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Their Day In Court – The Florida School Bus Thugs Plead Guilty – The 13-year-old Victim Too Worried of Retaliation To Attend Court…

“Joshua is not that person,” Reddin’s mother said, after seeing the video for the first time. “That’s really not him,” McKnight’s dad said. “That’s not his character.” “If someone had told me that, and I had not seen that, I … Continue reading

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Brilliant Tweet By Ted Cruz

Unacceptable: pic.twitter.com/woN4vSjEpE — Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) August 29, 2013

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British Parliament Says NO to Military Involvement In Syria – Prime Minister David Cameron Concedes He Will Not Engage British Military In any Action… What Will Obama Do Now?

Britain Says NO –  Massive loss of support for President Obama’s plan.   The British Parliament votes, and tells their Prime Minister, David Cameron, not to involve British Military in Syria. Mr Miliband [Labor Party Leader] said:  ‘There having been no … Continue reading

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According To Lefty Logic: He Did Not Support President Obama……..

….  Therefore this man is RACIST ! Want proof? How many black British Prime Ministers have there been? See? Toldya….  I’ll bet George Bush even called him.

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Immigration Reform – Congressman Luis Gutiérrez Shows How Insane The Progressive Left Has Become About The Issue….

(Via National Review)  At a town-hall event in Chantilly, Va., yesterday, Gutiérrez told attendees that while he has objections to the immigration bill passed by the Senate earlier this year, he would “vote for that proposal today . . . … Continue reading

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Zimmerman v Zimmerman – The Media Is Giddy…… The Zimmermans are Pawns……

Quite a kerfuffle amid the media scoopers today.    Who really knows the origin of the back story, which has led to this recent news cycle based on the continued liberal goal of isolation, but one thing is certain.   The media are quite … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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