Sanford PD Chris Serino – The Sanford Investigation, and The Pressure from Race-Based Officers Which Led To The Capias (FBI Report Included pdf)

Obviously given detective Chris Serino’s testimony today many people are wondering what’s the back-story?

What you witnessed play out today was a State Prosecutor who called up the “lead detective” in the case, and yet only asked him about Serino’s direct interviews with George Zimmerman.  Bernie De La Rionda never asked Serino about the investigation itself.

Bill Lee - Chris Serino 2


Chris Serino was the very narrowest point of the information and investigative funnel. All investigative information ended up on his desk. Serino was the lead information gatherer, interviewer, and investigative person behind every single aspect to the evidence in the case. So why didn’t the State ask the lead homicide detective anything about the evidence?

The answer to that question once again frames the narrative of a fraudulent and malicious prosecution. The State does not want Detective Serino to testify about the evidence, because there isn’t any. The only reason Serino even filed a capias was to get the case from his desk into the hands of the State investigative team, FDLE.

DiwataMan has previously written about this – CLICK HERE. And likewise in April, May and June of last year we followed the “why” trail to the same conclusion. Detective Serino was pressured to file a capias where no justification existed.

Ultimately the FBI interviewed Serino and he told how and who pressured him. We presented that highly revealing interview then and here it is to help you understand:

“He listed Sgt. Arthur Barnes, Rebecca Villenova, and Trekelle Perkins as all pressuring him to file charges against Zimmerman after the incident.

[…] Serino also stated that Barnes is friendly with Tracy Martin and Barnes asked Serino for Martin’s phone number, but ended up getting the phone number from another source.”

Then-Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee with investigator Chris Serino.

The lead Sanford Police investigator who sought manslaughter charges against George Zimmerman told the FBI that a sergeant and two others officers tried to pressure him into making an arrest in the controversial case — even though he didn’t think there was enough evidence.

At the time, despite the media generally ignoring it, the Miami Herald did report on the FBI finding:

(MiamiHerald)…Sanford Police Officer Chris Serino first made headlines when evidence released in the case showed he sought manslaughter charges against Zimmerman even while his Chief publicly said there was no probable cause to arrest him. But a document released late Thursday casts doubt on Serino’s prior sworn affidavit seeking criminal charges, and raises questions about the credibility of the star law-enforcement witness in the murder case against Zimmerman for the shooting death of a black teenager, Miami Gardens high school junior Trayvon Martin..

Telling the FBI that he was concerned that people inside the police department were leaking information, Serino cited Sgt. Arthur Barnes, officers Rebecca Villalona and Trekelle Perkins “as all pressuring him to file charges against Zimmerman after the incident,” an FBI report said. “Serino did not believe he had enough evidence at the time to file charges.”

The summary of Serino’s statement does not mention the race of the officers who allegedly pressured him, but sources told The Miami Herald that Barnes and Perkins are black, and Villalona is married to an African-American man. All three, the source said, had been called in by their supervisor and questioned about leaking information in the case.

A request Thursday evening to the Sanford Police Department for comment about Serino’s statement went unanswered.

“Our position has always been that there’s something going on in the Sanford Police Department,” said Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon’s family. “All of this is window dressing. What’s important is George Zimmerman’s statements, which are inconsistent and factually impossible.”

Serino, a 15-year veteran of the department who was a major-crimes investigator, was demoted last month to overnight patrol. Tapes of his interviews with Zimmerman show him poking holes in the former neighborhood watch volunteer’s account of what happened the night he killed Trayvon. Serino told the FBI that Zimmerman had a “little hero complex” and sounded “scripted.” However, he said he believed Zimmerman targeted Trayvon because of his attire, the circumstances and recent burglaries in the area, not the color of the teen’s skin.

In his FBI interview, Serino accused Sgt. Barnes of being “friendly” with Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father. He said Tracy Martin at first understood why no charges were filed, but later changed course and accused Zimmerman of racial profiling.

Crump denied that Tracy Martin ever changed postures. Martin, he said, sought legal counsel the very day Serino told him no charges would be filed.

