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BENGHAZI – Sharyl Attkisson Continues To Hit Roadblocks and Administration Refusals To Release Information – There’s Danger In The White House Timeline She Seeks…..

We know of only two certainties within the White House timeline during the night of 9/11/12: 1. That both Obama and Biden were on the phone with Benjamin Netanyahu between 6:30 and 7:28pm DC time. 2. That President Obama and … Continue reading

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Honoring The School Bus Students – “My son ain’t never been no bad person, he just got mixed [up] with bad people, that’s all He’s sorry.”

Credit – concept origination here

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Idiotic Pontificator Joe Scarborough Gets It All Wrong…. All Of It.

Rare is the video when you can show EVERYTHING that is wrong with pinky ring wearing, crust less sandwich eating, mealy mouthed, wish-washy, go along to get along, Decepticon Republican party.     But MSNBC Joe Scarborough personifies all of those attributes … Continue reading

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Egyptian Military Chief Vows To Rebuild Coptic Christian Churches Destroyed By Muslim Brotherhood…

EGYPT – The Egyptian defense minister has ordered the repair and reconstruction of all churches that suffered damage in the country’s violent demonstrations since the Egyptian military removed President Mohamed Morsi from power last month. Defense minister Col. Gen. Abdel … Continue reading

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Tell A Joke Time!

Why haven’t we had a joke thread in so long? We used to have such a good time with it. Bring out the big guns, guys, it’s time to have some fun. Keep it PG rated, and if you have … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Shameless Michigan Propaganda – The Woodward Dream Cruise 2013

Just in case you haven’t heard of it, The Woodward Dream Cruise has been an annual event for the past 19 years in suburban Detroit.  One Saturday in mid-August Woodward Avenue (Michigan Highway 1), is once again the home of … Continue reading

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