President Stompy Feet -VS- Men of Valor….

Ya know, I don’t think there is a more apropos reflection of this President is tarnishing the office he holds.

WWII vets

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48 Responses to President Stompy Feet -VS- Men of Valor….

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Yeah. Right, hozat workin’ for ya Barry?


  2. kathyca says:

    Putting furloughed workers in place to keep these veterans out of their public memorial is just gross. It would have been gross just to “destaff” it. But to deliberately shut it down is predictably reprehensible. I have no words for this president and his minions in congress.


  3. elvischupacabra says:

    One of the US Representatives was Louie Gohmert (R-TX), who many have encouraged to run against John Cornyn (RINO-TX) in the Republican Senatorial primary.

    Goooooooooooooooo Louie!!!!!11


    • Spar Harmon says:

      This a lot like watching the fermentation process, or cooking da mash for distillation, even…eye of newt, toe of frog…


      • scaretactics says:

        Michelle Bachman is spot-on in this video. So glad these vets had their day to see their memorial. I would’ve loved to have seen Barry try to stop these heroes…he probably would have been run over by a wheelchair or two…


  4. ctdar says:

    President “Stompy Feet”, those from Texas have a way with words!


  5. texan59 says:

    Rep. Stockman certainly has a way with words. I know a couple libs who live in his district and they are just SO EMBARRASSED by his actions. I guess because he relates to people and he doesn’t quite have the pedigree needed to hold such an exalted office. hahahahaha!!! 😆


  6. WeeWeed says:

    And on top of all this, Hiz Flytrap is closing the commissaries from which they get their monthly groceries. 👿 Can you imagine the food wasted if this kindergarten fit-throwin’ lasts any time at all???


  7. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    This story (the Vets being delayed in their access to the WWII memorial) is a perfect example of the current administration creating a crisis for propaganda purposes. They create an optic for the public, and the liberal media supplies the view. What a joke.


  8. Round 2 – WWII Vets v. Dems – wonder who’s going to win? Never mind, I already know! Go Vets!


    • Sharon says:

      The Bikers….the Vets…..the Truckers……we gotz lotz of AMERICANS who are ready to do their thing—I absolutely love that these old guys in wheel chairs apparently scare His Berriness by just showing up, for crying out loud. Had to send the troops out to put up barricades. He’s really gonna hate The Truckers. Two weeks until The Truckers.


  9. And all of this over this Obamacare fiasco. Still, today (and I’ve been trying on/off since 4:30 a.m. yesterday) you cannot get on the site and get anywhere.

    I did log onto the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Texas site to price their plans under the new ACA. For my family (2 adults, 1 child age 6) we can get the bare-bones bronze coverage for the low, low price of $503.00/mo. This plan includes no “co-pay” benefit for office visits and has a high deductible of $6,000 per person, $13,000/family out of pocket before it pays at 100%. Prior to that, it pays at 60%. Basically, we’d have to spend almost $20,000 per year before we got any real “benefit” from it. For about $30/mo more we can have the same benefits but with a $35 office co-pay. These deductibles, by the way, apply separately to prescription drugs – so $6,000 for medical care and $6,000 for prescriptions. WHO would buy this policy?

    Our next “real” option is the “bare bones” silver plan. This wonderful plan has a $4,000 per person deductible and a $11,000/family deductible also has a $35 office co-pay and, after deductible is met, pays at 100%. Prior to deductible being met, it pays at 70% of covered charges. Deductibles also apply separately to prescription drugs. Additionally, with both there is no dental coverage (that’s separate.) We can have this plan for the low, low price of $859.00/mo. So, basically $21,000.00/year before we get coverage at 100%.

    No one who is self-employed and not very wealthy can afford to buy these insurance policies. You’re much better off self-insuring and buying a cheap catastrophic policy. We can’t afford to pay $20,000.00 per year for any real health care. Also, the plans are both HMOs and PPOs and the choices of doctors are limited. So that whole “if you like your doctor you can keep him” line is completely bogus. None of my personal doctors are on the “approved provider” list – if you see someone outside of the list, they pay even less of the costs.

    Go, Republicans. Keep the pressure up and do not cave to Obama/Reid/Pelosi et. al.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      A friend in Florida got on the site and put in her information. She does not have a job right now. Her cost was $5,100 a year plus $6,800 out of pocket expenses. That is with no job and for one person. I guess she is supposed to rob a liquor store for the money. 😦


      • Wow! Yep – and they truly expect us to buy this garbage! Not me.


        • Sharon says:

          They actually don’t care whether you buy either “this garbage” or the “insurance.” The failure of this program greases the skids for single payer, because the logical refusal of Americans to accept this economic tyranny will help them prove their point, that it’s up to the government to take care of everybody. See how that works? 👿


    • rashomon says:

      My daughter in Houston had the same problem. She received a letter from her present insurer last Friday saying they were no longer covering her area, so she went on-line to find the best deal was $20,000+ before 100% kicks in, which is almost three times what she’s paying now for the same deductible. Have any of these CongreeCritters looked into this pricing or does D.C. have a special waiver?


      • Sharon says:

        No, they have not looked into it, and yes, DC does have a special waiver. They really are not concerned with your daughter’s problems, or anyone else’s. They are there to rule. They are not there to allow our country to function. It’s the new transformed america. Berry is just doing what he said he was going to do. Truly, that is all that is happening. He is doing EXACTLY what he said he was going to do.


  10. wizzum says:

    Just look at how tight the security is at the WWI Memorial


  11. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Tear down the Barrycades!!! 👿


  12. raskog says:

    President Stompy Feet, Pantsuit, ahahahahaha!


  13. rashomon says:

    WGN-TV reported 91 vets arrived from Midway at the WWII Memorial. Illinois Senators Kirk and Durbin had already opened the barricades to accommodate them and others who wanted access today.


  14. Stormy says:


  15. Stormy says:

    The “trophy” the Men of Valor brought home from the Barry-cade:


  16. ctdar says:

    A sobering fact, Obama sent security in to close the WWII memorial and turn away elderly vets and no one to help protect our Ambassador & men in Benghazi during a terrorist attack. 👿


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