Oh The Audacity ! George Zimmerman Requests Reimbursement For Defense Expenses…. Orlando Sentinel Says His Acquittal Should Be Enough…

She just can’t seem to stop herself…. even now. “He wants more”? Really Rene? Really?

Bond Hearing Held For Trayvon Martin Shooter George ZimmermanORLANDO –  George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who killed Trayvon Martin, plans to ask the state of Florida to cover $200,000 to $300,000 of his legal expenses, his attorney told the Orlando Sentinel Monday evening.

Because Zimmerman was acquitted, state law requires Florida to pay all his legal costs, minus the biggest one: the fee that goes to his lawyers.

That includes the cost of expert witnesses, travel, depositions, photocopies, even that animated 3-D video that defense attorneys showed jurors during closing argument that depicts Trayvon punching Zimmerman.

Defense attorney Mark O’Mara said Monday that he would soon prepare a motion, asking Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson to authorize the payments.

That motion, he said “is in the works.”

His office is still collecting numbers, he said, but estimated the request would total $200,000 to $300,000.

That would be on top of the estimated $902,000 that public agencies have already spent on Zimmerman’s five-week second-degree murder trial that ended July 13.


[…] For months leading up to the trial, Zimmerman lived in hiding, had no job and lived off donations to his legal defense fund. At one point, he tried to pump up giving by promising each donor a hand-written, signed thank you note.

Although, O’Mara said several times in the months leading up to the trial that defense funds were so low, he might ask the judge to declare Zimmerman indigent, and thus, require the state to pay his legal bills, that never happened.

This upcoming motion, however, would have the same effect.

It would be based on Florida Statute 939.06, which says that a defendant who has been acquitted is not liable for any costs associated with his case and if he’s paid any, he’s due a refund, if approved by a judge or clerk.

The money would come from the Judicial Administrative Commission, the state agency that pays the non-lawyer legal expenses of indigent defendants.

O’Mara said he would ask the judge to certify the costs he submits then expects the commission, which is commonly referred to as JAC, to challenge many.

“That’s where the fight is,” he said.

O’Mara has been paid nothing by Zimmerman, said the defense attorney who bills at a rate of $400 an hour, but he has kept billing records.

O’Mara gave a ballpark estimate of the number of hours he had worked on the case: 40 hours a week for 16 months.

At $400-an-hour, he would be owed slightly more than $1 million.

That does not include any of the work done by co-counsel Don West, who bills at $350 an hour, or O’Mara’s partner, Lorna Truett.  (FULL ARTICLE)

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75 Responses to Oh The Audacity ! George Zimmerman Requests Reimbursement For Defense Expenses…. Orlando Sentinel Says His Acquittal Should Be Enough…

  1. Moishe Pipik says:

    This is simple, isn’t it? State law _requires_ it. The Orlando Sentinel wants the State to violate the Law.


  2. taqiyyologist says:

    I hope you were being sarcastic with “audacity”.

    Zim should also be suing several other organizations, entities, and actors.


  3. eastern2western says:

    Zimmerman should sue os for inventing the forensic scream experts out of thin air.


  4. ctdar says:

    FL should take the $ out of Corey’s & Bernie’s retirement funds they padded last year.


  5. Lou says:

    there never should have been a trial Rene. you were sitting there the whole time, and should know better.


  6. Lou says:

    George should get nasty and call Sybrina out, as well as Corey, Crump, and Tracy.


    • Lottacats says:

      Wouldn’t that be great! And FAIR too!


    • June G says:

      Didn’t the Trayon Martin Foundation – a family trust fund, not a non-profit – take in about $5 million to date? This is for the use of Trayvon’s relatives – how sweet….


    • Coast says:

      As a taxpayer and resident of Florida, I think a class action suit against a number of players and schemers are in order. One is Ryan Julison, which in the words of Sundance… “Their promotion of the fraud makes them willful accomplices”. This guy should pay; he created a fictional narrative and created this fiasco.


  7. John Galt says:

    If the costs for which reimbursement is being sought were previously paid, or at least partially paid, out of donations to Zimmerman, does this mean that MOM and West are going to get paid? Cuz I would rather see them get paid via a malicious prosecution lawsuit.


