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Things Are Not As They Appear In The Media….

…. Just ONE example:

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Report: Blue Cross Blue Shield To Drop Up To 800,000 New Jersey Residents Due To Obamacare..

Not surprising, but at least the potentially uninsured kids will be safer now they are required to wear helmets while playing soccer “and all other non contact sports” while on field. Can you imagine the humiliation you’d feel on a NJ track team … Continue reading

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Stompy Feet Approval At 37% Same As George Bush In 2006…

(Via GWP)  In March 2006, polls showed President George Bush had a 37% approval rating.  The exact same 37% approval rating as Obama’s today.  But, the difference in media headlines for the two presidents is disgustingly extreme.  Blasting and berating … Continue reading

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CONVOY !! Truckers Ride For The Constitution….. Begins Tomorrow

The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truckers are organized and beginning to meet in staging areas around Washington DC … Continue reading

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Former Dem Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, Gets 28 Year Criminal Sentence For Profound Corruption

(Via Huffington Post) Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in prison Thursday, seven months after he was convicted of public corruption in federal court. It marks the end to another chapter in the saga of Kilpatrick, who was elected … Continue reading

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Tapestries are Made From Threads: #2 in a Series

Consider the tapestry which comes from threads. Threads of all kinds, including blog threads, create a tapestry which is yet to be understood or brought into perspective. The paragraphs that follow are excerpts from recent comments of your fellow patriots. … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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BREAKING: Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan Kidnapped – *Update* Released after 8 hours in custody by Islamist Militia…

Update – @05:45 (EST) Western media reporting he has been released.  Apparently the faction of Islamist militia who kidnapped the PM  came under heavy pressure from other militias who saw a backlash risk to themselves. Overnight – – This is … Continue reading

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Battlecrap – The Stuff *They* Don’t Want You To Remember,… Or Refer Back To….

The leftist usurpers and their willfully blind media cohorts, love to bring up the insufferable talking point(s) about Obamacare being the law of the land.  Passed by Congress, signed by the President, and upheld by The Supreme Court;  as if … Continue reading

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Day #10 – Federal Government Shutdown – The Decepticons Out Themselves

Patriots Still Dancing Rather than update with the latest developments perhaps it would be prudent to link to a couple of articles which outline the enemy within. As most are aware, those we can count on to be principled conservatives … Continue reading

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