Rose City School Board Determines Michigan Teachers Who Support Teacher-Rapist Will Remain On Staff – Fear of Legal Risk Determine Outcome

Last night the Rose City School Board went in to a closed session to determine what action, if any, they could take against Rose City teachers who openly support a fellow teacher who is now a convicted child RAPIST/molester.

MICHIGAN – At approximately 11:30pm the board came back from closed session and announced it is not going to fire the teachers!

Immediately the room begins to clear people are walking out on what is a sad outcome for the Janczewski Family and their supporters.

It looks like the only option is to replace the board. Pull your kids from their classes , move, change schools who knows what families here in Ogemaw county will do to protect their children from sick people. (LINK)

The Blaze reports:

“We believe the letters written by the teachers may be protected under First Amendment rights and that any disciplinary action will subject us to expensive, and potentially lengthy, lawsuits,” board President Jack Money read in a statement announcing the decision.


The victim’s mother, Lori Janczewski, told Glenn Beck on radio Tuesday that she actually could have lived with the knowledge that the teachers were still, ostensibly, caring for and educating other children had it not been for the way they defended the convicted child molester.

“They put at the bottom of their letters that there was no harm done to our son, he’s a straight‑A student,” Janczewski said. “I can’t live with that,” she said. “They had no idea. And how dare they…”

Janczewski said when their son was around 13-years-old, when the molestation happened, their household became a “living hell,” and they had no idea why. (continue reading)

—————- Our initial story outlined below ————

This is a story that SCREAMS for attention. In Michigan a family has been, and continues to be, brutalized by a systemic rot within the school system. A rot that perpetrates, and unbelievably as it sounds, excuses CHILD RAPE – despite the community outrage.

This just came onto our radar screen. However, a cursory review shows this storyline has a similar disposition to the Penn State, Sandusky scandal. The Janczewski’s son was brutally raped over a period exceeding three years (2006-2009) by his middle school math teacher, Neal Erickson.

Years later, in 2012, an anonymous tipster alerted authorities to video and pictures on Child Porn websites of their son and his teacher engaged in oral sex, and worse.

The story is just horrific, vile and made all the more astounding because there is a community of teachers openly supporting the child rapist. The repeated rape is not an allegation, it has been proven, Neal Erickson has admitted to it, and he has recently been sent to prison.

However, the rapist has supporters – Open and Public supporters. Supporters who are teachers themselves and who are actively teaching in the same schools. Supporters who are angry at the Janczewski family for assisting the authorities in filing charges. And it gets worse – much worse. The best identifiable summary of the backstory is available HERE.

Here are some of the issues we have identified as being sidelined by the media so far:

neil erickson

The rapist, the middle school math teacher, Mr. Neal Erickson, was a former President of The Michigan Educational Association. The Michigan teachers union. Which explains why the national media will not highlight, or go near this story.

The Parents were threatened, if they went forward with prosecution of Mr. Erickson, they would suffer retaliation. The threats were not just veiled – they were carried out. The Janczewski’s garage was burned down, their house barely escaping the fire and the message “I Told You – You Will Pay” scrawled on the side of their home.

Despite the protestations that Erickson was not a habitual child rapist, common sense begs to differ. The fact he along with his victim are pictured on a porn site, means there were others involved. Who took the pictures? Where is their accountability?

Who is the anonymous source who reached out to the Board of Education and School Superintendent with the pornographic pictures of the abuse? Why has there been no additional search for victims?

The School Board actually had membership who sat with the admitted rapist during the sentencing hearing. The support for the rapist so egregious even the judge had to admonish them for their audacity and detachment from reality.

Here is a link to some of the letters written in support:

The School Board is meeting next week to determine if the local teachers can be disciplined or removed from their responsibilities.

The GRIPPING STENCH of the teachers UNION is thick on this one.

