Mona Nelson Trial – She Kidnapped Him, She Tied Him Up With Twine, and Then Slowly Burned Him To Death With A Blowtorch -On Christmas Eve- The Trial Began This Week

Yet again – Where’s The Media ?

Applying their unidirectional race-based filter of course.

Houston Texas – Christmas Eve 2010 a 12-year-old boy named Jonathan Foster should have been preparing for presents and family.   Instead, he was tied up with string, and slowly being burned alive by a blowtorch in the hands of Mona Nelson who had kidnapped him from his home hours earlier.

Her trial began this week.

johnathan foster and mona nelson

Texas Chron – Prosecutors promised Wednesday they could show how, but not why, accused killer Mona Nelson callously ended the life of a 12-year-old boy after he disappeared on Christmas eve 2010.

Mona Yevette Nelson 2

In her opening argument in the third day of Nelson’s trial, prosecutor Connie Spence said: “I’m going to hit on some big questions in this trial. But the why-the motive-there’s not going to be one.”

She then gave a lengthy, detailed accounting of what happened in the time leading up to kidnaping of Jonathan Foster, just minutes before his mother returned home from her job at a Houston meat market.

Spence said that one of the key pieces of evidence will be a sweatshirt that the boy’s mother identified as her son’s that also had Mona Nelson’s blood on it and was found in a trash can by Nelson’s house.

On Tuesday, state District Judge Jeannine Barr denied most of a request by Nelson’s attorney that statements his clients made to police be tossed out. That decision cleared the way for opening arguments in the case in which Nelson has pleaded not guilty to the kidnap and murder of Jonathan Foster, a fifth grader.

Nelson’s defense attorney, Allen Tanner, began his opening argument by stressing that his client had “zero, zero motive to kill that boy.”

Mona Nelson

However, the victim’s mother, Angela Davis, standing in the hallway and wearing a button with a picture of her red-headed son, said she had no idea why Nelson would want to kill her son. “The only thing I can say is that my justice will be given when she meets her maker. There’s no telling why she would do this. She’s just pure evil. She let Satan command instead of God.”  (read more)

Go ahead and try to find mention of this in the Main Stream Media. Go Ahead.

Other than a few blogs posting about it, and true crime blogs following it, the media coverage is (((( crickets )))) Why?

If this were are middle aged white woman who kidnapped, tortured, and slowly burned a little black boy to death on Christmas Eve, the beginning of the trial would be the lead story in every media outlet.

There would be satellite trucks in the parking lot of the Houston courthouse.

But there is not. Nothing.

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64 Responses to Mona Nelson Trial – She Kidnapped Him, She Tied Him Up With Twine, and Then Slowly Burned Him To Death With A Blowtorch -On Christmas Eve- The Trial Began This Week

  1. kateyleigh says:

    And if it was a middleaged white woman–the motive would have been clearly stated as racism.I’m sure not one time in the past almost three years, has this monster stated why she did it.


    • canadacan says:

      She’s not very smart and she’s deranged this is pure and simple a mental case. this critter has absolutely nothing going for her and she did it to amuse yourself. she was angry at the world and she did it because she could.
      If it was up to me I would shot her like a mad or rabid dog. The law does not permit this


      • SJB says:

        ” she was angry at the world and she did it because she could.” So loosely translated she killed him because he was a white boy and she no doubt blamed the “evil white folks” for all the problems in her life.


    • sangell says:

      Virginia is known as the Rocket Docket for death penalty cases. Even better the guards down at the state prison where executions are carried out actually convince death row inmates to choose the electric chair. Apparently they remind them that the prison staff have to ‘find’ a vein to administer a lethal injection and that they aren’t very good at it nor are they particularly gentle. If you don’t like big thick needles you might want to do yourself a favor and just get electrocuted.


  2. Knoxville Horror redux.

    Just amazing.

    Stories like this are the Anti-Viral. Somehow.


  3. 16Edismount says:

    The public deserves to know “why”, Ms Proscecutor.