    • justfactsplz says:

      I was wondering if that is what it meant. Yes let a lawsuit pay them their fees.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Here’s the statute:

      “939.06 Acquitted defendant not liable for costs.—
      (1) A defendant in a criminal prosecution who is acquitted or discharged is not liable for any costs or fees of the court or any ministerial office, or for any charge of subsistence while detained in custody. If the defendant has paid any taxable costs, or fees required under s. 27.52(1)(b), in the case, the clerk or judge shall give him or her a certificate of the payment of such costs, with the items thereof, which, when audited and approved according to law, shall be refunded to the defendant.
      (2) To receive a refund under this section, a defendant must submit a request for the refund to the Justice Administrative Commission on a form and in a manner prescribed by the commission. The defendant must attach to the form an order from the court demonstrating the defendant’s right to the refund and the amount of the refund.”

      And here’s a link to statute 27.52:


      So, once again, Judge Nelson has George by the “short hairs”. This law requires George to provide the JAC with an order from the court demonstrating George’s right to the money. But from what I see here, this applies “costs or fees of the court or any ministerial office.” I don’t see HOW that applies to the fees of expert witnesses. Maybe for deposition costs, and other things, like that, but no attorney’s fees.


    • rickmadigan says:

      “Cuz I would rather see them get paid via a malicious prosecution lawsuit.”

      That was my thought too. So, this motion is going to work in lieu of a malicious prosecution lawsuit, or does George retain the right to sue for having been maliciously prosecuted by Corey and the State?


    • unitron says:

      From The Article:

      “Because Zimmerman was acquitted, state law requires Florida to pay all his legal costs, minus the biggest one: the fee that goes to his lawyers.”

      In other words, O’Mara and West won’t themselves receive any money from the state, but Zimmerman could get re-imbursed for some expenses (“…the cost of expert witnesses, travel, depositions, photocopies, even that animated 3-D video…”)* other than attorney’s fees.

      After that, I guess it’s up to him whether he pays any of that to them.

      Considering that any refund would be a replacement for the donations which were his sole income since the shooting and will probably continue to be his sole income for some time to come, he may be conflicted about that.

      also FTA:

      *O’Mara “…estimated the request would total $200,000 to $300,000.”

      “This upcoming motion… would be based on Florida Statute 939.06, which states that a defendant who has been acquitted is not liable for any costs associated with his case and, if he or she paid anything, they would be due a refund, if approved by a judge or clerk.

      The money would come from the Judicial Administrative Commission, the state agency that pays the non-lawyer legal expenses of indigent defendants.

      O’Mara said he would ask the judge to certify the costs he submits. He then expects the commission, which is commonly referred to as JAC, to challenge many.

      “That’s where the fight is,” he said.”

      And I’m not sure a length constrained tweet really counts as an editorial stance.


      • If it comes from a “fund” to pay the costs, other than attorney’s fees (and the indigent get a state funded attorney) then you can bet he will be disqualified because he was obviously not “indigent” and is seeking reimbursement. You can bet they’ll figure out a way to get around paying anything.
        What George Zimmerman NEEDS to do is sue the State of Florida, Pam Bondi, Angela Corey, Bernie de la Rionda, et. al. and everyone else who was involved in the malicious prosecution. Then he may get somewhere. I haven’t studied the Florida Statutes related to malicious prosecution, but if it is similar to other states, he should have a great case there.
        As to him “deciding” whether or not to pay his attorney’s fees (or some of them) from any recovery may not be entirely up to him, either. He more than likely signed an agreement wherein any monies collected from any reimbursements, malicious prosecutions and/or other civil suits would require first the payment of the attorney’s fees.
        He deserves to live the rest of his life in peace and without fear. If it takes 24/7 protection for him and his family, that cost should be borne by the State of Florida and the Scheme Team/Martin Family for putting him in that position.
        I can’t wait to see what suits are about to start flying. Good for George!

        BTW – Does anyone know when the Hearing on the Brady Violation Sanctions is scheduled?