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35 Responses to Rose City School Board Determines Michigan Teachers Who Support Teacher-Rapist Will Remain On Staff – Fear of Legal Risk Determine Outcome

  1. lovemygirl says:

    It just reminds me how times have changed. When I first started working for a large Corporation many moons ago they took pride in the fact if they were wrong they would pay to make it right but if they were right they would spare no expense defending themselves. Now it is which is cheaper no matter what right and wrong may be.


  2. Wizzum says:

    Ughhh, but that is what is to be expected. Closer and closer to the end days of the Roman Empire. If O pulls out a fiddle I think it will do me in.


  3. PatriotUSA says:

    Predictable and protect the teachers at all costs and sacrifice the boy and ENSURE he and his family will be hurt even more. This is what is wrong with education in America. NO wonder so many people refer to schools as SCREWELS.


  4. czarowniczy says:

    Apropos to two different posts -talked to a woman today who had taken her daughter off of the local school bus as there were too many bullies on it. She’d made numerous complaints to the person at the school board in charge of the busing about the bullying on the buses. The board found some sharpie bureaucrat who made a pronouncement that the board only contracts the buses from private providers and leaves all of the responsibility of what happens twixt pick-up and drop-off to the individually contracted drivers. The school system has no has no SOPs or agreements other than the driver’s contracts and therefore no responsibility. I took her off for a cup of coffee and explained how joint and several liability can be her friend, especially as the school takes Federal $$$. School t each but they don’t seem to learn. You can’t pet a skunk and not come away stinky.


    • Stormy says:

      Bless her heart… the bullies are not just on the bus… they are at the school, too.

      Exactly… dirt rubs off, clean doesn’t 😉


      • czarowniczy says:

        The school was refusing to provide required assistance for a DD son of a neighbor – neighbor didn’t know my wife was in charge of Federal compliance for a state DD institution for 25 years when she complained over coffee. Neighbor went in to the school’s principal with an ADA-based plan that included chapter and verse of what assistance the school had to provide her son by law and the name and phone number of the Federal official to contact if they refused to comply. Teachers forget that the schools are OURS and not theirs – they just work for us.


  5. Cesar BBiano says:

    “It’s okay to be gay…even if you cheat on your wife by raping children”

    Another progressive milestone! lol


  6. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Well, another group of gutless politicians have refused to do what is RIGHT, because they feel threatened by a union of people who know what is right, but let their misguided loyalties for one another to subjugate their consciences that TELL them their true responsibility should be to protect the children they are entrusted to teach and protect.

    I just hope that no other child is victimized because of their corrupted sense of loyalties.


  7. sundance says:

    What if no parent allows their kids to be in the classroom of the teachers involved ?

    Wouldn’t that flip the power back to the parents ? I just can’t imagine having a child in that school system and running the risk of my son/daughter being around such minded teachers. It’s just too risky….

    I’m not trying to deny a teacher’s ability to have an opinion – but just find a way for a parent to be empowered to act in the face of that opinion.

    I mean, these Teachers being discussed are a little fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing.


    • AdukeLAXobserver says:

      The school would likely use the power of the state to force this kids to attend their class. It doesn’t seem like the majority of the parents care anyway since 300 showed up in a school that has 2000 children. But maybe over time more parents well not want these teachers around. But still if the administration and the school board doesn’t want to fire the teachers there isn’t much the parents can do other than send their kids to private school. And most parents don’t have the money to send their children to private school.


      • Stormy says:

        Home School Legal Defense Association… don’t stay home without it.

        They have the way to unenroll your student so you don’t get “tracked”… they have the answers to questions you haven’t thought of yet.


        • AdukeLAXobserver says:

          But most parents won’t do that either.


          • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

            Not yet. But things are going to get much worse. Dickensian worse. At this point, there is a well organized homeschool structure in place and the law still allows for it, so those who want out of the system have plenty of resources and help.

            But you are correct, most parents are products of the public school system themselves, and as such, have a difficult time in the self-sufficiency ‘we need to do whatever it takes’ department. They have been molded into worker bees for the State and do not understand their God-given right of self-determination.