Records released Thursday show that Sgt. Barnes, a 25-year veteran of the department, told the FBI that he believed the black community would be “in an uproar” if Zimmerman was not charged. “The community will be satisfied if an arrest takes place,” the FBI quoted him saying. Barnes “felt the shooting was not racially motivated, but it was a man shooting an unarmed kid.” (Read more…)

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74 Responses to Sanford PD Chris Serino – The Sanford Investigation, and The Pressure from Race-Based Officers Which Led To The Capias (FBI Report Included pdf)

  1. jcscuba says:

    Reblogged this on We the People.


  2. pet says:

    DiwataMan has previously written about this – CLICK HERE.

    pssst. no linky.


  3. mrsqt says:

    BGI doesn’t want to hear the Fat Lady sing…


  4. pet says:

    So are we to believe that Major Crimes Investigator to overnight patrol is a ‘lateral move’ as claimed by Serino today? I guess it would be if he himself actually requested it to get out of the line of fire, and there was no change in pay and benefits. That’s all I can figure.


    • libby says:

      Our president could get impeached & get hired to be a chicago dog catcher & the lsm would obummer just made a lateral move


      • pet says:

        I have since learned that Serino has/had been moved from patrol to detective and back and forth a couple times prior to and/or including this episode. My sources still maintain that Serino is a good guy, and an honest guy, but not the brightest bulb in the pack. Loose ends not tied up in investigations and such got him some unwanted attention from Chief Lee. Regardless, sources still maintain he is a stand up honest guy. They would believe anything that came out of his mouth any day. He is NOT throwing testimony one way or the other is the consensus from those here with boots on the ground and personal knowledge of CS.


        • myopiafree says:

          Pet – Serino – is just another casualty of the BGI Steam Roller. This is also the case with Lee and Wolfinger. How long will it take for this truth to come out??


        • judyt22 says:

          I found him difficult to follow and not easy to hear ~ much preferred Gloria Singleton. I finally got weary of trying to follow Serino and went and took a nap.


    • myopiafree says:

      Pet – he has a few years to serve – until full retirement. I can’t blame him – he just got extreme pressure from Crump and company.


  5. Trevor says:

    Interesting read. Will this document be presented in court by the defense or simply used like a club to hammer Serino about his ultimate decision to write the capias?


  6. LetJusticePrevail says:

    And an interesting note: When George walked into the interview room Serino said: “Here’s George” then said “George, this is Rebecca and Randy”.

    I always knew that Randy was Sgt Randy Smith (the same guy who somehow neglected to tell Serino about the results of his query to the M-DSPD) but only today did it dawn on me that “Rebecca” was probably Rebecca Villanova, the same person that Serino would later say was one of the three who were “pressuring” him to charge George, when Serino was interviewed by the FBI.


    • libby says:

      One of the three black racist cops.
      Trayvon wasnt the only black racist in this case


    • woohoowee says:

      …” Sgt Randy Smith (the same guy who somehow neglected to tell Serino about the results of his query to the M-DSPD)”…

      Former Chief Lee 3/17/2012:

      ” We are aware of the background information regarding both individuals involved in this event.”

      Does it stand to reason if Lee knew then Serino knew, too?


      • LetJusticePrevail says:

        Yes, it stands to reason. After reading another post from SD I tend to agree that Serino had knowledge of the M-DSPD report, and the allegations about Trayvon, but purposely did not include that info in his “victimology” report. I guess the $64,000 question is:

        Was the State ever provided the 9 page M-DSPD report that Sgt Randy Smith got when he faxed Miami, and simply failed to give it to the defense, or did that report just go “poof” before the State got their hands on the SPD files? To this day, it’s not clear if the defense ever got that report, is it?


        • woohoowee says:

          No, it isn’t clear if the defense ever got that report and I’m not convinced the defense ever looked for it.

          Since the first time Sundance started providing FOIA’s I have suspected the M-DSPD report faxed to Sanford PD went “poof” due to interference from the State itself, if you catch my drift.


  7. marie says:

    Sundance, where is the cross of Serino going to go tomorrow?
    Will Serino agree with the FBI report? Yes? No? He has already testified that up to the point of the video interview we saw today, he didn’t think GZ guilty. So, what will be the evidence that he says he eventually got to change his mind?