  4. StormyeyesC says:

    Luv me sum Ron White……… Thanks WeeWeed!


  5. justfactsplz says:

    She deserves to die a slow agonizing death. The horrendous pain and torture this poor child endured at her hands. The MSM is a joke. They are raciiiiiist.


  6. keriheat says:

    I think you’ll bark’n up da wong tree. She look like a white Indonesian woman ta me. If she wadnt dat be raciss! /sarc


  7. justfactsplz says:

    Yes they do prowl amongst us seeking whom they may destroy. At least in Texas they don’t stay on death row as long as other states. They don’t mess around.


  8. partyzant says:

    Justice For Jonathan Foster!
    No Justice, No Peace!
    Know Justice, Know Peace!
    Any peep out of Al Sharpton, JJ Sr, NAACP, Southern Perposterous Lie Center, Crump, NatJak, the BGI collective? ANYTHING???? The silence is deafening and SAYS IT ALL.
    Prayers go out and are insufficient in the extreme for the departed and his family.


  9. PatriotUSA says:

    Re-posting NOW and over at PC and I mean right now.


  10. partyzant says:

    Perhaps the Progs can now have impetus to ban assault blow torches.
    This was INHUMAN. Spike Lee, care to comment? How about the Congressional Black Caucus? It’s ok, I’ll wait….


  11. June G says:

    Harrowing, heartbreaking story of unspeakable sadism on one of the holiest days of the Christian calendar. If a white person did this to a black, it would be a well known story, milked for its “racist” aspect.

    Makes you wonder – if a Jon Benet Ramsey’s suspected murderer had been black – sad to say – I think PC would have shut the story down.

    She claims that she didn’t do it…. She claims a member of the boy’s family told her to dispose of the container the body was found in – though she was too drunk on vodka to remember anything–I-love-kids.html


  12. I live in Houston and remember very well when this happened. It was heartbreaking and we followed the story closely. When the child’s body was found I was in disbelief that anyone would do this to a child – and at Christmas. Even more tragic, this baby boy, who by all accounts was a polite, well-mannered and happy child had only recently been returned to his mother’s custody. She had long history of drug and alcohol abuse and neglect. He had previously lived with his uncle and his family, with other children, on a farm and had been very happy and well-adjusted. His grandmother moved him to Houston close to his biological mother and then let him move back in with her and her boyfriend/husband/fiance – whatever he was. For whatever reason, this Mona person knew the SO of the boy’s mother and went to their apartment that morning and then later returned and abducted the boy. At some point the mother was told, at work, that her son had called multiple times trying to reach her – she called and someone with a “raspy” voice answered. She said whoever answered the phone said, “Who is this?” and she answered, “Angela.” The “raspy-voiced” person asked someone “Is your mother’s name Angela?” and she heard her son say, “yes,ma’am, that’s my Mom. Her name is Angela” and then phone went dead.
    Because the mother initially lied and told police that Jonathon was at home with a babysitter (he wasn’t – he was left home alone) the investigation got off on the wrong foot and they did not immediately issue an Amber Alert.
    I don’t think it would have made much difference as I think she killed him very quickly. I never did hear of a “cause of death” but there was reference to bloody clothing that matched Jonathon’s blood. One can only hope this monster killed him quickly (as in a single gunshot to the head) prior to burning him so badly that the remains were initially believe to be that of a much younger child as they were almost a foot shorter than Jonathon actually was.
    And Sundance is absolutely right – I don’t recall, even at the time, hearing anything about this nationally. I was shocked then and I still am. I’m surprised this isn’t being covered now with the trial starting. We all know why, of course.
    This link has a little more information and video in it from right after this happened:


    • How utterly sad. There are no words for this whole thing.


    • Its heartbreaking to think…..if only he had been left with his uncle.

      This is yet another case where the courts should stop trying to reunite families.


