On FOIAs N Stuff In The Works….

7dbda-cheese-mouseThanks to Stella I was able to download and read Jack Cashill’s  book about the Zimmerman case this past weekend.   I very much enjoyed his presentation and found the book to be a solid, fact based, presentation.   Perhaps later in the week I’ll get around to writing a review about it – but suffice to say it’s a soup-to-nuts delivery of the entire case.    A very good read – pulling together a very complex dynamic into digestible form.

We talked to Mr. Cashill several times in the lead up to the trial as he was deep in research and filled with inquiry about how we, as a group, discovered so much information.  Mr. Cashill’s initial contact was based on all the prior research assembled here by all of you.  As a consequence he found the research approach fascinating.  Y’all should feel really proud of that.  It seems from the reading he also followed along thereafter.

As noted by some comments, and inquiry over the weekend, there are many aspects of the Zimmerman case -mostly side issues- we are still researching and putting together.   We have roughly 33 questions we are seeking to answer through FOIA submissions both relating to Jacksonville SAO and the prosecution, as well as Miami-Dade.

Obviously both entities, the 4th District State Attorney’s office and the Miami-Dade School Police Department, have a vested interest in keeping the public blind to their activity in both regards.

We have been, as we said we would be, staying on the issues until all of our questions are answered.   We also have been working diligently based on leads in/around both.

Jacksonville has a weird process for Public Records, they actually require “deposits” for public records requests before they will even tell you how much the entire fulfillment costs, let alone gather the information.    This appears quite odd, and only the first time we have encountered such a process – We don’t know if this is unique to our submissions, but we have sent our deposit money and await their contact with further information.

Most of you know many of the objectives for the records.   But one of the lesser discussed inquiries has always puzzled me:

Who listened to, and deleted, the voice mail on Trayvon Martin’s cell phone?

We know from statements under oath, phone records in evidence and sworn statements in deposition, as well as public commentary – that Rachel Jeantel, Tracy Martin and Chad Greene all called Trayvon’s phone (after he was shot) and the inbound call went to voice-mail.    The T-Mobile manager who testified in court explained all of the call records that went to voice mail.

Subsequently one of the odd and unanswered questions becomes who accessed that messaging; and why did no one (defense team) make inquiry about it to validate the timeline and/or the witness authenticity of those who claimed to be the last in contact with young Martin ?   Where did these messages go?

According to discovery evidence the phone was put into evidence, at the crime scene, and followed a chain of custody thereafter.   So who listened to the voice mail?

Or….. was it, as Bernie De La Rionda opined in court to City Manager Norton Bonaparte, a matter of another “right thing to do” ?

It’s just one of the oddball aspects I would have thought an interested reporter would have sought to inquire about.  Yet,  I can’t recall anyone ever making even an off-hand inquiry.

More will follow in the days and weeks ahead…..


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52 Responses to On FOIAs N Stuff In The Works….

  1. Lou says:

    the State and the media tried to frame George.


    • canadacan says:

      And because of this their unspeakable and egregious behavior Will be exposed and held accountable Down to a gnat’s kneecap. by the citizen journalists who have sworn a sacred oath that the truth has no agenda.


    • doodahdaze says:

      Seems pretty simple. They wanted an arrest even though there was no evidence to support one. They raised a stink and rabble roused a bunch of dopes and scared the pocketitions. The Pocketicions arranged an arrest W/O Probable Cause. The Zimmerman family was expendable. The court was afraid to drop it and threw it in the lap of a jury. And here we are. All the evidence favored self defense by Zimmerman. It came out at trial. The states evidence exonerated the defendant.


  2. canadacan says:

    The Bakers Street Irregulars are on the job.


  3. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    Interesting indeed.


  4. sandymich says:

    Does anyone know when the transcripts from the sidebars will be released?


    • sundance says:

      Cashill is the only person I have noted to focus on one of the most Eye-Opening moments…. The late night proffer hearing. That entire discussion is filled with jaw dropping construction. Yet the media ignored it except to talk about how Judge Nelson walked out.


  5. Springstreet says:

    I was explaining to my (much less involved) wife what Rachel Jentel’s “creepy ass-cracker” testimony could have meant. I said: Trayvon circled George’s truck and then skipped away (suggestively?) with his hand deep in his pocket because he might have been luring George Zimmerman … who he now thought was a gay predator. My wife then calmly pointed out that Trayvon’s first words (after he hid in the bushes and then confronted George at the T) were : “You got a problem Homie?”
    Urban slang definition: Homie-Sexual – a term to describe a homosexual from a ghetto or a hood.


