DC Naval Yard Shooting – Falling For The Media Race-Prism Bias….

Last night I posted a question about the motive of the DC shooter, contrast against the reporting done by CNN.  Many people have fallen into the trap of reconciliation without actually looking at the framing of the discussion.

At 7pm Monday, on the CNN show outlined, the racial identity of the victims was an unknown variable.    While *that* racial identity of the victims was unknown, CNN was talking in very specific terms about how the shooter, Aaron Alexis, had the capability to be highly “selective” and “accurate” with his chosen victims.

 ….a novice with no training, with very little training could put just about every bullet in the magazine within about a two-inch area from 100 yards….

However, as soon as the identity of the first set of victims was released, the CNN talking points took a dramatic turn.   The five original victims were identified – ALL WHITE.

The released identity of the first set of victims showed they were all white.   All white victims, contrast against a black shooter -and- CNN flips the shooting narrative to be one of “random” inaccurate shotgun blasts.

The  “highly selective accuracy” changed to “random inaccuracy“.

Coincidence?   I think not, but you decide.

The original post I presented was about the media -and their framing- combined with the racial aspect of the shooting itself and a best friend, Nutpisit Suthamtewakul, who was going to be the shooter’s best man in a cancelled wedding, who stated Alexis:

….had a couple of issues with being black. He felt he hadn’t been treated right, not by the Navy, just generally….

Given the racial identity of the shooter, given the racial identity of the victims, and given the comment by the shooter’s closest friend, the CNN narrative changed.


Unlike the George Zimmerman case where the victim was black, and the shooter falsely identified as “white”, CNN has a divergent motive presentation when the racial roles flip at the DC Naval Yard.

In the Zimmerman case, CNN, along with all other media, were quick to attach a racial component to the story line.   Even after the racial identity of George Zimmerman was shown to be Hispanic, they still used “White” in their descriptives.   It was an ideological fit for their narrative.

However a potential motive of a race-based shooting, with black on white violence, and CNN quickly changes the presentation;  so quick in fact, they do it mid-information flow.

Later, when the remaining 7 victims were identified, and two of those newly identified victims were shown to be African American, the shooter motivation enters the evolutionary room yet again.

 […]  Frasier had been missing all day. Her family called and sent her text messages but got only silence in return. No government agency confirmed her death to her relatives until late Monday night, well past the evening news.  (link)

When the race of the victims was unknown (Mon), the sold motive was anger and high target accuracy.

When the race of the victims was known to be only white (Tue), the sold motive was PTSD and random target inaccuracy.

When the race of the victims is both….  well, that’s the narrative of today.

This time with CNN breathing a figurative sigh of relief.

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22 Responses to DC Naval Yard Shooting – Falling For The Media Race-Prism Bias….

  1. LittleLaughter says:

    They twist & turn & reset the narrative based solely on race. Not a coincidence at all. Never has been. They have a job to do, by god. And they won’t let pesky truth interfere with that.


  2. LittleLaughter says:

    Remember the Atlanta child murders, and how the media and the black community was sure a white person had to be responsible. When the murderer was found to be black, they claimed he was framed to shield the real killer’s white identity.


  3. dws says:

    A lady at work today told me the shooter looked right into the eyes of a black woman and she took cover and he never fired at her.


  4. unitron says:

    Nothing to do with anyone’s race.

    They started out with misinformation about what type of gun was involved and had to fill up air time in the studio while waiting for more reports from the field, so they talked about the wrong gun, and then when they got straightened out on the type of gun, they talked about that kind of gun to fill up air time.


  5. hawkeye13 says:

    I would venture to say that the shooter had some targets in mind, the rest were probably just last minute, “I don’t like the way you looked at me” decisions. After he killed a few of his targets, he didn’t really care anymore. Quite possibly, he expected to get killed (suicide by cop) and really didn’t care how many, if any he killed. He was most likely a coward and did not take responsibility for his actions, always blamed someone else.


  6. libby says:

    His social media is conspicuously missing. Hmm


  7. yankeeintx says:

    His mom gave a statement today. She said she has no idea why he did what he did, and now we will never know. His brother mentioned the PTSD because of 9/11. He claims that his brother was coming up the escalator at the World Trade Center subway stop just as Tower one collapsed. He said his brother helped pull bodies out of the debris.

    I don’t want to jump to conclusions without all the facts, but I call BS on his story.



    • lovemygirl says:

      Yeah, especially since there wouldn’t have been bodies just laying around and you could not see much because of the dust. The family may have blamed 9/11 for causing the beginning of his noticeable problems but that was just their lay opinion. Just my Layman’s opinion. 😉


      • yankeeintx says:

        The whole country suffered a trauma that day. There is no doubt in my mind that many residents of NYC probably suffer from some level of PTSD. But, there are just so many people that claim to have been in the towers, or knew someone who was, or was scheduled to be on one of the flights and they are all liars. (It happens after every tragedy) There are also many in the military that claim PTSD, and have never been deployed, or never in any war zone. It just seems like everyone wants a label or diagnosis to explain away their behaviors-PTSD, ADD, OCD, depression, etc…


        • michellc says:

          I think part of wanting a label is attention. I think it plays a large part in parents wanting their kids medicated, you’re kid has ADD well so does mine. You have bi-polar, I have bi-polar. Add in the government who wants to label every person who ever feels depressed or angry as having a mental disorder and doctors more than willing to diagnose anyone and everyone with a disorder and we have a lot of medicated people in this country. Then the true insane are on the streets because it’s just too inhumane to lock them up.


