Robert Zimmerman Jr – Back On The Radio Airwaves Tonight 8pm – 10pm Eastern

Hat Tip Andrea Shea King –  Tonight Robert Zimmerman Jr. will be co-hosting, not just interviewing, on a live broadcast AAR radio show at 8pm Eastern.

Robert Zimmerman

The broadcast is available for listening at the following links:

1280am WWTC Minneapolis  CLICK HERE

920  Atlanta Georgia  CLICK HERE

660 WORL Orlando Florida CLICK HERE

There is also a live video feed – CLICK HERE  ( <– Maybe, Not Sure)

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7 Responses to Robert Zimmerman Jr – Back On The Radio Airwaves Tonight 8pm – 10pm Eastern

  1. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    This is a rebroadcast of a previous program co-hosted by Robert, but well worth listening to.


  2. The LIVE broadcast of tonight’s show is available at the other links SD provided. IGNORE (at least for now) the video link. It’s from an earlier broadcast in July.


  3. Found on Facebook:
    WATCH: Surveillance Video Of Trayvon Martin Minutes Before He Was Killed, Acting Bizarrely & Suspiciously As Described By Zimmerman

    So suspiciously that the clerk begins to follow him around the store. And bizarrely, ambling around, looking for things for no apparent reason, even after he’s made his purchase. Exactly as described by George to the 911 operator Note also that Trayvon is hardly a little boy here, and clearly has at least the height to have taken on George Zimmerman in a fight as described during the trial. The clerk is 5′ 10″.

    Watch surveillance VIDEO here ->


  4. JimmyStrew says:

    I’ll give this a listen later when my boss leaves work, really enjoyed the last interview Robert did on AAR.


  5. myopiafree says:

    There are “Blacks” who think it is OK to “Lynch” and innocent George Zimmerman. This Black Racism – is as bad as so-called White Racism was 70 years ago.
    The “Orlando Sentinel” SUPRESSED all articles about Mr. Martin’s violent past a well as being caught with stolen goods. The editor of the paper is Black. Presumed Freedom of the Press means you publish all the stories – and not “select” or cull them.

    The “Sentinel” was intent on LYNCHING GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. If they wish to “complain” about “black lynching” 70 years ago – they should look at what they were doing to Hispanic George. SHAME ON THEM.


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