    • sundance says:

      The “state” will argue it is irrelevant. They have already filed “motions in limene” to exclude investigators opinions – and raised the objections today (which led to the removal of the jurors).

      The state calls these “self-serving” prejudices’. In essence saying the opinions of the investigators which contradict the State’s position are irrelevant and should be considered inadmissible.

      O’Mara is restricted on “cross” to only framing his rebuttal against those statements put into the record during “direct” questioning.

      However, he might be able to squeeze more out of Serino. If not he can always call him as a defense witness and bring in the FBI report that way.


      • I wonder if Nelson would give Zimmerman a directed verdict of “not guilty” after the prosecution rests to keep MOM and West from opening up a can of worms about racial intimidation that will rock the State of Florida? I guess we’ll have to see where we are at after MOM is through with Serino as a prosecution witness.


        • gulfbreeze says:

          Although I think an ethical judge might give such a verdict after the prosecution rests, politically it will be unacceptable.

          Can you imagine the cries of an unfair trial, with 6 white jurors, that never even got to give a verdict. In essence, the BGI’s charge would be that the justice system would not allow the white jurors to decide the case (of course) in Trayvon’s favor.


          • I’m thinking about a defense that blows up Crump and the rest of the Scheme Team, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the rest. The lead detective is testifying Zimmerman’s self defense claim couldn’t be broken. Then there is DeeDee, the “star witness” identified by Tracy Martin from TM’s phone (and what was he doing with this important piece of evidence?). When her story is aligned with the timeline, it does nothing more than provide evidence that TM confronted GZ. Yet, the more she talks with the Schemers, the more the story inches forward to what they need for the big payoff. The whole thing stinks to high heaven, and the truth needs to come out. I doubt if the citizens of Florida want ambulance chasers making the decisions in their law enforcement and judiciary.


      • marie says:

        Thanks for the response (and alllll the work you’ve done!)


        • sangell says:

          I’m curious if BDLR will call Wolfinger to testify and bring up the Black conspiracy issue that Zimmerman’s father was a man of vast influence able to have the SA risk his career to protect GZ.


      • LHlaredo says:

        “The state calls these “self-serving” prejudices’. In essence saying the opinions of the investigators which contradict the State’s position are irrelevant and should be considered inadmissible.”
        Well isn’t the state position also “self-serving”, and since when does an opinion of an officer irrelevant to a crime? Also the officer’s job is not to be bias or favor the state but to serve and protect the community at large and any interaction with an accuse is relevant, regardless of prejudices at or against the defendant. This only thing this case is cementing to the general public, are the corruption, delusional and manipulative our justice system is and how easily it is used by certain elements to do their bidding.


      • Floridianne says:

        This is ridiculousness; all cases are developed and charged based on opinions. In the officer’s opinion, do the facts and circumstances of the case meet the elements of the crime? In the officer’s opinion has the suspect who committed the acts required within the elements been positively identified? If the officers’ opinion is yes and yes then he articulates the probable cause and sends a charging affidavit to the State or writes a warrant affidavit and takes it to a Judge and requests a warrant. The State or the Judge then forms an opinion, based on what the officer has articulated, if probable cause exists. If yes; State proceeds to determine, in it’s opinion, whether it can prove the case “beyond a reasonable doubt”. If it cannot, it should not charge the case. Opinions all over the place; how anyone can testify without giving their opinion?


  8. pet says:

    BTW – if I am not mistaken. Isn’t Chief Lee, Serino’s boss man, on the states witness list? And doesn’t he have a lawsuit pending against the City of Sanford? mmmmmmmmmm?

    cue up scary music that heightens the raised forearm hair factor……


  9. eastern2western says:

    this is evolving into an internal affairs case. no wonder serrino has baez on his retainer.


  10. DizzyMissL says:

    There was a judge just on Piers and he said GZ could still get manslaughter which has a 30 year sentence.

    What are thoughts about this?


