Mexico, Illegal Immigration, Amnesty and Political Asylum….

G20 Mexico 2The open border crowd of leftists have long held the belief in a non sovereign global community.   This lies at the heart of their insufferable “it takes a village” beliefs, and their globalist efforts have long been at work in the petri-dish of European multi-cultural Marxism.

Multi-culturalism has failed miserably in their EU experiment, and nationalists are making a resounding, albeit mostly politically correct, comeback against the visible failure.

Here in U.S. the leftist progs hold the same disposition toward a united North American borderless continent.    Obfuscating illegal Mexican immigration into the United States lies at the core of their current approach.    A recent New York Daily News article exposes the rotten core of the Prog hypocrisy.  (actual headline)

Fleeing wrath of vicious cartels,  record-breaking numbers of Mexicans seek political asylum in the U.S.

Mexicans are running  from drug cartel horrors and seeking asylum in skyrocketing numbers. Refugees  tell the Daily News they ran for their lives for chance at safety in the U.S.,  where more than 23,000 Mexicans fled in the first nine months of 2013.

mexico asylum seekers

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: From right to left, the bodies of a pregnant woman, her  19-year-old sister, a college student, a high school teacher and the pregnant  woman’s husband were hung recently from the welcome sign of rural Limon de la  Luna in Michoacan, allegedly by members of the Knights Templar drug cartel,  which controls nearly the entire state by terrorizing residents.

Antonio Chavez decided he just couldn’t take it anymore when enforcers from  the terrifying Knights Templar drug cartel marched yet again into his small  store in central Mexico, where villagers gathered to drink beer and shoot the  breeze, and told him matter-of-factly that if he didn’t pay up, they would make  him disappear.

The narcotics syndicate owns and extorts virtually every facet of life in  the rural town of La Ruana, where Chavez, 47, was threatened with extinction if  he didn’t hand over $150 each month as a “fee” for the music he played via his  cell phone to entertain his regular customers.

He had seen others disappear at the hands of the cartel, whose members are  also known for decapitating perceived enemies and leaving the heads in the  street. He didn’t doubt they’d do something similar to him. His children, U.S.  citizens living in California, said they’d find a way to get him out legally,  but it could take up to 12 months.  (read more)

But what is the New York Daily News really saying here?    The Mexicans outlined are flooding into the United States requesting “Political Asylum”?  

Inherent in that “Political Asylum” claim  is the supposition the Mexican Government is the issue.   By its very nature political asylum can only be granted around the premise the government from which you flee is dangerous to your liberty.

So if the Mexican government is to be *feared* according to the multi-cultural pontificators, then does that by itself not support the URGENT need for solid BORDER SECURITY ?

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5 Responses to Mexico, Illegal Immigration, Amnesty and Political Asylum….

  1. Sentenza says:

    Let in the people who let their country turn into a violent cesspool?

    What could possibly go wrong?


    • dymphna says:

      The Latin countries have never had a middle class or laws re property and civil rights, never mind speech protections. To blame them is akin to blaming you and me for Obama, and I’m not ready to accept that yet. Yeah, I probably should have done more, but I was so sure it was Romney’s to lose and so sure that scenario wouldn’t play out.

      There will be lots to go wrong, and if you “let in” these people, then…what? Why aren’t you stopping them from coming in here?

      I don’t want millions of people here who are beaten down and afraid to assimilate, but I can grok that at least they have enough energy left to risk their lives in a thousand-mile trip for a chance to live free. I also don’t want the hundreds of thousands being brought in by the State Dept with the help of various religious organizations – Catholics, Lutherans and Jews.

      It’s a scam: hundreds at a time are dumped into some town and given ‘help’ by the State Dept funding for six months or so before they are left to leech off the town. Ask, say, Manchester NH citizens how they feel about it – and more importantly, what they can do in practical terms with this intractable mess.

      Some of these folks are already American citizens from our territorials. They come with resistant strains of TB, AIDS, parasite-infestations, etc. And those are the people who work in the CAFO meat factories or in Big Agra. They handle your food. Some of them literally die on the assembly lines.

      This is a serious and complex problem but it is resolvable IF we can get people to stop attending the circuses and eating the government bread long enough to pay attention.Any ideas on those lines would be most welcome.
      I went back to Amazon to pick up the info on this book and noticed my purchase date was 9/11. How fitting:

      “UnCivilization: Urban Geopolitics in a Time of Chaos”
      by Gregory Copley

      It’s hard to get into, but after the first chapter or two it moves right along. It’s hopeful reading in the sense that he shows you how “globalization” is really truly dead (except for the chorus of true believers) and how the concepts underlying sovereignty will once again prevail – though not in their present forms. America qua America of the last 50 years of the 20th century is not returning. But federation will rejuvenate those areas who are attuned to its strengths.

      Our courage to face the inevitability of change will be tested, as will our grasp of history’s previous implosions and our comprehension of the ways in which geography is our silent and often intractable partner in any endeavor – e.g., the spine of mountains running down our country and the character of the people who live out their lives in the isolated hollows…Or the huge role the Mississippi watershed has played in our development and the ways in which we have lay waste to that gift. Or the fact that New Orleans is slowly, inevitably sinking and plans need to be made…

      There must be a workable compact between the rural producers and the urban consumers; each needs the other. If the UN and BHO have their way, the rural areas will be brought under the control of the central government for “food planning”. Monsanto will rule. In fact, it’s entirely feasible that one of the new federations in, say, California, will be The Federation of Monsanto.

      Copley’s book on the geopolitics of energy was fascinating too and his forecasts accurate. In fact, while we’re all paying attention to immigration, amnesty and all the other catch phrases, Obama is busy dismantling our fossil fuel energy system via the EPA. No Congress needed. Our costs will quadruple before he’s done, and our reserves will be dangerously low. And his “sustainable” malarkey will ratchet up.

      This is a great time for a new batch of sci fi writers. Ones who can document some future that is not ruled by radiation sickness but by lack of electricity and vast swathes of sub-humans who are infinitely afraid of the dark…when we revert again to a world ruled only by fire.


  2. rashomon says:

    It’s a ploy to allow them over the border. Trust me. Never let a crisis go to waste.

    Deliver guns and grenades to the drug cartels. Let them kill a few. Play on the emotions of the liberals and religious (heavily Catholic) left. Grant the poor, terrorized people political asylum. Pass full-blown amnesty with all the goodies. Result is lifelong Democrats.

    The Mexican and Central American governments must be thrilled. We’re culling their poverty rolls. Chicago’s Rep. Luis Guiterrez is thrilled, too. He gets the voters he promised the Party.


  3. Eggs Nihilo says:

    Looks like the Hillary Valerie Barack Ceaucescu “Choom Gang” has invaded Mexico from the north.


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