Queen Corey Pleads “Sovereign Immunity”

There are 3 Zimmerspects we are still engaged upon.   1.)  The malicious firing of Ben Kruidbos [pronounced like “cried boss”].   2.)  The internal fraud within the 4th SAO; and 3.) The specific and intentional manipulation of evidence through prosecutorial misconduct within the George Zimmerman case.   The latter two will outline the risk within the first.

…. and, oh yeah, she knows this.

Angela CoreyORLANDO, FL – Lawyers for State Attorney Angela Corey say she has “sovereign immunity” and are asking a judge to throw out a lawsuit filed against her in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case.

Ben Kruidbos, her former information technology director, was fired in June after he testified that prosecutors did not turn over all information to Zimmerman’s defense team in the shooting death of the 17-year-old. Kruidbos said he was a whistleblower and under the law cannot be fired.

The lawsuit says Kruidbos testified in response to a subpoena, and the firing was retaliation for his testimony.

He is asking for $5 million in damages and his job back.

In court papers filed this week, Corey’s attorneys say the state attorney cannot be sued because she has sovereign immunity as an elected official.

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, sovereign immunity is the legal doctrine that says the government cannot be sued without its consent.

The motion says Corey, a government official, does not consent.

“I think it’s an absurd assertion that she’s above the law,” said attorney Wesley White, who is representing Kruidbos.  (READ MORE)

Pam Bondi - Angela Corey

witness pdf from Corey 2

Witness pdf from Corey

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43 Responses to Queen Corey Pleads “Sovereign Immunity”

  1. kinthenorthwest says:

    Is this similar to the Immunity Obama tried giving to Holder with fast and furious???


  2. waltherppk says:

    Sovereign immunity is a mockery of the persecuted and oppressed and trampled that is declared by aristocrats daring the wronged to do something about it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
    Comments referencing or implying assassination of public figures will be removed. Your other comment was trashed for that reason. Do it again, and you’ll be in moderation. –Admin


  3. Wizzum says:

    Angela Corey is not a Sovereign; She could be, her borders just need to be defined a bit better is all………


  4. waltherppk says:

    Too much truth?
    No. Too little common sense and too little regard for the ongoing responsibilities and risks borne by your hosts. –Admin


  5. lovemygirl says:

    It seems there are exceptions to the sovereign immunity claim including malicious prosecution.

    This general waiver of immunity had a number of exceptions, however, including the torts of Battery, False Imprisonment, false arrest, Malicious Prosecution, Abuse of Process, libel, slander, Misrepresentation, deceit, interference with contractual rights, tort in the fiscal operations of the Treasury, tort in the regulation of the monetary system, and tort in combatant activities of the armed forces in wartime.


  6. eastern2western says:

    I personally called her other names in private, but I leave them private to make the content pg.


  7. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Preposterous. The hubris is breathtaking. Oh wait, no. That was the whole prosecution schtick from the start.


  8. waltherppk says:

    Sovereign immunity declares it is the law the king can do no wrong and by extension neither can the kings agents. So then the theory and the law declares that since they can do no wrong then there is no imagined or actual wrong for which they are ever accountable. The aristocrats are special aren’t answerable to other mere humans. A double standard applies to those who are a cut above the rest. It is a theory of law. And a theory is all it is ultimately, a theory only as good as the security measures to enforce it.. A theory can seem true until somebody disproves it.


    • Coast says:

      So she’s basically saying that she’s guilty, but that nothing can be done about it. That’s nice.


      • waltherppk says:

        Yeah she works so hard at being or thinking she is a candidate for something other than plan B and there are thousands of other products of the mutant chronicles magic machine that are just like her…..peas in a pod corrupt government issue.


  9. Darkman says:

    Did you guys read this article … :

    LOL …

    “As they question Zimmerman, police say the list of items allegedly taken from the home is shrinking as the Deans now report they’ve found the television in another location”

    … — pathetic … blew up some BS out of proportions .. some lousy TV, that he didn’t even take by the looks of it … / small fish … TV … a joke )))


    • raskog says:

      Thank you for the update. I knew the friends and associates were lying about the stuff GZ took. Even so, it’s far cry from being enough to change a person’s mind that he deliberately killed TM. That’s what Shelley is attempting to connive, and that alone is contemptible.


  10. Stormy says:

    Is Judge Nelson the one hearing this case? What is the next step in the process now that Corey’s attorneys have filed papers with the court? Is there a timeline for any of these lawsuits?


  11. Darkman says:

    George Zimmerman: Not Liked in Florida But Seen as Not Guilty

    By: Kevin Derby | Posted: October 3, 2013 12:06 PM

    A new poll shows Floridians don’t like George Zimmerman — but they don’t think he is guilty of the death of Trayvon Martin.

    Public Policy Polling (PPP), a firm with connections to Democrats, released a poll on Thursday which shows only 20 percent of those surveyed have a favorable view of Zimmerman while 47 percent see him in an unfavorable light.

    But a plurality of those surveyed — 47 percent — think he is not guilty of Martin’s death while 37 percent think he is guilty. A jury unanimously ruled Zimmerman was not guilty in a high-profile trial.

    The poll of 579 registered Florida voters was taken from Sept. 27-29 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.1 percent.



    • jordan2222 says:

      37 percent think he is guilty? Isn’t that just outrageously shameful? I forgot the term to describe that group but I am thankful it does not include me, my family, or friends.


