Very In Depth Analysis Of: “The Hunting of George Zimmerman”…..

Interesting and VERY comprehensive construction of the George Zimmerman story by a South African Journalist –  James Myburgh.   A “mere snippet” reflects:

[…]  In the chapter on “national delusions” in his 1852 work Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Charles MacKay noted how “In reading the history of nations, we find that, like individuals, they have their whims and their peculiarities; their seasons of excitement and recklessness, when they care not what they do. We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object, and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first. “


The Trayvon Martin story is a case study in how, even in the modern day, an advanced industrialised democracy can completely lose its senses; and how difficult it is for it to then recover them. In this particular matter a whole society seemingly fixed its mind on the one object of having George Zimmerman arrested, convicted and sent to jail for life, in reckless disregard of the evidence and the law. The mainstream media, so-called civil rights organisations, the Democrat President of the US, the US Attorney General, the Republican Governor of Florida and his Attorney General, and State Attorney Angela Corey all combined forces in an effort to destroy a single, isolated individual.

Yet, as documented above, we now know that the incendiary claims made by the Martin family team – which ignited and then fuelled this state of national hysteria – were almost all bogus. Zimmerman’s legal team came very close to proving, beyond reasonable doubt, that their client had acted in reasonable fear of his life and great bodily injury in shooting Trayvon Martin; an inversion of the usual burden of proof. The Sanford police knew from the beginning that the evidence tended to support Zimmerman’s self-defence claim which is why they had been reluctant to make an arrest.

The failures of the mainstream media in their reporting on this case were manifold. The claims of the Martin family team should have, from the beginning, been treated with some degree of caution. Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, and their lawyers, had two motivations in campaigning in the way that they did for the arrest of George Zimmerman. The one was obviously vengeance, the other greed. Following the arrest of Zimmerman Benjamin Crump sent a letter on May 9 to the Retreat at Twin Lakes’ Homeowners’ Association announcing the intention of Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton to file suit. This had always been the intention of the Martin family and their lawyers. Natalie Jackson had sent a letter to the HOA on March 14 2012 demanding that they preserve any evidence relating to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The Martin team reached a settlement agreement with the HOA’s insurers in early April 2013, which Zimmerman’s lawyers estimated amounted to over a million dollars.

Such precautionary scepticism should have been redoubled once the Martin family team had been caught out, very early on, lying about Trayvon Martin’s school record and the existence of and reasons for his multiple suspensions. Instead, they were repeatedly given a free pass, even by the more critically minded journalists and commentators.

The media should also have known to hold back from judgment during the crucial period in which the Sanford police were not publicly divulging the evidence they had at their disposal. Reporters and editors also needed to keep their cool as the mood of national hysteria started building; instead many lost their heads and ran off to join the mob.

From late March 2012 evidence started emerging both of Trayvon Martin’s troubled recent past and of what had actually transpired on the night of February 26 2012. But while individual pieces of evidence were reported on, the mainstream media appeared to be disinterested in seriously challenging the narrative that had been constructed by the Martin family team. Indeed, much media reporting of this time displayed all the symptoms of confirmatory bias: Poorly vetted and inflammatory stories were run in support of the Martin team’s narrative, while substantive evidence that contradicted it was ignored or its significance downplayed.  (read MUCH more and you’d better pack a lunch)


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51 Responses to Very In Depth Analysis Of: “The Hunting of George Zimmerman”…..

  1. “An inheritance is being got by GREED at first, but its own future will not be blessed.”


  2. justfactsplz says:

    This is why it is so important to bring down the SAO and the Scheme Team. An example needs to be made of all of them and all of them need to face the consequences of their evil deeds. If not I fear this will happen again. George wasn’t the first railroading but his was the worst thus far. We can’t afford to have another one.


    • Murse says:

      This will never happen as long as conservatives continue to hide from being labeled as racists.


      • justfactsplz says:

        And that is what the BGI counts on, the white guilt complex that so many have. I say stand up and be counted. Wolverine!


    • Jesse Jasckson Jr sentenced to 30 months in prison…wife gets one year.

      Apparently, greed runs in the family.


      • justfactsplz says:

        Greed runs in the whole BGI. It’s all about the dollar signs. I am surprised they convicted them both. They deserve to spend the jail time.