      • Something like this, at least as a ‘stop gap’ until another option is found. Not necessarily helpful for the most vulnerable students though.


  8. J'hn1 says:

    This is a problem that can be solved with school district funded school vouchers. If the school wants deviant teachers, and those parents who do not want deviant teachers for their teachers opt out, the school district has fewer students to teach with fewer $.
    Lay off the surplus teachers and blame the deviants when the union complains.


    • AdukeLAXobserver says:

      Yes, vouchers could very well solve most problems schools have today. And the teacher unions and liberals well fight as hard as they can to prevent it from happening nation wide.


      • J'hn1 says:

        Not just vouchers, but school district funded vouchers. The administration needs to have the money wasted taken away, and if they don’t like that then force aside the obstructions and make the schools ones that they parents want the kids to attend.

        And, if the District gets $8,000 per student (local taxes and state and Federal funding combined) then that is the voucher payout(well, if the non-religious class hours equal the public school class hours).


        • What difference does it make if religious studies are included? History books now have an extensive chapter on Muslim/Islam and entirely neglect Christianity and Judaism.
          Religion teaches much more than ‘religion’. I would venture to guess that Religious school attendees do better on Standardized Testing and graduation rates than public schools…. what difference does it make what the ‘classes’ are to meet that end?

          Children can be ‘homeschooled’ in the grocery store, kitchen, and garage/workshop in the elementary school years and learn more than they do in public schools AND learn to apply what they have learned.


          • J'hn1 says:

            I was trying to avoid a lost fight.
            Courts have already determined that state (taxpayer’s) monies can’t be used in anything that in any fashion promotes or recognizes Christianity or Judaism. Already lost case.

            IIRC, Islam is allowed, mandated even.

            By avoiding counting religious classes against the class hour total I was trying to avoid an excuse for the judges to rule in the Union’s favor against vouchers.


  9. Stormy says:

    Yes, or they could start a school using accredited curriculum and still graduate from an “accredited high school.” They can also homeschool that way… sending the school work to the accredited curriculum place to be graded. There a quite a few options.


  10. Wraith says:

    I’ll keep saying it, as often as I have to.

    Sending your children to Publik Skool IS CHILD ABUSE.


    • maryfrommarin says:

      Yes, just think what delights await California parents, when their public-school-enrolled children have to cope with males and females (or “others”) wandering in and out of whichever bathroom and locker strikes their sexualized fancy on any particular day. And that will be protected by State law.

      IMHO, every public school in CA ought to look like a ghost town come January 1, 2014, when this law takes effect.

      Home school or private school, home school or private school. The CA public schools have just become permanent child abuse locations.


  11. Black Betty says:

    Here is an unpopular statement: The school board made the right decision. The teachers ARE protected by the 1st Amendment.

    However, free speech has consequences. And the school board is about to find out just how bad the consequences of not dealing with these teachers’ gaping moral inequities is going to be. If anyone has seen the clips of the school board hearing or researched this, then you know that the West Branch School District in Rose City receives around $7,000 per student. Keep that number in your head as you start counting the students fleeing the school district.

    Now, approximately 35 students have already been pulled from the district as a result of the actions of these teachers. They have been transferred to a competing charter school (Charleton Heston Academy, St. Helen) in a nearby town. An additional 25 have been put on a waiting list to get into that school. The charter facility has announced that they only need 40 more students (100 total) from the West Branch District to open a charter branch in Rose City. After the results of the hearing, parents have already stated they will begin pulling their children from WBSD.

    So…who wants to place bets on how many students will leave and how much money will be lost. How many teachers do you think will end up being laid off as a result of this colossal fiasco?

    Charleton Heston Academy: Fastest growing charter school in Michigan.


    • St. Benedict's Thistle says:


      However, what do you want to bet that it will be the younger teachers (ones not involved in the fiasco) who will be laid off? Or support staff.

      This is, at its core, a union issue. The union is supporting and protecting the pedophile and the other teachers.

