B2-Spirit Temporarily Replaces Spectre – Inside Baseball Day #1 – Zimmerman trial stuff

In the sake of time I’m going to be focused sharply and may not have full explanation so bear with me.

In my youth I had the great opportunity to work with, and be mentored by, a spokesperson for the Supreme Court of the United States.   Back when that position held SERIOUS clout. [Incidentally, GOP Congressman, and later House Speaker Newt Gingrich, also knew this fellow quite well.]
The guy could just flat out debate and deconstruct better than the next closest 100 people combined. He was an intellectual powerhouse of significant magnitude, and ultimately would forget more about position advancement than anyone else would ever learn.


What you saw Don West do with the knock-knock joke (albeit stumbly bumbly) was a cognitive reset. When you ask an engaged listening audience (during debate), in this case a jury: “how many pancakes does it take to fill a canoe”? It’s like taking a massive cognitive eraser to a mental white board.

All prior thoughts are frozen, all ponderings of what you just heard stop; and, most importantly, your focus is unintentionally snapped into position, on the questioner, by the questioner.

It is a classic old school cognitive reset tool to get people to not only stop thinking about what was previous, but it actually wipes out memory. It’s just the way synapses fire – Awesome job by West regardless of how it made him look.

To say the state is worried about the “Crowdsourcing of Witness Lies” is like saying a mother worries about her baby playing with razor blades. They are petrified of this approach. It is new, it is new-media, it is ‘in-real-time’, and it is beyond dangerous. Trust me, they’re freaked. BIG TIME.


Lots of potential risk, life long career-ending risk, at stake here.

THAT – is why you saw the name Rachel Jeantel as Witness #8 dropped today. The state is in a process of evaluating risk. Risk based on all the prior conversations that you are all keenly familiar with – I will not repeat them.  The State having lost the voice claims of Trayvon is now in a position of having to use W8.  Well, maybe…..  AND they want to know how much is factually known about the entire scheme that surrounds her.

Rachel jeantel

Now that the name Ms. Rachel Jeantel is “out there” go ahead and discuss – but understand you might just be helping the prosecution prepare.   (*admins I explain off page).

So far NO-ONE has lied on the stand. That’s good. It is important for you to remember there are multiple lies in the narrative, and within the media reporting of the narrative, but that is different from a witness lying on the stand.

The focus of our crowdsourcing the witness liars will be *IF* they lie on the stand. NOT if they have previously lied to the media et al. An example from today was Chad Johnson (Greene), who said he was 15 years old. The telling of his age as 12 on 2/26/12 was an obvious lie – but who told it, and are they on the stand? See the difference.

If we used the crowdsourcing approach to “out” the media lies as they present from honest witness testimony we’d be filling up posts by the dozens. No, those types of lies should remain on the discussion threads for they hold no value.

Yes, they should be noted, and yes they should be shared – but the power behind such is better aimed at the media. “hey, (insert media name here) didn’t you tell us Chad was 12? And now he’s 15 – what gives”?

See the difference?


On Zimmerman’s parents being kept out of the courtroom. This is kinda where O’Mara sucks – If Nelson will not let them in then file a motion to exclude Tracy and Sybrina based on their potential to be witnesses, WHILE showing specific examples of false or misleading statements given to law enforcement. (ie. Tracy driving Chad 1/2 way to Sanford to meet Brandi etc etc). This is evidence in the case – it is also a conflicted lie against the other evidence from Trayvon’s phone records and text messages where he says he’s at the bus stop etc.

Such an approach would be admissible, and would bar Tracy and Sybrina from the courtroom. However, now it would look like retaliation, so probably not a good idea. Should have been done before.

Lastly, if the State is going to bring in “state of mind” using the prior phone calls to police by Zimmerman, then Mark O’Mara must immediately understand his responsibility to go to the “State of Mind” of Trayvon. THAT’S UGLY BUSINESS, AND A PLACE MARK O’MARA IS HOPELESSLY UNCOMFORTABLE. So it benefits the case to go there because they know O’Mara is a pinky ring wearer who is fearful of hurting fee fees (His constitution has no bull dog in him) He is an apologist.

It will be up to George and/or his family to DEMAND O’Mara now engage in the toxic and dangerous 3rd rail of character. O’Mara will not do it without pressure.


However, either O’Mara fights successfully to exclude the relevance of the prior calls (meaning do his homework and really be prepared to go to war over it), or O’Mara needs to admit he is forced into the character assassination crap by the State and just expose the REAL TRAYVON. No other options.

More later.

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434 Responses to B2-Spirit Temporarily Replaces Spectre – Inside Baseball Day #1 – Zimmerman trial stuff

  1. ftsk420 says:



    • Ebidence says:

      Who is this guy? A comedian?


    • kathyca says:

      wow. not sure what’s more stunning. That someone has bred with this person or that he/they as a couple are looking to the parents of a dead street thug for parenting advice. g Yo, mikey, there’s no crippin’ on the streets o’ westchester. Your spawn is safe in spite of sybrina’s “guidance”


    • maggiemoowho says:

      Wow, he doesn’t love his kid very much, what a fool.