      • Yes, I remember thinking the same thing when this story was airing here. As the recent adoptive parents of a baby boy, one who could have ended up in this same kind of scenario, I was especially affected. This poor little angel. And on Christmas Eve, the most magical time of year for a child. Truly, truly a tragedy. This woman, Mona Nelson, is an animal. Some of the “theories” as to motivation were just that, because she’s never admitted to killing him. One I remember hearing was that it was done in revenge for money owed her by the mother’s SO. Another had something to do with drugs – maybe having to do with the money supposedly owed to her. I guess, unless she suddenly gains a conscience and admits her crime and speaks about it, we’ll never know why she did this.


        • canadacan says:

          I’m sure it was about money that’s the way somebody from the drug culture thinks. Social services and the courts dropped the ball again


          • Yes, and if memory serves me – she had been in trouble before for abusing one of her children physically. Some other legal problems, also. Just, basically, an animal. I remember when it was all over the local news that they had made an arrest in the case and they showed the “perp walk” on the news – I thought it was a man. She’s very masculine. That poor baby must have been terrified.


        • I wonder if the mother of that little boy knows the motive behind the killing but doesn’t say anything because she doesn’t want to get herself in trouble? It wouldn’t surprise me since she can’t be too far above the lowlifes she was allowing in her home.

          Some people are just not capable of being a parent. They churn out a kid and forget about them. Thank God for good people like you who step in to give these little angels a loving, safe home. 🙂


          • Yes, I’ve wondered if she doesn’t know more than she is admitting. It always seems that women who have no business having children are the most fertile. Not that many great women and mothers are, also, but so many bad ones have multiple children that they neither want nor care for. Such a tragedy. And for anyone to mistreat an innocent child – it just makes me sick. Living in Houston, a huge city, we hear everyday about abuse and killings of children by the people they love and trust the most. It’s sickening.


  13. jmf says:

    OK, if boy black, woman white, where’s msm, jj, Sharpton, Obama, yadda yadda. We know that, said that, done that, and I’m tired of hearing it.

    What is a respectable response to this event? Is the unbearably sad story of a little boy’s death an appropriate instrument for political action? I don’t know, but maybe it is. Answer that first. If you think it is, then what is the next step? MSNBC doesn’t care. CNN doesn’t care. In the long run, maybe that’s a good thing. But who does care? Fox? Breitbart? Rush Limbaugh? Talk radio? Can we start emailing these people saying, what about this, why aren’t you talking about this? If you focus on a few key parties, I bet you can make all of them start to pay attention ultimately.

    If we can tell the salt and pepper people about this, then when Obama and the NAACP and CNN don’t say anything, the real people will start to understand what a pile of sh*t Obama and the NAACP and CNN really are.

    Finally, what’s up with the boy’s mother? Can she be contacted? Maybe she needs some support. Maybe she has something to say.


  14. Another horrid case that happened here recently – it did get some national coverage, I think, but I don’t know the extent and certainly only for a day or so. The crime was horrific – the mother that was murdered was shot and then, even after she was shot and bleeding to death/dying she attempted to crawl into the murderer’s car to get her newborn baby (he was 3 days old.) The woman who shot her and kidnapped her baby sped away, running over her, finishing her off. This was in the middle of the afternoon in the parking lot of a Pediatric Clinic here in Houston.


  15. czarowniczy says:

    I have no &*&^%$ idea why she did it – I’ve run into a few killers and don’t know whether to believe them or not because at some point a lawyer gets hand-on and the truth gets flushed. At this point all I have to say is that I firmly believe that those convicted of a capital crime should be taken right out from the court room, immediately have their case reviewed by an impartial judge and if there are no points of law which can be shown to reverse the verdict – shot/electrocuted/hung/given a needle, whatever method is in force in that jurisdiction – except death by old age.
    One of the most impressive videos I’ve ever seen was one shot in Afghanistan just after the Russians were run out. The post-Russian courts were trying collaborators and this one quisling had ordered the murder of a number of people including members of the family of an old man who was at the trail and testified. The rat was found guilty, bound up and taken to the courtyard where the official handed the old man an AK. The old man faced the convicted murderer, raised the AK and dumped the mag into him, then calmly handed the AK back to the official. That’s justice – the state didn’t raise that child, didn’t sit up with it all night when it was sick, change its diapers, feed and clothe and love it – the state has no claim to the child. Once the actor’s guilt is determined the family should be given a gun, a knife, a baseball bat – whatever – and receive the first chance at retribution. Might even want to consider that the actor be executed by the same method(s) used on the victim. Some might say it violates his Constitutional rights but don’t we remove a felon’s Constitutional rights at conviction?