      The parents should flee that school by any and all means.


      • Black Betty says:

        The younger teachers will probably end up at Charleton Heston. Eventually, those 6 teachers will lose their jobs. The district simply can’t afford to keep them. I suspect that parents will start filing complaints. Children will start filing complaints. Other teachers will start filing complaints. After a year or two, the district will have enough to give all of them pink slips. One or two might survive. But the others will be gone. Mrs. Erickson will be gone.

        It will be interesting to see how bad the bloodletting of the school district will be until they get rid of them. I did find it interesting that Erickson was the former union President. The newspapers really don’t want to advertise that little fact, do they?


    • Black Betty says:

      Ok…I have thought on this and I have reconsidered my position.

      This is not about the 1st Amendment or free speech. I will not deny that the teachers have a right to speak their minds, but this not about speech.

      Because of the actions of the teachers and the board member, the parents simply can no longer trust that their children will be protected from harm. They can no longer trust that if any of these teachers discover that their children are victims of wrongdoing (ie: molestation, bullying, violence, etc), they will take action to report it. In fact, these parents have every reason to suspect that these teachers will actually cover up any illicit activity they come across.

      When these teachers and board member chose to correspond with a criminal court of law on behalf of a pedophile, they demonstrated a gross inability to distinguish their personal entanglements from their legal obligations to protect minor children. According to Michigan statute MCL 722.621, educators have a legal duty to report suspected sexual abuse of minors. Many of the letters that were written call into serious question as to whether these educators would comply with that law. In the case of Mr. Erickson, it’s fairly clear they would have covered up his crime.

      Based on that, they can not be allowed back in a classroom or around children.


  12. charlotte says:

    I spent the whole of Sunday and Monday reading up about this. I also read the J Family’s FB support page-it was still open.(it has now been made a closed group) I was upset by what I read.Most people in Ogemaw wanted the teachers fired and Eagan to resign. Huber, one of the teachers who wrote a letter of support for that pedophile Erickson, is married to Eagan. There was a conflict of interest here. since they both supported the pedophile. Eagan went into a closed meeting with the Board-about HIS requested resignation. There were hints from posters that there had been other instances of abuse at that school. A person who worked at some official agency has threatened to blow the the whole thing wide open with proof of abuse and coverups. Someone called the arson of the garage an attempted murder crime.

    A student who had been at the school a few years ago, said some of the boys in his class had been seduced by one of those teachers, who literally “showed her v…..” Her underwear was always showing. He said he would have been one of those boys who had sex with her but he was too shy and couldn’t bring himself to do it. One of the teachers had several students at the school as FB friends. Reading between the lines, it seems some know what had been going on but didn’t want a can of worms opened because of the victims who may still be living in that area.

    This is what one woman posted: “People need to do some home work , 3 teachers in WBRC school district have been in jail for crimes dealing with children one got 3 yrs one got 90 days one got 15 to 30 years. (this last one is obviously Erickson) Some of the letter writing teachers worked with them all. This needs to stop the teachers are tired of writing letters. haha And I am not saying they wrote any other letters but how do we know. But if they cannot learn from one they are to groomed to ever know what to do.”

    Another thing that came out was that one of those letter-of-support-writing teachers, I think it was Lee, had gotten the 12 yr old kids in her class TO WRITE LETTERS OF SUPPORT FOR ERICKSON THE PEDOPHILE.A FEW KIDS REFUSED TO DO SO. I MEAN MAKING 12 YR OLDS WRITE SUCH LETTERS? When the parents found out, they were livid. Allegedly the letters have been shredded.

    There are serious problems at that school and in that district. I felt physically ill when reading the stuff. I felt so sorry for the J family.they don’t deserve this, esp since Mrs J is battling cancer and spots had been found in her lungs. I just wish that there was something we could do. Glen Beck has already helped by having their garage rebuilt.