    • I always thought “Homie” was a shortened version of the urban slang “home boy” meaning someone from the neighborhood, or “hood”. They often refer to their friends as their “homies” and now they use it indiscriminately as a “greeting” such as “Hey, homie!” or “What’s up, homie?” or “You got a problem, homie?” I don’t think it has anything to do with someone being or perceived to be a homosexual.


    • Trevor says:

      Martin could have been saying “you got a problem homo?” and Zimmerman misheard him.


    • Stormy says:

      I believe the reason TrayThug appeared to be skipping was because he was trying to run with his pants halfway down his buttocks.

      A recent example “He was zigzagging all over the place, but he couldn’t run because his pants was falling down,” witness Arlene Williams said. “This cop saw it, and he went right after him.’’


      • lovemygirl says:

        I believe so too. One thing I noticed was his pants were low at the 7-11 but pulled up for the fight. I’m just guessing he prepped for the fight by putting stuff in his pockets and pulling up his pants.


        • Fantasia says:

          I have to agree here, as well. I think the pants were the exact reason. Couple that with him looking frequently back over his shoulder to see if he was being followed, and you have what appeared to George as “skipping”.

          The only alternative could be if he genuinely thought George was a homosexual predator, it could have been a blatant taunt. Sort of like people that make fun of mentally ill people by slapping their bent wristed arms against their chests while walking with their knees touching and feet splayed out.

          People that do that simply disgust me.

          What passes as humor for some people is just shameful.


  6. StormyeyesC says:

    Wikipedia ——–The late 19th century was a time when many African-Americans were migrating to cities in larger numbers, and the word “homeboy” meant a male friend from back home. It was eventually shortened to “homie”. The word is also a contraction of Mexican slang words “homeboy” or “homebuddies” which became prevalent among some of the youth in Latino and chicano communities in the United States, starting in the late 1960s and continuing up to the present. Since the 1980s, the word has been particularly prevalent in hip hop subculture. The word “homie” was also commonly associated with gangs, gang symbols, and rebellious youth


  7. LegionofOne says:

    I think there are many unanswered questions surrounding this case and I hope that the civil trials uncover some of them. The lack of media curiosity is damning. It’s clear that they don’t want to know the answers. This blog has taken on their role as gov’t watchdog for the people of this republic and the media has shamed itself by giving up its constitutional role.

    I’d like to know if the Miami Dade detectives ever connected their burglary near TM’s school to the jewelry found by the Miami Dade School Police. Was a pistol stolen from the house? That would derail the efforts to make TM into a civil rights saint.

    I also think the ownership of the pistol shown in what was likely TM”s own hand on his cell phone’s photos is worthy of investigation. The specific manufacturer, model, and caliber can be seen (Smith and Wesson, Sigma SW40VE, .40 S&W caliber). Were any .40 S&W Sigma pistols stolen from the homes around TM’s neighborhood or school in 2011-2012? Did BDLR, FBI, or FDLE ask the local police in Sanford or the Miami area this question? Does the state of Florida or ATF keep a searchable database/records of stolen handguns? I’m sure they do.


  8. sangell says:

    Trayvon’s phone does seem to the ‘Rosetta Stone’ in this case and Corey’s office has spared no effort to conceal what was on that phone to the point of firing its own staffers and dissembling before the judge as to what exactly it had found and done with that device one cannot help but be suspicious that there is more to learn. There are even questions as to the ownership, not only of Trayvon’s phone but the phones of the people Trayvon was talking to that weekend.

    Some might say since Zimmerman was acquitted that its a moot point but is it? This case is about a lot more than the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman. It is about how and why this case was brought and the management of public perceptions. Just because something is not admissible in a court of law does not mean it is irrelevant in the court of public opinion that drove this case forward.

    In a more general sense the modern ‘cell phone’ has become a lot more than a device to talk to people with. For teenagers, in particular, it has become the window into their lives. They store everything on it. For this reason we may need to upgrade how such devices are handled in criminal cases. Obviously most defense attorney will not possess the same level of expertise as State prosecutor offices in extracting and analyzing data stored on these devices.


