FWIW – Advice For Brian Holloway: If The Parents Of The Teens Who Destroyed Your Home Are Threatening To Sue You, Post Their Names Also…

We previously outlined the story of Brian Holloway. 300+ Teens broke into his house, threw a party, stole items, broke windows and doors, spray painted the walls, and created over $20,000 in damages.   Holloway began finding the party-goers because they were bragging on social media, twitter, facebook, and posting pictures of themselves. So he copied the pictures to his own website. Now the parents of the kids who destroyed his house are threatening to sue him for exposing their sons/daughters.

“Take my kid’s name down or I’m gonna press charges against you”.

The full story of the parents response is HERE.

Targeted: Holloway stands in front of the rural vacation home in Stephentown, New York

Perhaps the community would be better served if Holloway provided even more sunlight by posting the names and identities of the people who are threatening to sue him.

Just a thought.

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29 Responses to FWIW – Advice For Brian Holloway: If The Parents Of The Teens Who Destroyed Your Home Are Threatening To Sue You, Post Their Names Also…

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Well duh, the pictures he posted are taken off of the KID’S SITES, and the kids have admitted to the crime – all he’s doing is investigating to find the kids’ names and turn them over to the police. The pix are evidence of a crime and as the victim he has every right to post those pictures as part of his personal investigation into the crime, The crime’s been reported to the police and they are out trying to find the kids’ identities also. Libel/slander do not apply here, parents don’t have a leg to stand on. Matter of fact, some of the parents have made threats of violence against him and if he ever decides to stop being Mister Nice Guy New York state has some neat terrorist laws that would be right up the alley for this kind of activities.


  2. sangell says:

    That’s a good idea to name the parents. I cannot believe the vast majority of the people in his town are not in total support of his moderate response and demand that those responsible come forward on their on volition. He’s threatening no one merely shaming them and with good reason. For crying out loud, hundreds of teens entered his house, got drunk and vandalized it. I think, at the end of the day, Holloway is going to win because, while all the kids who were there are, in part, responsible, only a small percentage of them were urinating on the carpeting or spray painting the walls. Most had no idea they were breaking and entering either. They will not want to take the blame for the louts who tore up the house and will name them. .


  3. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    I would say look I am not pressing charges. But I could. I could also counter sue you and your child for all the damage done to my house.


  4. kinthenorthwest says:

    Only in America…
    There was a time that most parents would have their children crawling to this man begging for forgiveness, along with having their kids finding jobs to pay for the damage.


  5. texan59 says:

    If I had been one of those hooligans, I can assure you that Tex, Sr. would not be threatening the homeowner. 🙄


  6. Julie A says:

    Now we see where the kids get their morals from… Horrible parents most of the time equal horrible kids. Instead of the parents being outraged over their kids criminal behavior, they threaten the victim. Unbelievable!


  7. justfactsplz says:

    These parents must be liberals since they have such a flawed view of the matter. Joking aside, this is disgusting that these parents won’t do the right thing.


  8. elvischupacabra says:

    This guy looks like he’s got a lot of Indian blood in him, probably Algonquin (he resembles by pal Sid, who’s mostly Algonquin and, I think, Delaware). If that’s the case, then this becomes a hate crime. Also, he needs to get some of his boys from the rez and have a good old-fashioned uprising. The PC-crowd wouldn’t know how to handle that.

    Conservative Indians make the Lefties’ heads ‘splode, as evinced by my podnah, David Yeagley, aka, Bad Eagle!



  9. froggielegs says:

    The parents can try all they want to sue but they won’t win. The pictures and names were on their public Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. They put them out there themselves. He doesn’t slander, libel or defame them in any way. They do that all by themselves.

    Ironically flying around Twitter last night, I came across some Tweets talking about this and they are from people in Steubenville (anyone recall the Steubenville rape?) who defend the kids who watched and knew about the rape there and who used twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to harass and humiliate the victim. They say that the parents should sue this guy and that he had no right to put screen shots and names of these kids on his page. Course they also claim parents in the Steubenville case should all sue the blogger who wrote about the rape and posted screen shots of the kids tweets, Facebook pages, Instagram photo’s and youtube video of kids bragging about the rape.

    Is it any wonder why some kids behave this way? The adults in their lives (and in Steubenville case the community too) do not care what these kids do. Instead of standing behind the victim, they stand behind the perpetrators claiming they are just kids who’s future could be ruined by this. Maybe if their little cherubs thought about their futures, they wouldn’t do this kind of crap to begin with!


  10. dodo says:

    He should be recording any and every threat as you should also, S


  11. John Galt says:

    Perhaps delisting of names / photos could be part of settlement after payment of $10,000 damages per kid.


  12. scaretactics says:

    Mr. Holloway, you sound like a good man who has been wronged by no fault of your own.

    Keep researching and reposting these kids’ names and photos. Get the best attorney you can, because unfortunately you will need a good one to defend yourself against these poor excuses of parents. Hire a couple of bodyguards.

    REAL parents all over the country support you!!!


  13. Sad to say our kids are becoming dumber and insensitive to others as the years go by. Whatever happened to resect towards others. How in their right minds will 1. Kids have the nerve to break into someone’s home and trash it. 2. Post it on Facebook and Twitter, come on who can be that stupid
    3. Act like it is no big deal and most of them will probably do it again. Then their parents threatening to sue because this gentleman is fighting back and posting the names of these teens who did it wrong. When I was a teen my parents would of kicked my but. What happened to parenting? Teaching you kids morals and values. That is what this county needs is more hands on parenting, not letting social media, video games and society raise them.


  14. froggielegs says:

    A Radio show host wrote an open letter to the parents of these kids. Here is a small portion of it…

    “Parents like you are responsible for an entire generation that expects the world handed to them, because you have given it to them all along. Instead of teaching your kids to work hard and earn things, you give a trophy to every kid in youth sports and then hand them an iPhone in middle school. You are the parents screaming through the fence at the Little League umpire instead of teaching good sportsmanship. You are the ones criticizing the teacher instead of realizing they just want to help your child learn.

    Can you please just step back and look at what you are doing to your kids? This is the generation that will grow up to lead our country and make decisions regarding our lives. Personally, I hope NONE of them come from Stephentown.”

    Read the full letter to parents here… http://www.wgy.com/pages/chuckandkelly.html?article=11670767&desktop=true&desktopviewduration=72000


  15. mstrmac711 says:

    Reblogged this on theleansubmariner and commented:
    Lots of things make me angry. Nothing more so than the horrible miscreants that did this and their horrible excuses for parents. Fry them all.


  16. Roy says:

    Breaking and Entering conviction belongs on every record that can be identified — and that one kid since his parents do care what he does.. do you think if he died on that property would his moron parents been searching for a way to make Holloway’s insurance liable for negligence?


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