  8. Lee says:

    The State of Florida should pay the full tab plus damages to the Zimmermans. Did they ever release the money to Fulton from the victim’s fund? They’re willing to rubber stamp the approval of funds to the parents of a 17 year old that attacks a “creepy a** cracka”. Reimbursement for a wrongful prosecution should be a no brainer.


    • justfactsplz says:

      They should take that money and give it to George, he was the victim.


      • Stormy says:



      • lovemygirl says:

        If only he qualified for the victim relief fund $ybrina tried to cash in on.


        • justfactsplz says:

          I think he has the right to still file since he was a victim of violent crime. Sybrina getting in falsely should not affect him getting it. He could speak to a victim’s advocate at the courthouse and they would give him the forms and tell him if he qualifies or not. He can also get a relocation fund if he had to leave his home for safety reasons which he did.


      • rickmadigan says:

        George and Shellie’s families were the victims also, their lives completely undone, they lost their jobs, they had to go into hiding, they were terrorized with death threats, young, old, sick, needing hospital attention, security, new homes, not being able to show their faces publically, were they ever the victims, oy!


        • justfactsplz says:

          Of course they were victims in our eyes but not in the legal world. George was the victim of a violent crime just like my daughter was. She qualified for the fund and even though I was victiimized I didn’t. See? What George and Shellie’s families have endured has been made light of. George’s dad had just had a recent heart attack, his grandmother was ailing, Shellie was so close to graduating nursing school, both sets of parents and syblings were uprooted moving from place to place, little money, and great expenses. And death threats, lots of them. It makes me sick to think of all of those nice sweet people being victims. My thoughts are ever with Shellie these days. I remember the last time I saw her and how bad I felt for her. I want them to drop the charges on her. She is not a convict and does not belong on probation or in jail. Pray, pray, pray for Shellie. The tears of joy on her face when the verdict was read in George’s trial will forever be in my memory.


          • justfactsplz says:

            That is the first time that has happened to me. Was there something wrong with my comment? If so, I would like to know what was wrong about it for future reference.


          • rickmadigan says:

            “The tears of joy on her face when the verdict was read in George’s trial will forever be in my memory.”

            That is beautiful JFP, thank you. Shellie is pure love to George, God bless them with many beautiful years full of life ahead


  9. aprilyn43 says:

    May be the State of Florida should send the bill to President Obama and Att’y Gen. Eric Holder, who demanded this trial. After all, the police always said Zimmerman killed Martin in “self” defense !!

    I don’t think the State of Florida and its residents should have to “foot” the government bill, we have enough problems.


  10. Can he sue the idiot who invented the term ‘White Hispanic”?


  11. Lynn says:

    On my local Florida news, they said the NAACP has over a million signatures and is asking Holder to charge George with violating TM ‘s cival rights. Then they told how Omara is asking Florida to reimburse George and have them pay for everything.The news guy sounded like he thought it was a sick.thing to do. I hate the liberal media. I wonder if George will ever be able to live in peace again..


    • ZurichMike says:

      I bet that if they asked the million people who allegedly signed the petition “Which civil rights of TM did GZ violate? How were they violated?” there would be ZERO responses.


      • LittleLaughter says:

        Nah, They’d respond with “The right to punch a ‘Creepy-Azz-Crackah’ & beat the daylights out of him because he got out of the car”!


  12. Naomi Blue says:

    The state should pay him all he asks for. Then the state should recoup the money from all the race baiters who stirred the whole country up into a “whoop-a**” lynch mob without a shred of evidence that any crime had been committed. The race-baiters are the media and everyone who was pulling their strings.


  13. Murse says:

    The Orlando Sentinel should chip in as well. The Sentinel played a huge part in the malicious prosecution of Zimmerman.


  14. waltherppk says:

    Because of the quadruple multiplier for malice, Zimmermans lawsuit in aggregate settlement should be no less than 10 million dollars and should actually be more than that due to the aggravating libel, slander, defamation, also involving criminal conspiracy and RICO aspects attendant to a malicious prosecution where the State of Florida and others are liable also for civil rights violations under 42 USC 1983 and related statutes involving conspiracy. Everybody on the wrong side of this should be sued until the cows come home or they settle or pay judgements for damages.