  9. StormyeyesC says:

    Florida is a TWO PARTY consent state, meaning that you cannot legally record or monitor the phone call of anybody without their consent. Matt Guttman clearly knew this. Crump’s affidavit to the court regarding the initial DeeDee phone call states that the “16” year old’s parent gave consent. I did not hear any consent from either DeeDee or her “parent” on any recordings nor did I ever see any consent in writing (or via email or text). I am sure ABC’s legal department would require consent (as would Crump who knows this law) and must have proof somewhere that consent was given to Guttman prior to “recording” &/or “monitoring” that phone call (his and Crump’s). This would out the parent of the initial DeeDee and open a can of worms. That is one stone that was unturned.


    • Very good point. And while Crump might have been willing to “skirt” the legal issue, I seriously doubt ABC would. I wonder if that consent would be available through a FOIA request to ABC?


      • Auntie Lib says:

        FOIA only applies to government entities. Private businesses have no obligation to provide information to the public. ABC would only be required to produce such information under court subpoena. Which could happen in a civil suit – if it is requested and the judge approves.


        • Absolutely – I knew better than that, actually. Yes, under subpoena, which, in a civil suit, the burden is much lower than in a criminal suit. If GZ ever sues ABC – and he should – perhaps their records regarding Matt Gutman’s involvement with Crump, et. al. could be requested through subpoena. . It sure would be interesting to see.


      • justfactsplz says:

        Good point. I also wonder if you could get a copy of a court order through a FOIA request?


        • StormyeyesC says:

          Could it have been explored by MOM during Crump’s depo?


          • justfactsplz says:

            That is very possible. I heard they had to get a court order to get Tracy to turn over Trayvon’s phone and that it took three weeks. I have yet to see anything about a court order in any of the evidence that has been released.


            • StormyeyesC says:

              OH They collected the heart phone at the scene, NO? And the trail of custody was documented. While we will NEVER know who deleted and messed with that phone, we can rule out most of the players.


              • mommakk51 says:

                Wonder if the heart phone was the phone that Jonathon Manalo said he picked up and put in _Z’s left jacket pocket?

                Wonder why too, we didn’t get any information about the bluetooth business. Was somebody tracking somebody on bluetooth?


                • unitron says:

                  I’m pretty sure he was referring to Zimmerman’s Blackberry, which he’d already seen Zimmerman using and which would have been on the ground where Zimmerman dropped it, near Zimmerman, as opposed to near the body which Manolo was smart enough not to get too close to.


            • Q says:

              Ummm why would they need a court order from Tracy? The phone was in Ms. Candy’s name and the police had possession of it from the crime scene. Tracy never had the phone.


  10. We had a legal situation with some employees some time back (2006 – 2007) and, at the time, we needed to “recover” some voice messages
    that had been automatically deleted after 30 days. I spoke with a rep at AT&T and was told that they do have the ability to retrieve those messages, but they would need a court order to do so.
    If they had the technology then to do that, I would certainly think that they have better technology today. The question would be how to “legally” get those voice messages – assuming it is possible.
    I’ve often wondered about that, also. I never heard any mention of any messages, the content, etc. throughout the entire proceeding. AND, wouldn’t those messages – particularly just prior to and after the event be evidence?? Whoever deleted those messages, then, should be guilty of tampering with evidence.
    My guess is that there was something incriminating or suspicious on them and so they were deleted by either TM’s father, mother, Tracy’s baby mama, or someone with the DA’s office.


    • judylwhelan says:

      Remember the phone was held by SPD in a location next door to the office where Tracy’s baby mama worked. How difficult would that be to know easy access times when no one was likely to be there?


      • I did not know she worked for Sanford PD! Well, there you go. Not difficult at all, I would think. Neither for her or for her to allow Tracy access.


      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        What you say is only partially accurate. The phone was actually being held by the FDLE, not the SPD, and it was held in the FDLE OROC (Orlando Regional Operations Center) evidence vault. Now, people ave said that Brandy Green worked in proximity to that location, which I haven’t personally verified, but even if that is true, she was NOT an FDLE employee, so I seriously doubt that she could have crept in to that location and tampered with the phone. At best, she would have needed assistance by the “gatekeeper” of the evidence vault, Jackie Blue, or someone else inside the FDLE.


