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First He Went To Turkey……

Republican John McCain is just as dangerous to our nation as his new BFF President Obama;  Perhaps more so…. In 2009 McCain went to Turkey in support of another BFF of Obama, Prime Minister Erdogan.   We tried to warn….. it fell on … Continue reading

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Ketchup Boy Mega Fail – Kerry Tries To Buy Off Islamists, Swiftly Rebuked…

Last month we brought you the story of John Heinz Kerry’s new strategy for diplomacy.  {It was part of our “stuck on stupid” series}  In essence Ketchup Boy’s primary strategy is to put Western Businesses in the Middle East, subsidize … Continue reading

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The Army, the Marines, the Navy, the Air Force, Special Forces: Individuals — With Faces and Names

http://projects.militarytimes.com/valor/ Please click through the link and look at the faces.  Consider the individuals.   The first page of pictures is of those who died most recently.  This is the first Memorial Day for their families who, instead of thinking … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Happy Birthday StellaP!!

Today we celebrate the birthday of founding Treeper, StellaP.  Not only is she a founding member of this rag tag group, she was the intrepid pioneer who set out to find other lost members of the tribe, round them up, … Continue reading

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Award Winning Essay: Inside The “Progressive” Mind….

Several frequent and purposeful Treepers have been brought to the Refuge following a crumb trail of diversity in discussion. However, one common ingredient amid all the varying granola’s of conversation is defining the heart of the infection belaying the national … Continue reading

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Losing Bob? – You Know Things Are Bad When Even Bob Schieffer Looks Critically At President Obama

Et tu Bobte’ ….. You know things are seriously headed in the wrong direction for the Modern Liberal Establishment when even CBS’s Bob Schieffer stands aghast: Schieffer probably runs up there in the stratospheric water-carrying media close to the same … Continue reading

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