The Praetorian Guard Don’t Want You To Watch This….. Or Even Know About When It Happened…..

Their ruse is dependent upon you not knowing…..

two million bike ride 2

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22 Responses to The Praetorian Guard Don’t Want You To Watch This….. Or Even Know About When It Happened…..

  1. 9thGenerationAmerican says:

    AWESOME !!!!!


  2. ZurichMike says:

    I am fairly well-connected online, and I believe I saw a snippet of this event on a blog — and that’s it. The media have become publicists for marxism.


    • Shills of the Marxist govt..but that’s because Obama in his evil plan hired a lot of people for the West Wing that are related to the Media Heads….clever in how it controls what is said about him isn’t it, too bad he has no plans for doing anything good for this country- that part of his Presidency was not so well thought out- in fact he barely gives it a thought. Obama is in it to collect money for the remainder of his life- this is the most BOUGHT Presidency ever, a case for never electing a poor man to office.


      • Josh says:

        “Obama is in it to collect money for the remainder of his life…” Yes, this of course, but he is in it as much to “fundamentally” change this great nation.


  3. Masterstroke says:

    My journalism professor get’s mad when we say “the media” because it is not ‘one entity’.


  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Can’t wait.


  5. RogerMike says:

    I got tears in my eyes just watching this short snippet……….. can’t wait!


  6. Irish Eyes says:

    2 Million Bikers to DC’s FB page reported that even the DC traffic cameras were reprogrammed to show no bikers. Some views showed snow on the streets. How petty is that! But that’s the childish mentality of the current administration.


    • kingscairn says:

      Those weren’t “bikers”, they’re pushovers on motorcycles playin badass !
      I doubt if there was twenty five “real bikers” in the whole shibang !
      Designer leathers lookin for a place to get photographed lol !


      • stella says:

        They were making a statement as patriotic Americans; people on bikes making a statement. That is what counts to me. You seem to be a “know it all” – I say to you, who cares what you think about their authenticity?


      • Irish Eyes says:

        They looked real to me, and the personal stories I read sounded real. I doubt there are 1.3 million “designer” types who would trek from all over the country at their own expense for a patriotic rally. Very few got individual photos, though DHS probably tried. Real enough or not, 1.3 million of anyone assembling to make a statement is a very big deal.


      • flaladybug says:

        “Those weren’t bikers” …..says the man behind a computer screen. I think every soul there that day were representing what most of here on the CTH stand for….unyielding Patriotism. Not sure what, in your “expert” opinion what constitutes a “real biker” but I’m sure you’ll explain. My stepfather is a veteran, has NEVER been without a Harley since he was 19, and has ridden his bike through every state in this country, with exception of Hawaii, at least twice. However, he has no tattoos, airs out his leathers, takes baths daily and brushes his teeth….does that make him a “fake biker” in your twisted opinion??


      • Chip Bennett says:

        You’re batting approximately 0-for-4 on comments I’ve noticed from you. If comments such as this one epitomize the quality of your contributions here, then you might as well find your way back to the door from whence you entered.


  7. peachteachr says:

    They did lift us all up. Each year that I taught, and everyday since I retired, I have believed that it is the job of all of us to reach back and teach one. The Torah has a verse that says, “He that saves a single life saves the whole world.” There is a wind of change blowing across our country and these bikers rode for all of us. My deepest respect and gratitude. It doesn’t matter if the media wrote about them or showed them on the news because we, the people, knew. They delude themselves if they think we get our information from them. We don’t; we ridicule them and I think they know that they are decreasing and we are increasing.


  8. czarowniczy says:

    Must be a mistake in the communications here, XVIII Airborne Corps is America’s Praetorian Guard and we do want you to watch this.
    Sky Dragons!


  9. hawkeye13 says:

    Some of the folks I told about it simply discounted it saying it was a Tea Party lie, it never happened, that they could not have been hundreds of thousands of bikers in DC and not have it covered by the nightly news. It is really sad and I pray that people wake up before it is too late.


  10. stella says:

    Go to Facebook and “like” this page:


  11. Just so know, In order to ensure that this can’t happen again, the next rally slated for October, that grew to 80,000 likes in 8 days, was shut down by Facebook. Free Speech huh!!!!!

    Spread this like wildfire and and ensure that our voices are heard, please! Don’t let the tools of suppression succeed.


  12. jetstream says:

    2 Million Bikers to DC
    1 Million Truckers

    You can support the Trucker Shutdown. Do not purchase anything October 11 -13, 2013.


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