    • myopiafree says:

      What I object to .. is the endless stupidity of the “Young Turks”. What jerks!

      The called Mr. Zimmerman a “murderer” – and he never was. He is innocent of all charges. These “Turkeys” must be sued for Slander-Libel.


      • justfactsplz says:

        Yes, they need sued. After watching that video I feel like I’ve been beaten. Being called stupid, biased, and racist if we support George only proves their hate and racism towards us. This guy also had everything wrong. He did not have his facts straight at all.


      • jordan2222 says:

        Such passion about perpetuating lies…. What is really frightening is that this guy believes what he is saying. He is the one who is ignorant and enormously stupid. Things like this help to insure that racial division will continue.


      • Lou says:

        the Young Turkeys always claim “Trayvon was fighting back”. The evidence proved Trayvon didn’t have any injuries to his face or body. YES, I want to see them sued and paying damages as well. the Young Turkeys are the CPU in the computer when it comes to liberal propaganda. they started the “coon” controversy.


  3. Sentenza says:

    That’s a great summary of the whole case.


  4. Mr. Izz says:

    [I wish to preface my comments by saying this is directed at those who are striving for racial inequality, and not at blacks as a whole.]

    The Scheme team needs to be stopped. Their actions have raised the question of how many times these people have done this? How many times have they played the race card and easily won millions? How much of their efforts have gone to furthering stereotypes and happily lining their pockets? How many people have they hurt for their own gain?

    I hate these people. Not because of the color of their skin, but for the content of their character.

    For me, I judge someone based on their actions and by what words they say and use. In this instance, I have heard nothing but lies. Lies upon lies. I’ve heard them call for the death of an innocent individual. I’ve seen them collecting money from churches, fundraisers, and “charities.” I have heard them taint juries, coerce witnesses, and incite frightening protests. I have not seen a single thing that would lead me to have one shred of respect for them. To be blunt, these are bad people. Criminals.

    Do they care what I say? Absolutely not. And why should they? They are now fabulously wealthy, famous, and the face of a new generation of wannabe civil rights leaders… that don’t care about civil rights.

    They didn’t win the trial, but they are incredibly happy right now. They now know that they have the power to do anything they want. They can pressure anyone, force political ideas, and attack the innocent to whatever ends they desire; and do so without consequence (this is the key). They won the instant George Zimmerman was arrested. All they wanted was an arrest… they got it, and cheered, for their mission was accomplished. They had tested their power and now recognize their potential. Everything after the arrest was just a bonus of just how much they could abuse the system.

    In a presidency and judicial system (DOJ) that is supposed to answer to the people, they were/are being pressured by the vocal few that happen to share the same race. I hate feeling that the president isn’t the president of the United States, but the president of a small, loud, group. As a white male, I am extremely concerned and anxious that my constitutional rights could easily be infringed upon by a government that is doing everything possible to not look out for me, that is doing everything possible to change racial statistics by penalizing me, and that is doing everything possible to show that a law-abiding citizen is no better than a convicted criminal.

    Mr. President, I don’t look like Trayvon Martin, I don’t act like him, I don’t engage in any activity he ever did…. and if you had a son, he would not look like me. 35 years ago, you, Mr. President, would not look like me or act like me. I feel like a second class citizen because I’m not black. I don’t want to feel this way. If someone from the black grievance industry wants to say “well, now you know how we felt years ago,” then ago ahead. If that is the case, I should be able to march on Washington, get support from the media, and get a platform to proclaim what I know to be true. No one wants to listen to a white male talk about racism and racial issues. To them, I am the “white man”, the oppressor, and the racist. This march would be a march to my death. A death that would be racially motivated, completely ignored by the media, and would definitely be in vain.

    I’m sorry this is so long… it’s late at night, and I’m really upset about what I am seeing in this country, and what this country is refusing to see in me.


    • jmf says:

      Forget being upset. Get angry. Be the storm.


    • nivico says:

      As you point out, folks who may be inclined to give the parents a pass for lying need to know and understand that they weren’t just lying to the police and the media…

      They set up a charity and traveled the country collecting donations based on these lies, and that could easily be construed as fraud.

      It should be noted, too, that many of those who donated to the Martins 1) likely couldn’t realistically afford to give them anything, and 2) likely wouldn’t have donated a cent had they known the truth.

