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The “Essentials” – 83% of Federal Government Still Operating During “Shutdown”…

How many “essential” federal employees does it take to hang a sign? Yeah… I know… I know…   [Federal Guideline Handbook – Chapter 16, Volume 9; Subsection xvii, paragraph #3a: “Determining Human Resource Allocation” – In order to determine appropriate efficiency metrics’, unless … Continue reading

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Queen Corey Pleads “Sovereign Immunity”

There are 3 Zimmerspects we are still engaged upon.   1.)  The malicious firing of Ben Kruidbos [pronounced like “cried boss”].   2.)  The internal fraud within the 4th SAO; and 3.) The specific and intentional manipulation of evidence through prosecutorial misconduct within … Continue reading

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We Have Not Yet Begun To Whine…..

[Via The Peoples Cube]  Comrades, President Obama needs your help to raise everyone’s awareness of how the government shutdown is utterly ruining everyone’s lives and destroying everything in its path, and all at the behest of those greedy, evil anarchists, arsonists, … Continue reading

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White Boy Bleed Alot – White Service Member Stabbed and Killed During Racially Driven Attack – Police Looking for Five Hoodie Wearing Black Thugs

LAKEWOOD, Wash. (AP) – A 20-year-old active-duty soldier was stabbed to death in a parking lot at the 12500 block of Pacific Highway Southwest around 2:30 a.m., officials say. Three soldiers were walking from Joint Base Lewis-McChord along Pacific Highway … Continue reading

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Funny, Funny Stuff….. ROFLMAO National Park Service Parody Video

Sooper Mexican parody video (voice over) of National Parks Service during federal government shutdown…..

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Mailboxes and Old Barns: Garages With Dirt Floors Where Things Got Fixed

The big doors were not roll-up, but roll-to-the-side. Heavy to handle, for a girl, but efficient. The garage had a certain clean smell on a summer day–resulting from fine-as-dust dirt floor, dust in the air, sunshine, grease guns, used and … Continue reading

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Day #6 – The Government Shutdown – President Obama Has Met The Enemy, and It is US….

We are all Tank Man NOW !! President Stompy Feet is a petulant man-child.  A typical leftist.   Don’t give him, or anyone of likeminded inconsequence the satisfaction of deliberate consideration.  Laugh at them;  Sing joyful out loud songs, and Dance. … Continue reading

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Smile, Sing and Join The Rebel Alliance… Have Fun Defying/Daring President Stompy Feet

@michellemalkin my daughter inside the coned off area Bad Lands, SD! Not gonna ruin our vacation! pic.twitter.com/PEGlXhY1Bp — Noelle Bruno (@NoelleBruno) October 6, 2013 Remember “Kilroy Woz Here” ?

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A Call To DC – Million Veteran March On Their Memorials….

October 13th 9:00am Washington DC Million Veteran’s March –  WEB SITE HERE and Facebook HERE […]  We do not care what political leanings you may be; be it liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or whatever. The actions of the U.S. … Continue reading

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Full Blown Wolverine? ….We Have Just The Right Man For The Job !

Andrea Shea King links to a recent accurate comment at PJmedia which opined in part: […] That’s the fundamental Republican Party problem in dealing with a conflict with the Community Organizer in Chief; they simply cannot stand conflict and confrontation, … Continue reading

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