          • yankeeintx says:

            It is going to be interesting when Obamacare kicks in and eventually medical records will be shared with the IRS, DOJ, ATF and people wil start having their guns and their children taken away.


            • michellc says:

              A few years ago I had a 4th grade teacher tell me that over half of her students were on medication. I wouldn’t be surprised if that number isn’t higher now. I’m not going to say that no kids have ADD but I’m also not buying that over half of the kids in a random class have ADD. I will always believe that many of these kids being medicated are being medicated for the group mentality(attention factor) or because some stupid parent, teacher and/or doctor decides a kid being cooped up inside all the time and not having a way to run off the energy has ADD. So there are going to be a lot of parents getting a huge surprise.
              Then you add in all these people who proudly go around saying they’re bi-polar and many of them getting a check because some doctor diagnosed them and say they can’t function well enough to work are also going to be shocked when they find out that check and diagnosis now comes with strings attached.


              • yankeeintx says:

                We haven’t heard yet if this guy was on any drugs. Just about every veteran I know has been prescribed Gabapentin, regardless of the complaint.


    • sangell says:

      Er… after both WTC towers were hit were they still running subway service to lower Manhattan and allowing passengers to exit anywhere near those buildings? I’d think not! You have falling glass, people airplane debris and first responders who don’t need subway passengers coming up to have a look.


      • yankeeintx says:

        Exactly! All the videos I have seen, the area was condoned off by the time the tower collapsed (almost an hour after impact). The port authority has no record of him, and they didn’t just let bystanders dig in the rubble. He may have been a witness in the area, like thousands of other people, but I doubt his claims.


  8. Well, looking for patterns, how about the age range; no youngsters here. Just because the killer was (probably) in the midst of a psychotic break doesn’t mean he didn’t have some strange logic behind these seemingly random choices

    And how many were ‘accidents’ – i.e., he could’ve been aiming for the person next to them?

    Any information on how good a shot he was? I mean real info, not the CNN fantasies.

    The very saddest thing about this is that he *knew* he was deteriorating – e.g., he called the police in R.I. – yet there doesn’t seem to have been a psychiatrist or psychologist he could’ve called. That is, would’ve called if he’d had a regular contact. Back when I worked with the ambulatory mentally ill, each one had someone to call, sometimes it was just me if they couldn’t get medical help.

    Adult mental illness is widespread, and the Community Services Boards or Vets’ Hospitals are understaffed, spread very thin – they were supposed to have been adequately funded when Kennedy came up with this ‘great’ idea. As usual, an underfunded mandate has stressed everyone involved, the patients especially (sorry, we’re supposed to call them “clients” now. Add that to the euphemism list).

    As the economy worsens, as people feel more and more like they’re vulnerable to government interference based on the whim theory, the more of this we’re going to see. Seriously mentally ill adults are the most vulnerable and can be the hardest group to *want* to help. Those on the borderline, who might have scraped by in calmer times, are going to founder…and the social cement is drying out and cracking…much like our physical infrastructure.

    BTW, does anyone know why there is a Redirect Notice when I click on your link to the names of the victims? It gives some kind warning – like do I really want to go there, and offering to send me back here instead. The URL on the Notice is a VERY long google thingie, not the WHDH news page. I opted to continue and the link came up normally…


  9. kinthenorthwest says:

    Anyone see this or know of this–A Tactical team was maybe called down!!
    Capitol PD Tactical Response Team May Have Been Ready To Neutralize Navy Yard Mass Shooting, Instead Ordered To Leave Scene!
    Posted by Andrea Ryan on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 7:20 PM



    • lovemygirl says:

      I read last night where there were Marines on base that were ready to respond and felt they could have stopped him after the first three victims. BUT, they did not have any ammunition and could not. The father of one of the Marines was talking to a reporter about it.


      • whiteradish says:


        Navy Yard: Swat team ‘stood down’ at mass shooting scene
        A tactical response team of the Capitol Police, a force that guards the US Capitol complex, was told to leave the scene by a supervisor instead of aiding municipal officers.

        The Capitol Police department has launched a review into the matter.

        Aaron Alexis, 34, killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard.

        “I don’t think it’s a far stretch to say that some lives may have been saved if we were allowed to intervene,” a Capitol Police source familiar with the incident told the BBC.
        Assault weapons ready

        Americans have to find out through BBC News:

        The stand-down order has Slimey-in-Chief’s Benghazi fingerprints.


      • whiteradish says:

        Worse than not having ammunition which would be Clinton’s fault.


  10. ytz4mee says:

    They originally reported he was from “Brooklyn”, and now he’s from “Texas”. He grew up in Bed-Stuy.


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