      And to date, it has yet to be revealed how much money they collected or what that money has been spent on… we know of not one family other than the Martins themselves who’ve benefited despite early claims that the money would be used to support families who have been affected by violence.


    • justfactsplz says:

      Excellent post. Many of us see what has happened to our country. You have the right to be upset and angry. What they are getting away with is maddening. Before this case I never ever thought I would be called a racist. If you stand up for the truth you are labeled a racist. So be it.


    • jordan2222 says:

      What an outstanding post.. Thank you.


  5. JC says:

    It really brings out how the MSM was just acting as the Team Crump sounding board, never questioned the story line they put out.

    This case is a template for modern day amblance chasers whenever a young black male is shot by a white/semi white.
    1) hire PR firm
    2) expunge all facebookings
    3) find childhood photos
    4) describe him as A/B student, find one teacher who will say he was “sweet”
    5) declare all school and youthful offender records as “off limits”, “victimizing the victim”
    6) describe anything negative as “typical youthful exuberance”
    7) describe parents as loving,caring, supportive
    8) describe investigation as coverup, demand handpicked investigator to get justice for victims family (not society as a whole)


    • WeeWeed says:

      Don’t forget “trademark the name.”


    • Make sure his cousins who confirm ‘he put a bangaz on a cracka’ just shut up and smile during photo ops and never give honest interviews and stop posting about such activities after the media firm is brought in.

      It’s amazing how these low info slimebags never asked, after looking at a map “Why does Rachel tell BDLR on 4/2/12 that he was near the dad’s house 9+ minutes into the interview yet say he was being followed a ‘couple’ minutes later?” or “If he leaves the 711 at 6:30 and is at ‘mail thingy’ 7:09, what WAS he doing in that timeframe?

      Of course, my favorite is the madison times article with the father. “He was with his cousin, a responsible young man. I thought they went to the movies”. The cousin left earlier that day. It’s beyond insane to lie to the public but to only talk openly with black media (NPAA – google them, they are the ones who got the story that madison times printed)

      They are the only source I knew of that has him state he called juvie first. To him, the white press/white america is nothing more than a bunch of dupes to do his heavy lifting. Idiots.


      • Just who in their right mind walks two miles round trip in the rain to buy bag of candy and a can of fruit punch drink?


        • An unsupervised teen who wants to hit the store to buy blunts but needs throw away items for when his dad asks “Boy, why did you go out?”. The same reason I would if I were a teen (though it would be for ‘fun’ magazines and not pot). “Went to the store, did ya?” “Yep, see, I got skittles and iced tea”. They are throw away purchases. That’s why he ‘wanted something to drink’ but never drank it. For 40 minutes after purchasing it.

          HIs texts predicted his death. “Boy, don’t get one planted in your chest”. “Because dat nigga snitched on me”. “I lost the first round (3 round) but I won the next 2 rounds”. He talks of how being straddled showed him you can’t move if they do that to you, they get ‘mo hits’. One person only bled through the nose he’d go on to say. That night is the answer to the question “What if Trayvon wants to do something he shouldn’t, somebody snitches on him and he wants to use what he learned?”

          Before anybody asks “How do you know he was going to do something he shouldn’t?” Why not ask the cousin the day after?

          It is a screen cap of the cousin (rip_tray9) before he changed his name. He used to be mr_4dat. Nobody really has seen that set of tweets before, the ones we are most familiar with are when he was rip_tray9.


  6. Rand says:

    I got a phone call from the director of the county run mentally handicapped group home orga nization where I have been employed as a consultant for 15 years. Aparrently my comments supporting George Zimmerman were construed as being racist and biggoted. The emailer questioned the director as to whether he wanted such a person as part of the organization. The director just wanted me to know, stated that I was free to express my opinions and was in agreement with the verdict. He also gave me the name of the emailer.


  7. charlotte says:

    I never read Charles MacKay but I always used the analogy of a pack of feral dogs going after a an animal. They hound it and halfway there, another target appears and they all change direction and run after this new one. And so forth. This is common in today’s society. Short attention span and obsession with celebrity and sensation seeking may be to blame.


  8. Just read the whole thing, slowly.

    That is, by a long shot, the best summation I have yet seen of this whole drama.

