Who Knew? Who’s In Charge Of The FISA Court? Apparently, John Roberts And Only John Roberts

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Justice Roberts Arrives In MaltaWASHINGTON DC – When it comes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which isn’t so much a Court unto itself as it is a rotating group of Federal Judges appointed to hear warrant requests and other matter designated as appropriate for secret proceedings under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, there’s nobody more powerful than Chief Justice John Roberts:

The 11 FISA judges, chosen from throughout the federal bench for seven-year terms, are all appointed by the chief justice. In fact, every FISA judge currently serving was appointed by Roberts, who will continue making such appointments until he retires or dies. FISA judges don’t need confirmation — by Congress or anyone else.

No other part of U.S. law works this way. The chief justice can’t choose the judges who rule on health law, or preside over labor cases, or decide software patents. But when it comes to surveillance, the composition of the bench is entirely in his hands, and, as a result, so is the extent to which the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation can spy on citizens.

“It really is up to these FISA judges to decide what the law means and what the NSA and FBI gets to do,” said Julian Sanchez, a privacy scholar at the Cato Institute. “So Roberts is single-handedly choosing the people who get to decide how much surveillance we’re subject to.” (read more)

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8 Responses to Who Knew? Who’s In Charge Of The FISA Court? Apparently, John Roberts And Only John Roberts

  1. akathesob says:

    hmmmm dam he is just evil!


  2. alan says:

    care to trade your freedom for security? Now we have a secret court, dominated by one man, who has selected judges from one party (with the exception of one). A receipe for disaster…Can we develop a more balanced secret court? Sure, if we want to. How bout a group of civilians? A secret grand jury, sitting monthly, with changes every 3 months. Will we? Nope. Remember why all this started? We were afraid. We needed to protect ourselves. How long before this secret cabal gets corrupted? No one knows.


  3. waltherppk says:

    The same subversive POS that allowed obummercare to stand. You can’t debate with these people. Even if you could there is nothing to discuss.


  4. well... says:

    …I dont know; could be worse!

    I mean, it kind of leaves me feeling better because I was a tad worried the president might have something to do with stacking it.

    I wish it were maybe the entire SC coming together to fill the spots, I have less of a concern over their political bias then most. But if it were to be one man filling the court, I have less concern with him being the one. And now that it is suspected/known, maybe it even expands out to the entire court deciding at this time even, who knows. I just pray it never becomes congress who gets their hands on it!


  5. 22tula says:

    Last Year “What Happened to John Roberts?”
    Rush Limbaugh – June 28, 2012

    Rush mentioned this blog and author.
    “More Hints that Roberts Switched His Vote”
    David Bernstein – June 28, 2012

    “Hints and Questions About the Secret Fourth Amendment Rulings of the FISA Court”
    By Orin Kerr – July 7, 2013


  6. Rachelle says:

    Roberts in charge? That’s not good. I still have a suspicion that the administration blackmailed him into twisting his arguments into a chain of pretzels to approve Obamacare. He is a disgrace to the judicial system and has gone far to destroy confidence in its integrity.


  7. Stormy says:

    I’ve always thought “they” have something big on him for him to have switched his vote.


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