        • judy says:

          She worked for the Juvenile section is what I remember but I don’t know if it was FDLE or SPD which I remember someone saying was next door to where evidence is held Thanks for the distinction….way too much info running around in my brain to keep it all straight….just remember the possibility that Brandy or someone “inside” connected with her could have accessed the phone when the question was initially raised of who would have had access to the phone.


  11. Moishe Pipik says:

    I want to find out about the ‘Thee Stooges’ that Trayvon was with. Surely they’re on his phone, too


  12. Your search for the Truth is commendable, but what is most admirable is your calm demeanor in the face of threats and attempted intimidation.

    “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for Justice, for they shall have their fill”…

    What that Beatitude fails to mention is the sheer amount of Preservation/Fortitude you have needed in order to maintain despite indifference or outright malignity. It was probably those qualities which attracted Bill Whittle, I think. The last time I looked – in grabbing the URL to send to someone in Germany – that video stood at 1.8+ views. Authentic integrity is so rare, and so very needed in a time of disintegration. .


  13. judy says:

    Found this Reuters article that speaks of the Crump.NatJack/Julison initial connection that yielded a difficult media “sell” as no one was interested in the beginning…

    “Now Crump and Jackson needed a media strategy. On March 5, Jackson brought in Ryan Julison, a publicist who had worked with her on a number of high-profile cases.

    There was only one problem. At first, the media weren’t interested. Julison pitched the story to a long list of media contacts.

    Eventually, on March 7, Reuters published a story titled “Family of Florida Boy Killed by Neighborhood Watch Seeks Arrest.” The next day, CBS News aired a segment on “This Morning,” and by 10 a.m. a crowd of reporters gathered at Natalie Jackson’s law office for a news conference with Ben Crump and Tracy Martin. A media firestorm had begun.”


  14. justfactsplz says:

    Would there be a way to tell if the content of the phone was deleted, then retrieved, then turned over to SAO and deleted again?


  15. justfactsplz says:

    Also I always thought Tracy deleted it but if the phone was under Sybrina and in her possession she may have done it or Crump had someone do it.


  16. Rachelle says:

    Any word on the motions for sanctions against the prosecutors?


  17. As to the creepy a.. cracker comment that TM allegedly said, here are my 2 cents.

    I follow the world of black youth very closely, especially hip hop music, as I see it as a tsunami of destruction to our black youth, on whose behalf I am a strong advocate. In all my listening and reading, I have never heard that phrase. On the OTHER hand, I hear the phrase pu..y a.. cracka ALL the time, especially from blacks living in the south. In fact, TM tweeted this phrase himself.

    I believe TM referred to GZ as a PAC, and was in NO way worried about being sexually assaulted. RJ simply changed it (probably on the advice of Crump, et al) to bolster the case of TM being in fear of GZ. Had she been HONEST, it would have absolutely bolstered GZ’s case.


  18. I feel that if a visitor from another planet looked in on “black culture” at this exact point in time, they would label it “insane”. It is a very, very evil trick that is being turned on our country’s black youth. The very things they think and do to construct themselves as “authentically black” are the very things that will continue to enslave them. (TM as well, obviously)


  19. StormyeyesC says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Check the tweets of this youthful crowd, they are cringe worthy at best.


  20. Fantasia says:

    I take it you still need some funding for this? I never really see mention, but have seen you say you spent your own monies for FOIA’S. I can donate some, a little, but I suppose every little bit helps, yes?

    I wish I could do more. Not sure of Paypal, is there an alternative way to donate, please?

    I just do not use Paypal for anything but Ebay, and prefer to keep it that way for personal reasons. Contact me by email if you need to.


  21. doodahdaze says:

    Well now that Sharpton is a “defendant” and Zimmerman is a Plaintiff. Well, I wonder why there is an “ongoing” investigation? I doubt it could be nefarious.


  22. Springstreet says:

    The Treehouse talks of investigating the remaining “side issues” but, the issue of the “Left” and “Right” successfully talking to one another has been left untouched.
    I met a fine new member of my wife’s extended family and she shared a “wonderful moment” when her congregation all wore hoodies. I smiled and said I was probably on the other side of that issue … and strangely the conversation ended.
    Later, to my chagrin, I learned that she thought I was offended! So, I offered her some “adult time” but, no thoughts were ever exchanged. In my Liberal family, it was left that “I just had an axe to grind” and “no one wanted to listen to MY facts” and “everybody knows how easy it is to make a semi-automatic automatic” … oh, and “obviously Zimmerman was the aggressor”.


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