    May God continue bless and protect George.

    It seems the rest of us are pretty much screwed. I don’t even know, in real life, anyone who knows even a tenth of what that essay presented — and I only know one who sort of wants to know, but not really. Most are of the “talk to the hand” variety. What their Stars tell them on television is the only truth.

    People wonder why I’m sad a lot. That’s pretty much why. I’m surrounded by many, many people whom I love dearly, and nearly none of them know truth, or wish to know truth. It’s hard enough to eke out a living. Television, and the relaxation it offers, awaits after a hard day of work.

    America’s Altar.

    All we can do is pray, “Our Father…”


    • justfactsplz says:

      I know how you feel. I am surrounded by people I love who don’t see the Truth or care to take the time to seek it. They think I am a conspiracy nut. Well, I am a nutter. Wolverines!


  9. Moishe Pipik says:

    This is a great summary, and a good reference to show someone who believed the Crump/Obama/Holder lies about the event.


  10. Excellent, Sundance.

    It is really necessary for the Zimmerman family to start suing left and right. Yes, it will be costly. Yes, it will be exhausting. The problem though is that the hyenas – both the “producers” of St. Skittles, their (il)legal team, and the worst of the national media – who fixated on their George won’t give up their biting, and foaming at the mouth, and slandering, until they are afraid. The only way to make them afraid is to hit them in the pockets.

    Hard. Repeatedly. No mercy.


    • hooson1st says:

      The legal avenues available to the Zimmerman family are quite limited once the issue of when George became a “public figure” is settled. A “public figure” must prove “malice” in order to sustain the burden of proof and be awarded damages in a libel action.


      • Doesn’t Angela Corey – calling George “murderer” hours/days after the verdict, after frivolous prosecution – qualify? How about Pierce Morgan’s continuous slandering of George? How many other examples of sheer MALICE are out there that George should be legitimately making money from?

        I guess the piece of hypocritical ghetto trash that gave biological birth to St. Skittles could hide behind “oh, she’s a mom, she’s emotional” gambit…. how about all the others??


        • hooson1st says:

          I think that the Angela Corey comment is possible for consideration, but still not clear cut winnable under the law.

          The jury found GZ “not guilty”. You will recall MOM lamenting in his closing argument that this jury should have been given the option of finding GZ “innocent”. But that is not called for under the criminal law as it stands.

          Therefore, Corey could claim in her defense that she truly believes this; and thus did not act with “malice” when she made that characterization of GZ post-trial.

          Corey’s comments were clearly out of the line, over the line, etc, but that seems to be her modus and falls in the same category as her flailing attempts to silence Professor Dershowitz.


  11. Breaking….Jesse Jackson Jr gets 2 1/2 years in prison. Wife gets one year.

    Apparently, greed runs in the family.


  12. Lulu says:

    Myburgh does an excellent job of covering the timeline through the trial, as well as the media’s involvement in Zimmerman’s “hunting” and the mendacious conduct of Fulton-Martin-Crump and the rest of the Scheme Team. His summing up at the end is brilliant.

    I found few misses – he did not catch the brief initial remark by Sybrina that she believed the shooting was an “accident”. But that was here and gone like whoosh, and never seen again in any reports. And he gets Holder’s title wrong. No big deal for someone who lives in another country.

    One awful postscript is that, to this day, any ABC News reporting on this case is headed up by Matt Guttman, who was complicit in its worst ethical failures from Day One. A member of the Scheme Team himself.

    An excellent piece of journalism and opinion. Thanks for posting.


  13. sangell says:

    Anyone see anything ‘wrong’ with this statement the author states was released around the 9th or 10th of March by the Fulton and Martin at

    [It’s been nearly two weeks and the Sanford Police have refused to arrest George Zimmerman. In their public statements, they even go so far as to stand up for the killer – saying he’s “a college grad” who took a class in criminal justice.

    Please join us in calling on Angela Corey, Florida’s 4th District State’s Attorney, to investigate my son’s murder and prosecute George Zimmerman for the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin.]

    If this is correct why would they mention Angela Corey? She wasn’t appointed by Governor Scott as special prosecutor in this case until March 22?