  11. sangell says:

    Serino’s reasoning is redolent of the era when a woman could be blamed for ‘asking to be raped’ because she wore a tight sweater and went out at night. One can argue Zimmerman or the sexy woman was taking a chance by doing what they did but they were entirely within their rights doing it and its not for the police to demand a citizen adhere to some police officer’s personal standards of dress or conduct in order to avoid being blamed for another’s persons criminal conduct.

    I’ve been around long enough and so has Patrolmen Serino to know that just looking at a young thug will be taken as a showing ‘disrepect’ and approaching such a person to inquire as to their business is to invite exactly what, in fact, did happen to George Zimmerman. Fortunately for Zimmerman, TM was only packing watermelon juice in his hoodie that night as he had not yet gathered the wherewithal to acquire his first handgun.

    That said, as a practical matter, Sanford PD and a thousand other small suburban police departments should not really handle major crimes, not that this one was other than politically, because they just don’t have the people and experience to do it. Had Seminole County had a major crimes task force that pooled the personel and facilities of all the police departments in the county this might have turned out a lot different. The pressure of a few Sanford cops or the mayor of a small town could safely be ignored by a county wide chief investigative unit and a competent police spokesman could answer and deflect the charges made by irresponsible and ignorant outsiders and agitators.


    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      I agree AND disagree. The SPD had the ability to properly investigate this shooting, just like any other shooting in their jurisdiction. Nothing about the incident, itself, made it special in any way. Like George’s brother, Robert, has always said: “The case is not complex. George was attacked, and he defended himself.” The only thing that the SPD, and the government of the City of Sanford was unprepared for was the interference and meddling from the BGI and the State of Florida. They had this thing handled, as did the 18th District Prosecutor, until outsiders decided that they didn’t like the way it was going.


      • Stormy says:

        The BGI, the State of Florida, the AG of the United States, and POTUS all applied pressure, not to mention complicit members of the press AND their networks!


    • Tommy B. says:

      “Serino’s reasoning is redolent of the era when a woman could be blamed for ‘asking to be raped’ because she wore a tight sweater and went out at night. One can argue Zimmerman or the sexy woman was taking a chance by doing what they did but they were entirely within their rights doing it and its not for the police to demand a citizen adhere to some police officer’s personal standards of dress or conduct in order to avoid being blamed for another’s persons criminal conduct.”
      This. This. A thousand times, this.


  12. Wags says:

    Could someone please help me out and toss me a link to the info on the RO his former fiance took out, as well as info on the assault charge on the officer? I recall seeing something about that here last year but didn’t book mark it. Thanks in advance!


  13. Chip Bennett says:


    “The community will be satisfied if an arrest takes place,” the FBI quoted [Barnes] saying.

    So that explains all of the thugs issuing death threats to George Zimmerman on Twitter, now that it is becoming quite clear that the State has no case to support its arrest. The “community” didn’t want an arrest; they wanted a lynching.


    • DizzyMissL says:

      Splodey heads all over the place.

      I like.


      • John Galt says:

        They don’t get the big picture. Scheme Team was collecting cash from media appearances, HOA, trash can tours, foundations, trademark gear sales while the State of Florida provided cover by pretending to have a case, suppressed evidence, paid experts for bogus scream identification opinions – all paid for by Florida taxpayers.

        Unless they suffer adverse consequences post trial, Scheme Team has already won.


        • recoverydotgod says:


          Allowed 2 get 911 tapes without going 2 court which was scheduled 4 Monday 3/19 IIRC and put on the fast track around the grand jury by a lot of political players and media types just doing their part for the arress’


    • mrsqt says:

      Thanks for the good laugh! The tide has changed and they know it. That’s why they are started to turn on each other. Since they can’t refute any of the evidence that proves GZ acted in self defense they are picking fights amongst themselves and name calling like a bunch of pre-schoolers fighting over a toy! There are a few diehards who try to control the masses by telling them “the best is yet to come”…Really? THIS is the part where the prosecution should be kicking ass NOT losing it only to regain it “later”. Makes no sense, but then again it’s what to be expected from these illogical imbeciles.

      The best is yet to come…for the DEFENSE.


  14. coreshift says:

    O’Mara was absolutely brilliant in his cross of Serino and he’s not done.