  15. waltherppk says:

    It would be nice if George Zimmerman was rich enough to just make an acquisition of the media office buildings from which the defamatory attacks against his family were made, send demolition crews to level those office buildings to the ground and erect public restrooms on the sites as a memorial in perpetuity, in recognition of the utility of the sewers which were the only salvageable usefulness of the edifices that stood there before.


  16. lovemygirl says:

    My eyes are getting tired, I read “Special Prosecutor Angela Corey and her assistants…” as
    “Special Prosecutor Angela Corey and her assassins…” 🙂


  17. myopiafree says:

    Additional Details:


    If you are totally innocent (as George was) and the state CAUSES YOU a $300,000 bill – the State owes you the money. George will be broke for life – if Florida does not pay for its malicious prosecution based on a lying witness and a totally false Probable-Cause document.


  18. flaladybug says:

    As a Florida taxpayer, this is one settlement that I TRULY HOPE will be the LARGEST settlement in a florida History!!! There is NO amount of money that could ever replace what George and his family has lost during this Malicious Persecution, but I think somewhere around $50 Million would be an amount I would have no problem paying more in taxes to award him for the HELL the State of Florida put them through!!

    Prayers to you Zimmerman Family 😉


  19. The kangaroo trial was over for a long time – does anybody know whether some lawsuits for slander and/or libel are in the works, besides the NBC one? What happens with that one, by the way?

    Mr. Zimmerman [the father], if you read this, please try to get broke as many of the enemies of your son as possible. You saw where forgiveness and mealy-mouthness took you so far!

    I would love to see George Zimmerman rich enough to buy his own island! Besides wartime exceptions and aberrations, never in American history was one single innocent citizen persecuted in such a manner by so many government branches, including the racist, hateful, petty “president” himself.


  20. mommakk51 says:

    States release inmates that were convicted and spent many years in prison, but were then “exonorated” by new DNA evidence. Pay them millions of dollars. Here we have one who wasn’t guilty, wasn’t convicted, but was ruined in all of the same ways as far as living well. Total freaking travesty! Don’t cut them ANY slack George!


  21. dws says:

    Ugh. How do you deal with the mindset of Rene Stutzman? As if the state did GZ a favor by acquitting him? He was acquitted by a jury of his peers, so the “wants more” from the state has nothing to do with the acquittal. And we shouldn’t have to “want” justice, it is a right. And besides being the law, reimbursement doesn’t even touch the malicious prosecution, persecution and slander by the state of Florida and those representing the state, namely Bernie, Angela, and Pam. But Rene Stutzman is offended by or puzzled that George should “want” what is his legal right, i.e reimbursement, after what she apparently views as the gift of acquittal. Like a boy who is given cookies and milk, but now wants a cake. But you should include the image with Rene in her TM hoody. Doesn’t that say it all? http://www.re-newsit.com/2012_08_14_archive.html


  22. David says:

    Reblogged this on Liberty: There is No Greater Cause and commented:
    Florida state law REQUIRES that these expenses be paid by the state. This is a routine proceeding other than the bickering over some of the details. As the article states, not one dime is going to his defense council, and they yet to have received anything from George Zimmerman himself, as he has nothing. He signed his life away to O’Mara in order for him to be his counsel. The continuation of making the man, who has been found not guilty of any crime into a monster racist kid killer is embarrassing. It says much about the moral standards of those perpetuating it and of our state as a failing nation. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Change happens at the individual level, until people return to moral and virtuous lives, we are doomed. When will those with higher standards carve out a piece of this land and make Liberty, Honor, and Self-Respect their credo?


  23. StormyeyesC says:

    I know a good witness…………..Alan Dershowitz! I’m sure he would testify for free too.!


  24. Darkman says:

    George Zimmerman defense: We’ll ask but we expect state to pay just a fraction of his $200k to $300k in legal costs

    By Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel
    6:47 p.m. EDT, August 27, 2013



  25. Andrew says:

    The taxpayers of Florida shouldn’t pay this. Angela Corey and the other prosecutors who pushed ahead with this case despite the overwhelming lack of evidence should pay for it. And then be disbarred. And imprisoned.

    And in a just world, Obama would have to pay a chunk of it too for “poisoning the well” so to speak with his “if I had a son” comments


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