Oprah Has A Pattern Of False Racism Charges Conveniently Timed To Coincide With Theatrical Releases of Racist Movies….

Two weeks ago, drumming up attention toward her movie, Oprah Winfrey made the bizarre claim that millions of African Americans were lynched.   Millions.  The true figure is 4,743 with one in four being white (1882-1968).

Last week Oprah Winfrey claimed she encountered racism in Switzerland while shopping for $30,000+ purses.   [<—we should all be $o unfortunate]

She made these claims while trying to draw attention to her soon-to-be-released movie “The Butler”;  another race-based grievance movie.

The Swiss store, and the hapless victim/clerk she targeted with her accusations, denied the allegations.   Oprah then tried walking back her accusation, well… sort of, but not really, because she’s Oprah, or something.

However, there appears to be a pattern here.

In 2005 while trying to draw attention to another race driven movie, The Crash, she had almost an identical claim.   The 2005 victim of her accusations was located in Paris, France.  The store was “Hermes”:

story.oprah.file.cnn.jpgVia CNN […]  “Crash” is a film dealing with race relations. The phrase “crash moment” refers to situations where a party feels discriminated against on the basis of skin color.

The New York Daily News cited sources close to Winfrey as saying the talk show host was first rebuffed by a clerk and then a store manager. The Daily News reported Winfrey had gone to the store to buy a watch for singer Tina Turner, her dining partner that night.

McIntyre confirmed that account for CNN.

The New York Post, in its Monday Page Six gossip column, reported she was turned away because the store had been “having a problem with North Africans lately.”

In comments to CNN, an Hermes spokeswoman categorically denied that allegation.

“There was never any discussion of North Africans,” she said. “The story is not true.”

The spokeswoman said Winfrey came to the store 15 minutes after closing and a security guard informed her the store was closed and gave her a card, telling her she could come back the next day.

Surveillance videotape of the encounter supports the store’s account, according to the spokeswoman.  (read more)

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49 Responses to Oprah Has A Pattern Of False Racism Charges Conveniently Timed To Coincide With Theatrical Releases of Racist Movies….

  1. judy says:

    For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. 1 Corinthians 13:12 (KJV)


  2. sangell says:

    Yeah, and Al Sharpton has a history of perpetrating hoaxes but whaddya gonna do. Call Oprah a liar and a fraud?

    The other day I read an interesting story on ‘pro wrestling managers’. One of the better known ones was named Freddie Blassie who famously called people he didn’t like ‘pencil necked geeks’. Well, remember Cassius Clay/Muhammed Ali. Clay at first was a ‘good guy’ , Olympic gold medal winner who vanquished the ‘heel’ Sonny Liston to become world champion. Blassie suggested to Ali that he become a ‘heel’ as it would boost the ‘gate’ for his future matches instead of being a clean cut ‘good guy’. Sure enough Clay started the “I am the Greatest’ bit and then began playing the race card knowing that it would boost interest in otherwise lackluster but safe fights against non entities ( especially if they were white boxers) because everyone wanted to see the loudmouthed braggart get knocked out.


  3. dws says:

    She is a serial race baiter


    • tara says:

      After her Hermes incident she should have learned. She cannot pull this crap in European countries.


      • boutis says:

        The “history” of slavery in Switzerland is not what she thought it was. Millions of lynchings did not occur in the Alps and they don’t give a rat.


        • sangell says:

          Ah but Captain Wirtz, the commandant of Andersonville, the first ‘death camp’ in modern history was a Swiss immigrant so obviously Switzerland wasn’t really neutral in the American civil war but an active participant on the side of the Confederacy.

          PS… do not mention this to Oprah or any of the BGI or they will actually incorporate Switzerland into their racial demonology.


        • dws says:

          Funny how Tina Turner is always involved.


  4. tara says:

    I remember reading elsewhere that she determined she was a victim of racism because after she had been turned away from the store two white women were allowed in. Perhaps those women were working at the PR event. But Oprah doesn’t care, you know. The mere fact that whites were allowed in for any reason, even to scrub the toilets, and she was kept out is indicative of a gross injustice. (eye roll)

    Marginally related … what’s up with the suffering-themed films? Seems like every black film these days has something to do with grieving and injustice. Most recently Fruitvale Station and The Butler. Singer Tyrese was on WGN’s morning news show this morning, he briefly announced an upcoming film called Black Nativity (and he just happens to have put out an album with two other guys called Three Kings). I guess Black Nativity was a Broadway show and is now a film to be released at Christmas time. I guess they’re claiming that Jesus and all other involved parties were black and not middle Eastern?


    • boutis says:

      They are all bombing at the box office. No one I know goes to the movies any longer. It is too expensive and the movies are junk.


      • JfromtheGump says:

        You can watch on DVD or Internet and nobody will be playing with a cellphone or loudly describing the action on screen


  5. keriheat says:

    Oprah who??