    • ackbarsays says:

      This was my response to Jeralyn’s post:

      The big problem with Rachel Jeantel is that her timeline makes no sense whatsoever once you get past the point where Martin ran. From where Zimmerman was sitting in his truck, it was probably a 10 second walk to the T intersection, and then from there, it would have been no more than 45 seconds to Brandi Green’s house.

      Zimmerman leaves his truck, and after 15 seconds, the dispatcher says “Are you following him?” Zimmerman responds that he is, and is told “We don’t need you to do that.” He says “okay” a few seconds later, and then it becomes quite evident that he indeed stopped following. The wind noises and movement stopped, and it sounds like Zimmerman is standing still talking to the dispatcher. At this point, Zimmerman said that he had gone all the way past the T to Retreat View Circle. Eventually, he hangs up the phone with the dispatcher.

      The problem with Jeantel’s timeline is that from the point where Trayvon ran, it was well over 2 minutes until Zimmerman hung up the phone with the dispatcher. That was TWICE the amount of time Trayvon would have needed to get home. Her testimony was that Trayvon was behind his father’s house when Zimmerman confronted him. Are we to believe that after Zimmerman hung up with the dispatcher, he ran all the way to Brandi Green’s house (about 45 seconds, possibly more for a guy in hiking boots) and then confronted Trayvon and chased him all the way back to the T before the physical confrontation started? That would assume that Zimmerman would have any idea where to find him in the darkness. No way.

      The only thing that might match with the timeline would be if Trayvon went home first, and from Brandi’s house, he would have been able to see Zimmerman standing at the other end of by the T, because even though Zimmerman couldn’t see Trayvon through the darkness, Trayvon could see Zimmerman’s little keychain flashlight. He knew Zimmerman was still looking for him. If that enraged him, he had just about exactly enough time to run back to the T to confront Zimmerman. This could explain the witness who thought she heard running from left to right (if you believe her testimony) and it could explain everything else about the problems with the timeline and still match exactly with Zimmerman’s version of events.


      • LetJusticePrevail says:

        OK, earlier I was trying to make a point about what West (seems) to have had Rachel testify, in regard to the timing of her calls with Trayvon, and what TM told her during these calls. This is VERY important to consider, because it could establish the complete impossibility of what she claims happened, when you consider it in comparison to the call records of Trayvon’s phone.

        From Trayvon’s phone records we know THIS the last two calls:

        1) The LAST call started at 7:12:06 and ended 7:15:43 (3 min and 37 seconds)
        2) The prior call started at 6:54:16 and ended 7:11:47 (17 min 31 seconds)

        Now, DeeDee claimed that the phone had been cutting on and off, so she had to call back Trayvon twice. And, she claimed that ONE of the times she called Trayvon was while he was standing under the mail area. She said that “specifically”. So what does that mean to us?

        First, it means either


        This call she placed when TM was under the mail shed is the beginning of the final call, the one that started at 7:12:06, placing Trayvon STILL at the mail shed at 7:12:06. If this is the case, George WAS already on the phone with NEN, (his call started at 7:09:34) and there had been ZERO contact between them up to this point, because Trayvon never told DeeDee of any prior contact. It might also mean that Trayvon had to walk past George as he was parked on TTL, and THEN run down the dogwalk. Now remember George’s NEN call. At the 2:07 mark (7:11:41) George said “He ran”, and got out of the truck to (presumably) follow and reacquire sight of Trayvon (until told not to). So, it kinda fits, right (if you ignore the fact that this means TM didn’t start walking until after George was already out of the truck, and would have had to walk right past George, and ignore the fact that DeeDee never mentioned George already being out of his truck)

        It ALSO means that DeeDee could NOT have called back AGAIN, and get the info that Trayvon was “right next to his daddy’s girlfriends house”. Why? Because the phone records already show this is the last call. No calling back again.

        But, didn’t DeeDee claim on the stand that she called back again? Didn’t she just say that she “called back after he finished running”, and that this after he had lost the man, that she knew he was tired because his voice was low?

