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Crowd Fail – The MLK “Beat Up On Non-Black” Speechy Day Only Drew 20,000

The Grievance Industry said more than 100k would attend.    An average day on the National Mall in DC in August sees about 20,000 – 30,000 tourists.     So today law enforcement estimated the crowd at the Lincoln Memorial around 20,000.   Think about it. … Continue reading

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The Syrian “Gig” – Always Political Optics, All The Time – Obama: Do just enough, “just muscular enough so that I’m not mocked”…

I’m telling ya, this is de-ja-vu all over again…. As expected, the golfer-in-chief looks into his political 8-ball and says about Syria – pick the course of action that makes me look strong, makes me look good enough, not wanting … Continue reading

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Death Sentence Announced for Fort Hood Terrorist….

FORT HOOD, Texas — The Fort Hood gunman, Nidal Hasan, was sentenced to death Wednesday for killing 13 people, most of them unarmed soldiers, in a 2009 shooting rampage. The jury of 13 retired military officers, which convicted Hasan of … Continue reading

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Shellie Zimmerman Takes Plea Deal – Admits Guilt – State of Florida V Shellie Zimmerman

When asked why George Zimmerman was not in the courtroom for his wife’s plea hearing Wednesday, Sims would only say, “That’s an excellent question.”  (link) Shellie Zimmerman misled the court because she had been told by others to say  “maybe … Continue reading

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Ann Dunham’s Boy Is In Charge Now…

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Syria – Been There Done That, and We’re Going To Do It Again…

The current, 2013, political discussion about U.S. intervention in Syria is exactly the same conversation from February 2011 about Libya.   Same argument (R2P), same players (Obama, Power, Rice, Jarrett) and same ideology – The only difference is ignoring the anticipated outcome.  When … Continue reading

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