  6. janc1955 says:

    I’m not a Kitty Kelley fan, but she wrote an unflattering biography of OW some years ago. I didn’t make it even halfway through (yawn), but I read enough quotes from people who’ve known her for decades to believe Oprah has a very loose and casual relationship with the truth. When she speaks publicly it’s generally self-serving, and “spinning yarns” to further her agenda doesn’t bother her in the least.


  7. fuzzysdad01 says:

    i cross posted this


  8. partyzant says:

    Hey folks, there is a lot more serious material out there than the clown known as “Oprah”. Try http://topconservativenews.com/2013/08/media-is-desperate-to-censor-horrific-hate-crime-torture-murder-of-twelve-year-old-texas-boy/ and ask yourself why THAT is not in the news, but OPRAH is.


  9. Tammy says:

    okay, I am literally laughing my ass off.
    Jesse Jackson son sentenced to jail for misusing funds.
    what did he buy with these funds?
    Rolex watches,Michael Jackson memorabilia, fined fancy, remodeled their house and the list goes on.
    Since Jesse Jackson Sr. can’t claim racism.. guess what he is claiming the reason for his sons lavish spending?
    bi Polar! he said his son has been very sick.
    remember when JJ Jr went to “rehab” last year when the scandal broke? I can’t take it!


    • peachteachr says:

      Jackson, Jr. was actually diagnosed with bi polar ll disorder. Since I wasn’t familiar with the term, I have a minor in psychology, I looked it up. The definition says it is not bi polar light, but is characterized by mild depression and some slight mood disorder. I came away believing we could all be diagnosed with bi polar disorder at certain times in our lives. Someone made up a disorder to cover Jr.’s criminial endeavors. Go figure.


      • Murse says:

        Embezzlement is not a defining characteristic of bi-polar disorder per the DSM-IV Codes. Of course, JJ would claim that this fact is due to racism.


  10. czarowniczy says:

    From Boyz in da Hood to Girlz in da Victim-hood. Ahhh, but for fame and a billion dollars she’d be just another whining voice lost in the choir of malcontents.


  11. ZurichMike says:

    The final view from Zurich from its most selfless resident, who volunteers to test the chocolate before it is shipped abroad:

    “Purse-gate” is behind us and Oprah is probably happy to be back in the US wearing her lycra track suit and comfortable sneakers while shopping on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, where she is free of the horrid “racism” that apparently prevented a billionaire, who chose to dress like someone from Walmart Nation on one Zurich’s ritziest shopping streets, surrounded by gazillionaires of every shape and hue in designer clothes, and trying to make herself understandable in loud, Midwest US-accented English in a discreet German-speaking town with a sales clerk originally from Milan who speaks Italian, German, French, and can manage a little English about a $38,000 purse made from 3 hides of an endangered alligator species in an upscale Tom Ford boutique frequented by Tina Turner (recently married, and for whose wedding celebration Oprah was in town) and whose owner owns the Trois Pommes store down the street and who was also invited to the wedding. Phew. That’s a mouthful.

    Apparently Oprah thought everything should be about her skin color, and not her lack of decorum, goodwill, and common sense. Good heavens. Even the mistresses of the Russian mafia who play and shop here have the good sense to dress up when the go shopping. So what if you had marginally average service attributed to language barriers about a luxury item that about 100 people in the entire world would be interested in buying? $38,000 for a bag to hold lip gloss, a credit card, and some Tic-Tacs? Really? Why did you need to air your perceived grievance in public rather than taking it up with your friend Tina, a frequent shopper there, or the store owner in whose company you were all weekend? Apparently what really bothered “O” was the fact that she was a nobody in Europe before she arrived. Well, she is no longer a nobody. Europeans think of her as just another arrogant, narcissistic American tourist — a rich poseur. Ho-hum. Life goes on. The CEO of Glencore lives here, too. He earns the equivalent of Oprah’s net worth every year. We’ll manage.

    The chattering classes in the US fail to see that elitism in Europe is based on class, not race. All the money in the world won’t get a woman of any color into the Ascot Races unless she’s wearing a fabulous hat and a dress. Beer is served at Oktoberfest, not wine. A woman must wear a ball gown for the Vienna Opera Ball. White tennis outfits are required at Wimbledon and the players have to bow to the royalty box seats whether or not anyone from the royal family is at that match. As can be verified by just looking around, tradition also dictates that you dress up when you shop at luxury stores, whether on Saville Row in London, the Via Napoleone in Milan, Am Graben in Vienna, or Storchengasse in Zurich. Those are the harsh, harsh societal rules left over by the remnants of pampered aristocracies. Oh, the humanity of it all! Such first-world problems we inflict on galumphing TV-show moderators from Chicago.