    • maryfrommarin says:

      Too late at night–after travelling all day–to answer fully, but I agree with a great deal of what you say, czar. Execution following quickly after a conviction is an effective deterrent, both for the perpretrator–obviously–and to other people contemplating heinous crimes. At the moment, practically nothing that happens in our criminal justice system is any kind of deterrent at all.


      • czarowniczy says:

        It’s at the point where life in prison without parole is cheaper for the state than an execution. Not only is the POS in prison for decades while his fate’s being batted around the courts but the lawyer fees go through the roof. I like the Russian system where you’re put into a prison way out in West of Nowhere Siberia at hard labor. You escape; they send a pack of hungry Caucasian shepherds out after you who bring back a few pieces for proof. You don’t work – you don’t eat. You can appeal but the distances make the process somewhat cumbersome. Shoveling snow in Siberia for life – Tartarus made modern (pun not intended – OK, a little).


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  17. Rurik says:

    If Obozo had a sister, she’d look like Mona Nelson


  18. bob e says:

    guess we are lucky she didn’t eat the body..


  19. God will Condemn says:

    Black people who torture, beat and kill white innocent non violent people think they are exacting justice of what happen in history by a very few (like less then .01 % of whites that exist at a time when slavery of any and all people was the norm)…. People like sharpton, jackson and obama understand better but would rather incite discourse for their own political and financial gain….I already know for a fact that these type of people will rot in h;ll as well as the people that do these deeds of Satan….


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  21. Lee says:

    And yet, the media paints Zimmerman as a monster…. this should be national news….parents please don’t leave your kids home alone….and if the unthinkable happens….never lie about it…give the police all the information you can as soon as you can. I pray Johnathon is resting peacefully and painlessly in the arms of God


  22. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Blowtorch? I hope this is a death penalty case.


  23. Moishe Pipik says:

    Well, if Obama’s daughter Mona is acquitted, maybe it will inspire us to get off the Internet and out to the streets.


  24. whiteradish says:

    A real 12-year-old.


  25. aliashubbatch says:

    That’s a woman?
    … woof.


  26. PapawEd says:

    Reblogged this on Info, Please and commented:
    Horrible. Reminds one that evil is ever present. Where was the National Media at the many Newsome trials and retrials in Knoxville? May God grant the parents of these children His peace and, if possible, the strength to forgive.


  27. Jerry says:

    If this was my child, I would sell my home and post her bail. Then I would let the hunt begin. This worthless piece of $hit needs to be taken out of society permanently! This is a case where the death penalty is warranted! I was drunk, I was high, I’m stupid is not a defense to killing a 12 year old. Where is the statement from Holder condemning this bitch? Where is the Whitehouse statement offering sympathy to the grieving mother?


  28. Gage Creed says:

    Go ahead and try to find mention of this in the Main Stream Media. Go Ahead.
    Why? You already posted a screen capture of it being on the Ch. 11 10 o’clock news. Doofus.


    • sundance says:

      #1. It’s not a screen shot, it’s a video. #2. That video is from 3 years ago. #3. We are/were talking about national MSM.

      Try Google.

      I think you might find that “AP” picked up one paragraph yesterday.


  29. Nancy grace would be good for this!


  30. mommyjosie says:

    I can only say that in Mona got very jealous and once assaulted a former female lover. I was once told that Mona wanted to live with the woman that Angela and Jonathan moved in with suddenly….Maybe she was jealous of Angela and hurt her by torturing Jonathan….


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