia and one anthropologist doing Slav by phenotype classed me as East Nordid while another South Slavid (not an exact science). A friend I had in the Army was from the Vistula River valley and has so much Mongol in his background he looks like a short, squat, heavy Asian of indeterminate origin. He needed a notarized certificate to prove he was Polish despite his name and ability to drink bad booze.
          It’s been a long time since the Slav predecessors left the areas north of the Black Sea and brought cabbage and root vegetable cuisine to the world. Its only been about a hundred since my father’s family came here and I ended up part of a new ‘race’ and parceled out to a shiny green-clad subgroup assigned to kill off Slavs in the event of a war. Ironiczny, tak?


  3. The attempts by the Holder DOJ and the MSM to “hide” the prevalence of black on white crime is disgusting. In Houston, 90% of the time, they do not list the race of the suspects (even when they KNOW what it is.) Of course, you can figure it out by the vehicle description or the savagery of the crime and be correct 99% of the time without them listing the race. And the policy of not publishing race alongside homicide statistics is ridiculous. “Ignoring” a problem does not make the problem go away. WHY should they feel the need to do this, anyway? Because it reflects poorly on blacks who are committing the vast majority of violent crime? They keep screaming about inequality in sentencing and prison populations, but facts are facts.

    WHY do we continue to allow this type of distortion and for these animals to prey on our society? Until we have elect people who have some degree of common sense and are sane, this trend is going to continue to the detriment of the white population. Lock the animals up and throw away the key. They should no more be running loose in society than zoo animals should be running loose in the zoo, free to interact with innocent visitors. We are living in a huge zoo called the U.S. and the animals are free to prey on us with the aid of the MSM and the O Administration.


    • czarowniczy says:

      The press knows about the racial aspects of crime in the major cities- the station execs also know about the realities of marketing and income. They hate the crime but love the criminal – a media take on Christian principals (and here you though they were unprincipled). They play little tricks to keep the various ethnic viewers in their respective comfort zones – they don’t show the victim or perp but they show a huge crowd of wailing (fill in the ethnicity) so you know what’s goin’ down. Rich white guy goes over the edge and shoots his wife/mistress/farm animal? You show the expensive cars, house fronts and well-coiffed neighbors expressing disgust at the flood of people dressed in off-the-rack hanging around the crime scene.
      What I used to enjoy is the brave and stalwart newshounds we saw on TV, fearlessly reporting crime, in reality. Think about the last time you saw that cute little chickie and/or that glinting-tooth stud news reporter standing ALONE at the scene of a major crime in their city’s Indian Territory? They wait until a police or fire presence is there and stick close right up until it’s time to pull focus and make it look as if the intrepid sojourners of truth (see how easily I did that) is standing midst the carnage alone. Five or six staged takes later, they have their spontaneous report to the public and they’re off for coffee. The ‘footage’ goes back to the station where it’s carefully reviewed and ‘polished’ to ensue subjective objectivity and market share, then fed to you, the informed viewer. I got a million of ‘em about reporters.


      • I’m sure you do – not a lot of love lost between police/detectives and reporters. You’re absolutely right, too, about the coverage being fed to the public. It’s despicable. Thankfully, some of us have enough sense to see through the biased reporting being done.

        The MSM must be complicit in helping the liberals in their fight to take away our right to defend ourselves against FBY and other criminals, though. Therefore, this skewing of facts is essential to achieve the ultimate goal.


        • czarowniczy says:

          It’s tough at times to remember that they’re just doing a job and weren’t put on earth by the minion’s of hell to give you any one of a number of stress-related diseases


  4. dymphna says:

    From Breitbart, another story about adolescent braying re the names we’re permitted to use:

    On the November 14 addition of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption,” hosts Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser discussed LA Clipper player Matt Barnes recent trouble related to a Twitter outburst that included the “N-word.” The Tweet (since deleted) read:

    “I love my teammates like family, but I’m DONE standing up for these N—–s! All this s–t does is cost me money.”

    Kornheiser asked Wilbon about the public use of the racial slur. Wilbon, an African-American said, “People can be upset with me if they want, I, like a whole lot of people, use the N-word all day, every day, my whole life.”

    Kornheiser suggested that NBA Comissioner David Stern, and his counterparts at the NFL and MLB, would have to prohibit players from using the word in public. Wilbon bristled and said, “I have a problem with… white people framing the discussion for the use of the N-word.” He also likened the commissioners to plantation owners dictating whether African He also likened the commissioners to plantation owners dictating whether African-Americans could use a word that had been thrust upon them.

    Video at the link. Ignorant man obviously wasn’t Raised Right. His momma ought to be pulling him outta there by his ear and teaching him how to keep a civil tongue in his head. Umm…unless he had a momma like Trayvon’s.

    This rot makes me glad all over again I don’t have a TV


  5. anniemae says:

    I was in a restaurant last week waiting on a take-out order when I overheard three waitresses discussing the movie “12 Years a Slave”.

    One had seen the movie and was telling the other two about it and that it was based on a true story. At one point, one waitress (a black lady) said “Oh, wow! Is he still alive?”

    ????? is he still alive??? This young lady had NO concept of just how long ago slavery ended.


  6. John Galt says:

    Why are we so concerned about justice for descendants of African slaves who did not arrive in North America until the 1600s? Where is the justice and reparations for the slaughter of my Solutrean kin by the Mongoloid invaders that poured across Beringia?


  7. daveburton says:

    What you’re describing, anniemae, is not an indictment of African Americans. It is an indictment of America’s system of socialist public education.

    A couple of decades ago I sat down for a late dinner in a Waffle House restaurant in Raleigh, NC, during a snowstorm. I sat at the counter. There was a table with five adult men sitting at it, and they were arguing the whole time I was there… about how many States there are in the United States. It was quite a spirited argument.

    At one point one of the men got up and went to the pay phone (which they still had, back then), and, though it was after midnight, he called someone and asked. The conversation was short. As he walked back to the table, he told his friends, “she said fifty, and hung up.”

    But it didn’t settle the argument.

    There was only one employee in the restaurant at that hour, and as I ate she leaned over the counter to me and asked, “how many States are there?”

    I replied, “fifty.”

    She said, “Thanks. I just wanted to know.”

    BTW, I think that all six of them were white.

    Another occasion in that same time period, I was in Raleigh near the NCSU campus, and needed to look something up. So I stopped, and walked into the library. I walked up to the Information Desk, and asked the kid on duty, “where can I find an almanac?”

    Can you guess his reply?

    “What’s that?”

    And you wonder why Americans elect numbskulls like Obama?


  8. Josh says:

    We all know that the MSM participates in *racism*. That’s one thing but when the police play the game it’s just that much more disturbing.


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