    • boricuafudd says:

      If there was ever an example of someone who is truly indoctrinated, who hates his whiteness, his so-called white privilege, this is it.


    • eastern2western says:

      pot smoking, guns, mma fighting and naked under age chicks are all part of normal childhood. as long as there is no arrest record, it is not criminal at all.


      • ftsk420 says:

        Well that is how the streets work. It’s only illegal if you get caught.


        • judyt22 says:

          I’m relatively new here so don’t know if this has been discussed before ~ it has to do with Trayvon’s character. Yesterday the prosecutor made a big deal abt Trayvon being 21 days past his 16th year which was an interesting way to put it. That being the case and him still being in school, who paid for the gold teeth grid, the tattoos, weed, etc. and did his parents question ~ or even notice any of this? TM’s own nose looks as though it’s been broken a time or two ..


    • eastern2western says:

      skolnik is on the board of directors for justice for trayvon.


    • fmhayes48 says:

      Wow!! How long before he, too, is raking in all that $$$ in a trash can?


  2. ftsk420 says:


  3. Mr. Izz says:

    Ok, I have another question. Chad said that he and Trayvon were playing PS3, right? Has anyone tried to get information to confirm that? I’m not a PlayStation guy (Xbox all the way!), but I know that Xbox keeps records of when people are online, what games they are playing, who is playing, etc. There are often websites you can go to in order to look up stats, gameplay data, and information related to every single game you play online. If they weren’t playing online, none of this comment means anything, that information cannot be tracked. If they were playing online though, there may have been some sort of information stating when they were playing. Just throwing that out there.


    • John Galt says:

      There was really no point in beating up Chad. He said nothing harmful to the defense. Trayvon went to the store and didn’t come back. Trayvon was on the phone for 400 minutes, but Chad never noticed. Chad can throw a football a distance that Trayvon couldn’t manage to walk in several minutes. The “rushing home” story has apparently been abandoned.


      • Mr. Izz says:

        Oh, no, I wasn’t meaning that against Chad at all. In fact, I wouldn’t bring Chad into any of this. I just meant the timeline of when Trayvon was maybe playing online, maybe talking on the phone, or maybe watching the NBA Playoffs game. There seems to be some inconsistencies with what Trayvon was actually doing that day.


        • Mr. Izz says:

          ****All Star game****


        • AdukeLAXobserver says:

          Yes there were inconsistencies. And earlier the defense told the jury about all the time Trayvon was on the phone that day. And they well be told again. I am sure the jury understood why O’Mara was asking what he was asking.


      • AdukeLAXobserver says:

        I wouldn’t advocate beating him up either. O’Mara did a excellent job with this witness. I think Chad not noticing Trayvon on the phone during the time they were together was huge.


  4. I’ve been following this page for awhile now and also TalkLeft. I prefer these websites because they deal with information as it is presented and seek the truth. In March 2012 some profile pictures of people I know on FB began to be pictures of someone wearing a hoodie. I thought that maybe the Unabomber had escaped prison. But was informed of the shooting of a little kid. I read articles about the shootimg and at first thought how horrible Zimmerman was for killing a little kid who had skittles and a drink in his pocket. The little boy was so sweet looking. From how the media presented it the little boy was visiting near a “gated community” in Florida (I pictured large homes and wealthy whites) and was on his way home from the store. He was then chased by a white man that wanted to be a policeman and was shot and killed.

    Thankfully, curiosity got the best of me and I began to research on my own. This was the first site I came across with accurate information. I compared data, looked at pictures and realized that we are being fooled by the media (imagine that). I’ve gone on comment sections of some cable news sites and see numerous people who still believe what the media is presenting. Thank you for presenting the truth.

    PS…next time I will be shorter in my statement! I look forward to following the trial on your site.


  5. nightcaster says:

    Hello! New poster, though I’ve been reading this site for over a year now. (started reading due to this case)

    Perhaps someone can clear some things up for me.

    1) Who is the State saying actually started the physical confrontation? Zimmerman or Martin
    a) If Zimmerman. How do they explain the lack of injuries to Martin?
    b) If Martin. What is Zimmerman supposed to have said/done that warranted a physical assault against him?

    (When I had first started reading about this case I thought, or was that assumed, that Martin started the physical attack. I don’t remember reading anything that clarified. let alone suggest, what was said/done to legitimately provoke an attack.)

    2) In opening statements. Did the Prosecutor (Guy?) really suggest that two of the signs of a depraved mind are:

    a) taking self defense classes/courses.
    b) wanting to be a cop.

    3) In regards to trying to keep Zimmerman’s parents in the courtroom. Couldn’t O’Mara have argued that Zimmerman was the victim of an assault? That the state has done nothing to disprove that Zimmerman was the victim of an assault?

    4) In keeping with my theme from 3. Couldn’t O’Mara have used that argument to keep Martin’s parents out of the courtroom?


  6. diwataman says:

    As a 1dd type I find it unfortunate that so much energy is being directed to other places which causes things like this to get missed:


    Hopefully O’Mara actually did his job and got her account prior to that one.


  7. Babyboomer says:

    Wendy Doribval….”I judged George to be ‘meek’ “……Mantai just sent out for more depends


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