        SO, according to what DeeDee said today, scenario one is impossible. There were no more calls left for her to make! In this first scenario she was already ON the last call by the point he walked from the mailboxes, and before he ran, so we have to assume that when she called TM as he stood under the mail shed, it was the call that started at 6:54:16, and NOT the final call that started at 7:12:06. :


        Trayvon was ALREADY at the mail shed prior to 6:54:16, the phone cut off, and she recalled him at 6:54:16. This call lasted until 7:11:47. (17 min and 31 secs). This tells us that Trayvon stood under the mail shed for a LONG time. But it tells us OTHER things, as well, IF we can answer some questions:

        1) Had Trayvon already told DeeDee that he saw George PRIOR to when she called him, as TM stood under the mail shed? I suggest that DeeDee HAS said this. She HAS claimed that Trayvon saw George prior to her calling TM at 6:54:16. Watch THIS excerpt of her testimony, and scroll to the 8:22 mark.

        DW: It’s your recollection that while at the mailbox, that’s when the phone hung up at least once
        DD: Yes sir.

        DW: And BEFORE that, after Mr Zimmerman was keeping his eye on Trayvon Martin, do you remember the phone hanging up, and having to reconnect?
        DD: Yes sir, as he begun walking back home to try and lose George Zimmerman.

        DW: First, before you get to that, we were using this point where Trayvon Nartin says to you that Mr Zimmerman is watching him. So, from THAT point, you said the phone did cut off a couple of times after that. But think this first: Before that point do you remember talking to trayvon Martin after he entered the complex and having the phone disconnect?
        DD: Yes sir.

        DW: Where was HE, and when in the conversation did that take place?
        DD: The mailing area.

        DW: The only time you remember the phone disconnecting prior to learning from Mr Martin that George Zimmerman was keeping his eye on him was while (what you believe to be) was when Mr Martin was at the mail area? (DID DON LET IT “GET AWAY” HERE?)
        DD: Yes sir.

        DW: And after that, after Mr Martin left the mail area, and best as you know, and began walking towards where his… where Trayvon was staying…
        DD: (interrupts) Yes sir
        DW: ..did the phone cut off again?
        DD: Yes sir.

        DW: And then, did you call him back?
        DD: Yes sir.

        DW: And the, after you called him back, that was in fact, the last call of the evening between you and Mr Martin?
        DD: Yes sir.

        DW: That’s the call that cut off?
        DD: Yes sir.

        DW: The call that you lost, or that was disconnected BEFORE the last call, was when Mr Martin walking… walking toward where he was staying?

        (OK THIS IS IT—RIGHT HERE— DD has ALREADY SAID she called TM ONCE while he stood at the mail shed, NOW she says she called him AGAIN, as he started walking, and she is going to blow her entire story by saying that THIS call, the one when he started walking FROM the mail area is NOT the LAST call. Meaning THIS would have to be the 18 minute call that started at 6:54, because, according to HER, the call she made when he started walking is NOT the last 4 minute call that started at 7:12. And remember… DD also said that the LAST call -the 4 minute call- did NOT start until Trayvon had RAN. SO… the answer to that final question, if she says YES, means her entire story is KAPUT. And how did she answer? Let’s See:)
        DD: Yes sir.

        And with that, DD just self destructed…


    • lorac says:

      I googled the 305-770-0893 number which the article mentions as a possible 3 way call @ 6:47pm which is a fax number for Norland-North Ctr For The Arts 1235 NW 192nd Ter, Miami, FL 33169. Why in the heck would TM make a 1 minute phone call to a fax number. You cannot fax from a cell phone. I just find that weird.


  15. myopiafree says:

    Anderson 360 – tonight. They had two prosecutors evaluating Sorino’s statements. One prosecutor stated that, in 30 years, he NEVER heard a police officer testify to the honesty of a defendant. The other lawyer agreed. George is innocent.


  16. eastern2western says:

    If serrino tells the jury that there were internal pressures to charge Zimmerman, the case is over because any evidence that is produced from the department could be contaminated. this case is no longer about Zimmerman because it becomes an internal affairs case and Zimmerman’s federal rights are being violated.


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  18. Anton says:

    Bagged Trayvon’s clothes in a plastic bag…to destroy the evidence


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