Mona Nelson Trial: The Blow Torch Killer – Prosecution Loses Line-up ID As Evidence – Trial Resumes Next Week

In Houston Texas a middle-aged black woman named Mona Nelson kidnapped a 12-year-old white boy from his home on Christmas Eve 2010.  She tied him up with string, then burned him with a blowtorch, and dumped his body in a ditch.  

Nelson’s bench trial began last week – no jury (per her request).

Mona Yevette Nelson 2

The reporting on this story is scant at best, mostly local, and poorly done.   The latest article about the trial is a testament to such horrid journalism – SEE HERE

The prosecution lost the affirmative eye witness lineup as evidence because Mona Nelson looked so masculine the police could not find similar looking females.   Initially, because of her physique and appearance, the eye-witness thought she was a man.   Against the backdrop of five additional females in a line-up looking like women, Nelson stood out like the brutal killer she is.

The judge has thrown out the line-up as evidence. 


Jonathan FosterMona Nelson

The defense asked the detective (who conducted the line-up) if he should have considered using men.  The detective agreed it might have been something to consider.  When the defense followed up and said: “why didn’t you“?  The detective responded, ” I can’t imagine my position in this courtroom today if we’d have put five men in that lineup.”

The ABC article outlines the rest of the details, but watch the local news video at the link to understand the “burned carpet” evidence.    It is about 12 foot square.  (available here)

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9 Responses to Mona Nelson Trial: The Blow Torch Killer – Prosecution Loses Line-up ID As Evidence – Trial Resumes Next Week

  1. Yes, the news coverage here has been scant. I prefer KHOU to KTRK (ABC 13). Here is an article from early on wherein Quannel X involved himself in defending Mona Nelson. He’s our local Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Samir Shabazz all rolled into one:


    • Wizzum says:

      He’s a total scum bag, I cannot understand why he is not in prison permanently. There is also lots of report of him extorting the people he says he is supposed to help. Wikipedia link is interesting.


      • Yes, he’s bad. He’s worse than bad, actually. And yes, he extorts, steals and rabble rouses. He is an egotistical piece of garbage who sees himself on the national BGI stage. They won’t even have him. But he’s created his own little fiefdom here in the Houston area. None of us here understand why the local media keeps giving him a voice – we’ve written repeatedly asking them not to, but, alas, every time he picks up his mic and heads out, they follow.


  2. I just don’t want to read about how the step dad got involved but I trust nothing at this point…


  3. ZurichMike says:

    A bit different having the judge acting as both trier or fact and arbiter of law. She is no dummy, and realizes the line-ups are imperfect — the salient point is that the guy recognized her.


  4. LHlaredo says:

    I’ve reading about this story for quite some time already, they have the impression that “monster” is a serial killer. It’s also assumed that she didn’t have a motive to kill the child, but their are a couple of theories why she would had done it. The one I pin my suspicions on is “revenge”, being that the supposed “babysitter” for Jonathan was the live-in “friend” of Nelson, who by all accounts is “happy”. The only reason I see the prosecutor failing to use this as the “motive” for the sadistic murder by Nelson (monster), is because of the prominent picture of her and the “gay” Mayor, who’s up for reelection on November the 5th.


  5. czarowniczy says:

    You’d think that as many New Orleanians as we loaned Houston due to Katrina that there’d be some coverage of the trial on the local stations – nil, nothing, nada – nada damn thing.


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