  12. raskog says:

    Kruidbos filed against Angela Corey, individually, as a person? If so, then sovereign immunity is less strong, as long as he did not file against the government for compensation. This is my understanding of sovereign immunity.

    “Decency, security and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen. In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law, it invites every man to come a law unto himself. It invites anarchy. (United States v. Olmstead, 277 U.S. 438 (1928).

    (Words of Justice Louis Brandeis) From http://www.constitution.org/grossack/bivens.htm


  13. justfactsplz says:

    It’s not over yet. I hope with every fiber in me that there is a way around this. This woman needs to be stopped before more innocent people suffer at her hand. Sundance is the above some of the items from your FOIA requests? I ask because it kind of looks like what we have already seen in discovery except for DeeDee’s phone records. Keep on trucking.


    • jordan2222 says:

      Same question but hopefully a media outlet will pay to get the court documents in Corey’s suit and make them public. OTH, they may have no interest.


      • justfactsplz says:

        They have no interest in the truth. Then they would have to admit they broadcast a false narrative. No way is the msm gonna do dat.


    • sundance says:

      No. those screenshots were from discovery docs. The SAO FOIA release has been a process of hide and seek as they try to shrink their *interpretation* of request to avoid full compliance with it.

      First batch should be arriving soon….. Or so they say.


  14. scaretactics says:

    Corey has had it too good for too long.

    Hopefully George’s case against Corey will stop her from practicing law ever again. She has done enough damage to last a lifetime.

    That photo of Corey and Pam Bondi just makes me want to barf…


  15. Wraith says:

    Sorry…I thought “We The People” WERE the government? 😕


  16. Sentenza says:

    I hate how Corey always looks so smug.

    Maybe being sent to prison for violation of civil rights, debarred, and then sued into the poorhouse would wipe that smug look off of her face.*

    *Not necessarily in that order.


  17. Rick Caird says:

    She does not have sovereign immunity when she is operating outside the law. This defense should fail because she was doing illegal things. If it does not fail, it will be up to Bondi and Scott to correct the problem.


    • waltherppk says:

      peas in a pod


    • unitron says:

      ” If it does not fail, it will be up to Bondi and Scott to correct the problem.”

      Problems don’t usually correct themselves, especially when doing so requires politicians to destroy themselves politically.

      Bondi and Scott didn’t put Queen Angela in charge of this expecting her to come up with the same conclusion as the Sanford PD and Wolfinger did, or to have her take it to a grand jury instead of just letting Wolfinger go ahead with that.

      Of course I could be wrong. She might feel that the title of Empress expresses her sovereignty better.


  18. KPM58 says:

    It seems that Corey is saying that unless you are an elected official and have a law degree, you can not question her actions.
    Ok. Are there any elected officials with a law degree in the state of Florida who think her actions were wrong. Would not just one person be enough?


  19. John Galt says:

    Spent 10 minutes on it – found Florida Supreme Court case that appears pertinent.


    it is clear to us that the “Whistle-Blower’s Act,” … clearly and unequivocally waives sovereign immunity for the purposes of the “Remedies” and “Relief” afforded by subsections 112.3187(8) and (9)

    The conflict issue is whether the Whistle Blower’s Act should be strictly or liberally construed. We agree with petitioner that the Act is remedial and should be given a liberal construction. See Martin County v. Edenfield, 609 So.2d 27, 29 (Fla.1992) (“[W]e believe it clear that the [public employee] Whistle-Blower’s Act is a remedial statute designed to encourage the elimination of public corruption by protecting public employees who `blow the whistle.’ As a remedial act, the statute should be construed liberally in favor of granting access to the remedy.”)


  20. Jeff B. says:

    The DOJ and Holder will ensure that nothing will happen to Corey. Mark my words.


  21. Has Dershowitz commented yet?


  22. Darkman says:

    Parents Upset After Trayvon Martin Day Planned During Local Homecoming Week

    October 7, 2013 11:30 AM



    • jordan2222 says:

      “If they want to wear the hoodies to represent him and the kind of person he was, they should do it,” said parent Bruce Bergener.

      Yeah, right… So kind of person was he?


  23. fedfef1 says:

    What do people think of Bao’s lawsuit (for 100 MILLION) over his firing and accusations that the state threw away the case for Trayvon Martin?



  24. Darkman says:

    Conservatives Boycott Ritz Crackers Over Al Sharpton Sponsorship

    The Huffington Post | By Cavan Sieczkowski

    Posted: 10/07/2013 3:38 pm EDT



  25. stormreaper says:

    For those who came to hate Leatherman as much as I did (and I’m a liberal, fyi), here is his latest blog post. A very deserved outcome for an opportunistic fraud. After the trial ended, he found himself a lot less popular.

    “We need your donations to continue this website

    Monday, October 7, 2013

    Crane and I are struggling to survive on my social security and Medicare, which have been reduced due to cutbacks.

    We have not paid our rent or electric bill for this month and have just been notified by our landlord that we will be evicted next month, if we do not pay our rent by the 15th.

    We desperately need donations.

    Without donations we can no longer maintain this website.

    Please make a donation today.


    Man, what a jerk. One of the comments there is awesome.


  26. Forrest says:

    Thanks to sundance and the CTH for in-depth reporting on these events. Hopefully, as evidence mounts and foolish ladies speak more than they should, some justice will result. My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Kruidbos. He was certainly deceived, dishonored, and dealt with illegally and immorally.

    Liked by 1 person

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