  13. charlotte says:

    For those interested I found this:

    Heres’ the list for the whole of Michigan:

    and for Rose City-69 sex offenders:


  14. John Galt says:

    Freedom of speech? What about the Florida cop that was fired for posting on facebook that Trayvon was a thug? Defending a teacher who rapes a child is free speech, but calling a thug a thug is grounds for termination? This 1st Amendment stuff is confusing.


  15. Scallop says:

    Mike Eagan (Board Member)
    832 W Finerty Rd West Branch, MI 48661-9350

    Amy Huber Eagan (Teacher)…ation.html
    832 W Finerty Rd West Branch, MI 48661-9350

    Sally A. Campbell (Retired Teacher)…t_517.html
    1221 N Silverleaf St Gladwin, MI 48624-1145

    Harriet H. Coe (Retired Teacher)…st_18.html
    2289 Rose City Rd Lupton, MI 48635-9715

    Toni Erikson (Pedo’s Wife)…_8483.html

    Sandi Lee (Teacher & related to Eriksons)…_6913.html
    (989) 362-2836
    400 North St Tawas City, MI 48763

    Marilyn S. Glover (4th Grade Teacher)…_7022.html
    (313) 345-2496
    594 Tall Timber Trl. West Branch, MI 48661

    Kathleen M. Palmer (Teacher)…_2111.html
    4645 Elm Dr West Branch, MI 48661-9676

    Carol Rau (Teacher)
    5046 Samantha Lynn Dr West Branch, MI 48661-9163



  16. t carr says:

    Parents need to pull their children out of Rose City Schools period. How can you allow your child to be taught by a teacher and it’s district and mea who supports a convicted child molester??? There are no excuses by any of you. Rose City should be totally ashamed. It’s criminal the way you’ve shown no support to that family. You Disgust me. Teachers supporting a convicted rapist of a 13 year old boy. It’s pure rape. Once again the only way to get these teachers out remove your children so they’ll have no one to teach.


  17. timidlady says:

    This is the general behavior of this state. I was pregnant at 15 and in this state that is rape. They never prosecuted. They paid me to go to schools in two counties as a teen pregnancy prevention “measure” and speak. I spoke to hundreds of people which included law enforcement and teachers at public facilities. It was never reported. I didn’t even know it was against the law until I was grown up, many years later. If you think these behaviors cause no harm: my first husband was the coworker of my son’s father. he admitted to the police to being addicted to child pornography. There was no prosecution. He admitted it again in family court and the judge said it was not relevant in our custody trial. He laughingly said that his interest in child porn was my fault. I made a suicide attempt and collapsed in a gas station. People stepped over me to buy their cigarettes and the cashier had to stop talking to 911 and ring them up. I attempted to leave the state and was given supervised visitation of my son. He was given to the father that said he was addicted to child pornography. I take that as I’m not allowed to leave. I was raped a few years ago by a man who belittled my religious beliefs and called me a “nigga”. No, I am not black. I reported it to the FBI. No response. I finally spoke to an officer who made an appointment to come to my home. She made me sit in her car and I felt like I was a criminal. I cried the contact out of my eye. It was scary and it hurt. Believe me, this isn’t just a school issue. It is “Pure Michigan”. But as much as I’d like to say, it’s Michigan, it’s more than that. Because I contacted the White House when I received no response because the man who raped me was a serious Obama fan and used his name while he raped me. And I am a Mormon and while I don’t vote, and I wouldn’t vote for Mitt I think that man felt empowered and I am pretty sure right now Mitt is sitting around being a “raped me”, too. People don’t like to acknowledge victims. They are ugly to them. And it doesn’t matter if you struggle or do well. If you are a victim they will treat you like someone to blame. That’s society. It doesn’t matter if you are grown, a woman, or a race or religious creed.


    • Menagerie says:

      You are a valiant lady. My prayers are with you on your journey. I hope that you are able to find the help you need to heal. I admire your courage and your strength.

      You are very welcome to join our conversations here in the tree house if you would like to stick around. We have some good friends here.


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