    She pulled a similar stunt in Paris in 2005, when she cried “racism” when denied access to the flagship Hermes maison in the 8th arrondissement. Come to find out she arrived at 6:45 pm, 15 minutes after the store closed and whose staff was frantically preparing an after-hours private event. Maybe she said “Do you know who I am? I am Oprah!” and the ditzy French may have thought she was asking where the Opera was — “L’Opera? Non, madam, c’est-la!” [pointing down the street].


  12. Moishe Pipik says:

    Oprah has actually _killed people_.

    For example, she promoted this sweat-box meditation “guru”

    See http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2009/10/23/oprah-and-the-sweat-lodge-guru.html


  13. Remember this fat sow and her Hamburger BS. Taxes sued her fat behind.


  14. eastern2western says:

    yes, oprah, the richest black woman in America complains about racism while making most of her fortune from white middle class women. by the way oprah, would you ever had allowed trayvon in to your studio audience without a suit and tie?


  15. Lance de Boyle says:

    Well, since Beebee R, opened the door to the porcine motif, I will go through it, and see what we shall see.

    It is rumored that Oprah is so hefty that

    1. Someone copied the Book of Leviticus on her backside and had room left over for all of Shakespeare.

    2. Her rear end once caught fire, and it heated Finland for a year.

    3. Hunter-gatherers in Borneo once found a pair of her gigantic panties, and used them as a hat for the whole tribe, with room left over for a circus tent.

    4. The seat of her khaki slacks were used to outfit a four masted schooner, with room left over to make 30 hammocks for the crew.

    5. Someone accidentally shoved an axle through her head and attached wheels. She was mistaken for a Peterbilt and driven ‘cross country.

    6. The last time she had “relations” it as with an oil rig. It gave out after 15 minutes.

    7. When she inhales, the whole world stops breathing.

    8. When she is lowered into bed, the surrounding city rises 8 feet.

    9. Her usual breakfast consists of a small town.


    • whiteradish says:

      ‘When she inhales, the whole world stops breathing.’

      She sure does vacuum the air out of her surroundings, doesn’t she?


  16. I thought her 15 minutes were up.

    “The Butler” – all those years in the White House, the only President that invited him as a GUEST to a formal dinner was Ronald Reagan….


    • Murse says:

      I kind of remember reading somewhere that this Butler had nothing nice to say about most of the Dems that occupied the Whitehouse and thought highly of most of the Republican Presidents, especially President Reagan, the Lefts most hated Conservative.


  17. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Oprah is just another racist fraud. Wish she’d only had 15 minutes, but it seems like a century.


  18. Moishe Pipik says:

    Nobody with US$1 Billion (yes, she is worth that much) can complain about oppression and expect to be taken seriously.


  19. 22tula says:

    “Oprah: ‘Trayvon martin Is The Emmett Till of Our Era'”…
    WZ – August 14, 2013


    • rickmadigan says:

      BELOVED by Oprah, written by Toni Morrison. This is the whole movie, worth watching, if you can stomach the creepiness of it.

      The real engagement in the movie seemed to be the paranoia and guilt that permit her to spiritually bring to life her dead child. For a lot of southern blacks, paranoia and fear are a real struggle not to give in to.

      Around 2:20 in the movie, the black community attempts to intervene, to rid them of the demon daughter that this woman brought to life. Its a very sad metaphor of what is actually happening to many black families, where there are no limits in behavior and the children take over with their demonic ways, and intervention from their own is needed before something happens.

      What the BGI is doing is ignoring these real problems, inside the black family, and focusing on an outside enemy that does not exist.


  20. Reggie says:

    TMZ Calls Oprah Winfrey’s Racial Flap Apology ‘B.S.’
    MSM is leaving the bigger question unanswered–was she using a fuzzy racial accusation simply to promote a film, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, that delves into America’s racial wounds?

    An incurious media won’t ask, but TMZ will accuse the talk show queen of pretending not to know how the media works in 2013.



  21. deanno says:

    Help me Treepers: when OW was so gung ho for Obama in 2008, I read where she said that was the FIRST person she has ever endorsed or campaigned for. BUT does anyone besides myself remember her speaking at a Jesse Jackson for President rally in Atlanta (I think) in 1988?


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  24. sangell says:

    The fat black billionaire liar now admits she looked like trash when she was in the store.


    She still says anyone, no matter their appearance or demeanor, should be allowed to shop and see whatever merchandise they desire! Yeah right, I should be able to go into Harry Winston’s shop and ask to see million dollar pieces of jewelry just to waste the store’s time. Ask to take a Bugatti Veyron for a test spin just because it would be fun. I would ask Oprah should she ever put one of her homes on the market or one of her neighbors put their’s on the market would she be comfortable with the realtor holding a ‘OPEN HOUSE” where gawkers, the curious and thieves would be free to walk around inside her home or even be parked outside to look at the neighbors mansion?


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