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A New Motto – Suck It Up

It seems we have been on a roll this week. I shall refer to it in the Treehouse History as the Week Of The Offended. Over the course of the last several years, this blog has grown, and more people … Continue reading

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Good Interview With Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday…. Interesting Exchange

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Why We Need A Third Political Party

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Sybrina Fulton: New York Stop and Frisk Policy is Racial Profiling – Just Like What Was Done To Trayvon

(Via Mediaite)  On Meet the Press Sunday morning, Trayvon Martin’s mother Sabrina Fulton denounced New York City’s Stop and Frisk law, arguing that it was part and parcel with the racial profiling George Zimmerman used when he approached Martin before … Continue reading

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Chris Christie Veto’s The Gun Control Law He Asked His Legislature To Write…

Before Matt Drudge, and all the other pontificating Republican country club apologists, jump out to support their new doomed for failure shiny thing candidate  John McCain Mitt Romney Chris Christie, let me just point out he’s another road to nowhere.  Chris Christie … Continue reading

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Shock and Awe: Julian Assange Supports Rand Paul, Strongly – Far Left Liberals Stunned, Lost, Perplexed, Confused…. and It Gets Worse….

Liberals coast to coast must be stunned at the shockwave in the dark force. Not only does far-left liberal hero Julian Assange think Rand Paul is the “only hope” for U.S. politics, Assange equates opposition to drone attacks -and yet … Continue reading

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Mona Nelson Trial: The Blow Torch Killer – Prosecution Loses Line-up ID As Evidence – Trial Resumes Next Week

In Houston Texas a middle-aged black woman named Mona Nelson kidnapped a 12-year-old white boy from his home on Christmas Eve 2010.  She tied him up with string, then burned him with a blowtorch, and dumped his body in a ditch.   … Continue reading

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