Clarifying A Developing Story Turned Faux-Outrage….. Veterans Arrested At War Memorial ? It’s not DC, it’s NYC !! It’s not what it appears….

updateTaking a look at his history,  Luke Rodkowski holds all the appearances of an Occupy Wall Street type, Glen Greenwald follower, anti-war protester etc. etc.  The manipulative headline use he’s using on his photographs “National War Memorial” look to be intentionally obtuse meant to create a deflective appearance and draw attention.   A typical “false flag” interloper operation….. but you can decide for yourself below.

veterans arrested 3

A rather twitchy group of new media folks are sounding an alarm about a group of Vietnam Vets being arrested at a war memorial.   They are focused on this picture showing the arrested in the back of a paddy wagon, and others.   Which do look alarming.

veterans arrestedveterans arrested 2

However, the pictures are NOT from Washington DC.   Also, they are NOT from the National Parks Service.   The pictures are from New York City and being promoted in several formats, on several websites, and without much clarity.   This has nothing to do with the Federal Government Shutdown, and looks to be a lefty anti-war movement.

Facebook link to the Guy, Luke Rudkowski, promoting them CLICK HERE

Twitter feed to the guy promoting them CLICK HERE

Instagram account for the guy promoting them CLICK HERE

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25 Responses to Clarifying A Developing Story Turned Faux-Outrage….. Veterans Arrested At War Memorial ? It’s not DC, it’s NYC !! It’s not what it appears….

  1. Rob says:

    Lots of comments on Tweet that this was anti-war protest ( Afgan anniversary) and that this group has done this before. Lots of faux here….


  2. lovemygirl says:

    Thanks for the heads up.
    I’m seeing disinformation around about the truckers too. False stories travel fast and undoubtedly people like “O” have noticed and will take advantage to discredit their enemies using social media.


    • sundance says:

      Exactly. Yes, you can expect the rabid hoards of leftist “Occupooper” types to begin doing all kinds of nonsense to usurp the awakening of an engaged *conservative* electorate.

      Typical Alinsky nonsense.

      Lord knows I tire of this constant ridiculous crowd of dreadlocked Obamabot deadbeats and their eat tree bark, save the smelt, drum circles….

      {{{ ** DOWN TWINKLES ** }}}


  3. Maybe the source you list above was vague or tried to make folks believe something that wasn’t true, but the truth was out there, including from the protesters themselves on Monday morning: Veterans to Face Arrest at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza | PopularResistance.Org

    The Atlantic’s story about it was pretty clear, as well: Police Arrest Vietnam Veterans at NYC Memorial – Brian Feldman – The Atlantic Wire

    Nevertheless, at least one conservative site didn’t see the big picture and–despite knowing it happened in NYC, blamed Obama for beating up on those patriotic vets: Outrage! Obama has Vietnam Veterans arrested in New York


  4. The following info is from Luke Rudkowski facebook site:

    “tonight Veterans were arrested for staying in the Vietnam Memorial in NYC during their vigil for fallen comrades

    I was on the scene, check out for updates and pictures as things broke and click here to subscribe to see the video which will be out tomorrow morning.

    subscribe to wearechange on youtube for the video

    I don’t see anything about the event taking place in DC.Its states clearly: “Vietnam Memorial in NYC”



  5. BertDilbert says:

    I have him subscribed on you tube but have not watched all his stuff. His last vids was on the founder of Lava Bit shutting down over NSA demands. It appears that NSA wanted keys that would give them access to all encrypted mails. He said no and shut it down rather than sell out to the NSA demands. How can you run a encrypted mail service while the NSA would basically have a blanket wire tap? My sense is that the guy is legit from watching past stuff.


    • sundance says:

      I’m not saying the guy who started the fire wasn’t legit; Legit as defined by Glen Greewald also being called legit. I’m saying he promoted this material against the backdrop of the current fed gov’t shutdown – which misled many people to thinking it had something to do with the “closed memorials”. Such misleading was not unintentional…. that’s all. He’s an occupy Wall Street guy. A lefty.


      • BertDilbert says:

        I don’t know enough to make comment further on this as I am going to bed. If he was on scene in NYC and passing info to be posted on a website it could end up being an honest mistake made in the relay of information to a posting party. I will peek in tomorrow and see if it is all cleared up or not.


      • nick says:

        labeling (“lefty”) does not justify ignoring the facts — it was blatantly clear that it was NYC (which has a mayor who has shown contempt for any public display of social protest) — I am non-partisan; I believe in “ideals and causes” — I believe that we need a revamped “political system”, not one which is linked to the current two-party corporate-controlled government which currently exists — current politics is dividing rather uniting the nation, while the “elite” (those “in power”) go unscathed — and, yes, the NYC event was done against the backdrop of the fed shutdown AND also a “mirror” of the DC vet protest — that does not diminish the intent of “the cause” — veterans throughout the US fought for what they believed in and many are feeling betrayed; since they all cannot come to DC, some of them are organizing local “sympathy” protests — they have that right


  6. Doug Rink says:

    We live in perilous times and must “connect the dots” to get a clearer picture of what’s happening. There will be many who will attempt to exploit or distract as America reawakens. You are to be commended for quickly putting this New York story into perspective. Many who should have known better failed to do so.


  7. texan59 says:

    I saw this over on FB this morning and on BadBlue. Something just didn’t pass the smell test.


    • peachteachr says:

      Me, too. Something I would ordinarily share just didn’t ring true to me. The site on the photo I saw was Maybe y’all know something about this site. I’ll just call it a dot of information. I use to tell my students that there were no stupid questions so bare with me here. I’m not on twitter but I’m very interested in what people tweet. Think James Woods here. I save twitchy for the end of the day like dessert. Is there a way to view tweets without having a twitter account?


  8. rmnewt says:

    while they have a right to peacefully protest. Im disappointed Kerry wasnt there and arrested too.


  9. On the testimonials page of his website, you’ll see that he is endorsed by Cynthia McKinney and Alex Jones.

    That right there speaks volumes.


  10. DC Mall open to thousands of protesters for immigration reform. WTH-a bunch of illegal aliens can go to DC and protest in ‘closed areas’ but our veterans cannot visit their memorial. This country is in a serious downward spiral.


  11. Right Winger says:

    Better yet, is most of these guys are NOT Vietnam Vets. Heck, half of them have never served in the military, the other half is lying about their service. Just another childish tirade by liars and their ignorant followers.


  12. Pingback: Arrested veterans in the back of a police van.

  13. luckyk351 says:

    These Veterans were not in DC as you left wing loons appear to think. The story is clearly labelled War memorial in NYC. If you want to down grade a post at least try and get some of your facts right. When Monkey nuts starts to arrest the conservatives you will be the guys with your heads buried in the sand.


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