  14. sangell says:

    I think maybe Sundance needs to revisit the Angela Corey appointment story and maybe amend his FOIA request to see if Corey had any contacts with Crump, Jackson, Parks or any other lawyers involved with Fulton and Martin BEFORE her appointment as special prosecutor. Toss in Rep. Corrine Brown. If this petition was issued before Corey’s appointment and it sure looks like it as two weeks after the shooting only gets us to March 9th why in the hell would Fulton ask for Corey to prosecute GZ?


  15. sangell says:

    I e-mailed to request the exact date Sybrina posted this.

    If it is before March 22 and it seems to be then Houston, we’ve got a problem as Sybrina requests people contact Angela Corey to investigate and prosecute George Zimmerman before Governor Scott had even appointed Corey.


  16. StormyeyesC says:

    True Sangell. I think the petition was posted by another and subsequently taken over by Sybrina and updated/changed? If not, you just stepped on a landmine!


    • sangell says:

      Its hard to read the initial petition in any other way than it had to predate Corey’s appointment as the special prosecutor in this case.

      “Please join us in calling on Angela Corey, Florida’s 4th District State’s Attorney, to investigate my son’s murder and prosecute George Zimmerman”

      Why call for Corey to investigate ‘my son’s murder’ if Corey had already been appointed? That was what her mandate as the special prosecutor was,.. to investigate this case. Why refer to her as the Florida’s 4th District State’s Attorney if she was now the special prosecutor conducting the investigation Sybrina requested? It is beyond odd that this initial post on specifically mentions Angela Corey.


  17. Hi Sangell, your comment made me go back and check the original petition using the wayback machine on http://www.archive,org. It was, in fact, originally directed towards Norm Wolfinger, Bill Lee and Pam Bondi. Angela Corey and Eric Holder must have been added later. I’ve run a correction in the article itself. My apologies for the error.


    • dizzymissl says:

      Great story James. Thank you for taking the time to put it together.


    • sangell says:

      Thanks but I was actually hoping that Corey had been alluded to in the original petition. What a problem that would’ve been for a lot of people.

      Anyway I enjoyed your article as it is the best I’ve yet read. I socked it away for reference purposes as I fully expect to see many media people try to rewrite their role in what was the most recent example of a “High Tech Lynching” to use US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ apt description of his own Senate confirmation hearing.


    • jordan2222 says:

      I had not known of you before this but I do now and hope this article will be picked up at other sites but I doubt any Trayvonites would even read it. If more articles like this continue to be published, then maybe the white guilt folks will stop feeling so guilty. Boy, would I like to see Crump and his camp or anyone within the BGI respond to this and dispute each point that you have so logically made.

      Thanks for an outstanding summary of facts.


  18. StormyeyesC says:

    Honored to welcome an ethical journalist! Thank you for the clarification and the well written story!


  19. Postman says:

    Please do all you can to keep the zimmerman story – the true story – from being concealed.

    It is only accidentally about GZ and TM. I believe it is a modern witch hunt. Now, as then, the witches are doing the hunting. Now, unlike then, the witches have a social engineering agenda enacted by sophisticated methods.


    • Sharon says:

      Our archives (in the right hand margin, under a general search box or the Select a Category box) contain hundreds and hundreds of articles written over the past fifteen months, which will assure you that CTH has seen the larger picture on this for a long time. The “true story” has been researched, investigated and documented.


  20. whiteradish says:

    Tray seems to have been texting iwith his real girl interest, the one who calls him “bae” slang for “baby”, admonishing him for getting into fights. Crump probably tried to get her to testify but failed because she knew Trayvon was a troublemaker. Wasn’t there a DeeDee who later erased her texts where she tells her friends she had a long and trying conversation with someone whom she was trying to break up with.

    ‘Nooe bae Stop, yuu aint qonn bee satisfied till yuh qet suspended again huh?
    Naw but he aint breed [bleed] nuff 4 me, only his nose… but afta dat im done.
    Wow Smh!’

    The text where Tray is told if he doesn’t stop his aggressive fights, he would get one planted in his chest. Wow.

    ‘Boy don’t get one planted in your chest
    Lol im scared
    You should be’

    As commented, these KKK type libs are non-evolved from the days of the gladiator where crowds gathered to cheer on abuse of the ring victim.


  21. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog.


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